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Woodsmith Oct/Nov 2017

Every project featured in Woodsmith contains detailed, step-by-step illustrations and clearly written instructions to guide you through each stage of construction — whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned woodworker. Plus, you’ll get practical, hands-on information covering woodworking techniques, tools, and tips.

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As I write this, it’s 102° outside our offices in Des Moines, Iowa. So it’s not easy to think about winter. But before we know it, Christmas will be rolling around the corner. And that usually means one thing to a woodworker — a frantic, mad dash to get that final coat of finish on a gift project so that it’s dry by Christmas morning. To help you get a head start on your gift projects this year, we’ve included a couple of ideas. The first is a set of classic board games: checkers, cribbage, and an ancient game known as mancala. All three of these fold up for storage or to take on the road. The second project is an assortment of miterless picture frames. The three frames are…

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tips & techniques

Glue Dispenser Spreading glue on a lot of parts means working quickly. I used to pour a puddle of glue on a scrap of cardboard and dip into it with a brush. That works fine for small projects, but it gets messy when the brush starts to tack up and stick to the cardboard. I decided to control the chaos by making the glue station you see in the photo at right. It all starts with a collection of used dessert cups. I save these and used them for glue and epoxy applications. The station has two holes in an easy to clean plastic laminate top, one to hold the glue that I’m using at the moment. The other is for water to set the brush in so I don’t have to wash…

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digital woodsmith

SUBMIT TIPS ONLINE If you have an original shop tip, we would like to hear from you and consider publishing your tip in one or more of our publications. Jump online and go to: SubmitWoodsmithTips.com You’ll be able to tell us all about your tip and upload your photos and drawings. You can also mail your tips to “Woodsmith Tips” at the editorial address shown on page 2. We will pay up to $200 if we publish your tip. RECEIVE FREE ETIPS BY EMAIL Now you can have the best time-saving secrets, solutions, and techniques sent directly to your email inbox. Just go to: Woodsmith.com and click on, “Woodsmith eTips” You’ll receive one of our favorite tips by email each and every week.…

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quick tips

Chisel Rasp. John Doyle, Ankeny, IA, creates a custom rasp that works well in one-of-a-kind settings. He applies adhesive-backed sandpaper to a chisel that fits the opening he’s trying to modify. Using different grits of sandpaper lets him control how aggressive the cut is. Hook for Accessories. To keep tools for the table saw close at hand, Robert Patterson of Wisconsin Rapids, WI, attaches a magnetic coat hook (available at a local home center) to the side of the cabinet. He finds it a good place to hang a hand broom or push stick (inset photo).…

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going mobile casters in the shop

No matter whether your shop is large or small, there’s going to come a time when you need to move a machine, cart, or workbench to a different spot. In order to save your back, the best solution is to keep your large and heavy items mounted on casters for quick and easy mobility. Of course, choosing the right caster for your specific application depends on several variables. Is your floor smooth or bumpy? How heavy is the item that you need to make mobile? And how maneuverable does the item need to be once it’s on wheels? DESIGN SIMILARITIES. Almost all casters have a few things in common — a wheel, an axle and bracket to hold the wheel, and some type of mounting system for attaching the entire assembly to…

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how-to: pick the right combination

After deciding on a caster style, you might be wondering which casters to use where. What you’ll find is that different combinations and configurations produce surprisingly different results when you’re trying to move stuff around. Here are a couple of different setups that I’ve found useful over the years. FOUR SWIVEL. In a crowded shop, using swivel casters at all four corners may be the best setup. You can spin the cart or tool 360° and change directions quickly. However, it’s not good for longer distances because it’s hard to get all of the casters heading in the same direction. TWO FIXED, TWO SWIVEL. This setup is what most people are familiar with because it steers just like a car. It provides good stability, and it’s easy to keep straight as you…