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Woodsmith Dec/Jan 2018

Every project featured in Woodsmith contains detailed, step-by-step illustrations and clearly written instructions to guide you through each stage of construction — whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned woodworker. Plus, you’ll get practical, hands-on information covering woodworking techniques, tools, and tips.

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In the last issue of Woodsmith, I mentioned that we are working on some new ideas. Well, I’m excited to give you an update on a couple of these. First, we’re rolling out a new and improved version of the Woodsmith Video Edition. As the name implies, this is an online, video version of the magazine where the pages of Woodsmith come to life in video form. As a subscriber to the video edition, you’ll be able to see our editors, illustrators, and project designers present weekly projects, techniques, and woodworking tips taken straight from the magazine. To learn more about the Video Edition and how to subscribe, simply go to woodsmithvideoedition.com. In addition to the Video Edition, we’re making it easier for you to keep up on all the happenings…

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tips & techniques

Sander Turntable As any woodworker knows, shop space is almost always at a premium. In order to have access to both the disc and belt functions on my combo sander, I had to come up with a creative solution. As you can see in the photo at right, an oversized turntable was the answer. LOCKING IT IN PLACE. The sander itself is mounted to the turntable with short lag screws. In order to keep the top from spinning while in use, I drilled two different holes for dedicated stops. With the sander positioned where I wanted it, I clamped the top platform in place. I then drilled a hole through the top into the base. Through this hole, I insert a bolt with the threads cut off to lock the sander in…

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quick tips

Dust Cover. Dan Martin of Galena, OH was tired of cleaning his magnifying light every time he wanted to use it. To solve this problem, he started using a gallon-size resealable bag as a dust protector. The bag protects the light from dust and can be easily removed. Guide Bushing Installation. In order to ease installation and ensure his guide bushing is tight, Vince Milewski, of San Jose, CA, reaches for a bicycle pin spanner. The spanner is inserted into two 5/32" holes drilled in the bushing and provides leverage to tighten it down. Marking on Dark Woods. Allen Bell of Marietta, OH uses a correction fluid pen to make layout marks on dark wood. The correction fluid offers a high contrast against dark woods and makes marks easier to see. The…

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digital woodsmith

SUBMIT TIPS ONLINE If you have an original shop tip, we would like to hear from you! We’ll consider publishing your tip in one or more of our publications. Jump online and go to: SubmitWoodsmithTips.com You’ll be able to tell us all about your tip and upload your photos and drawings. You can also mail your tips to “Woodsmith Tips” at the editorial address shown on page 2. We will pay up to $200 if we publish your tip. RECEIVE FREE ETIPS BY EMAIL Now you can have the best time-saving secrets, solutions, and techniques sent directly to your email inbox. Just go to: Woodsmith.com and click on, “Woodsmith eTips” You’ll receive one of our favorite tips by email each and every week.…

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quick tips

Handscrew Stop Block. Phil Huber of Urbandale, IA has created a simple micro-adjustment for his handscrew when using it as a stop block. By adding a screw to one jaw (inset) and butting his work against it, Phil can fine-tune the adjustment with a turn of his screwdriver. Sanding Paper Roll. When sanding moldings, John Doyle from Ankeny, IA was tired of trying to make a sanding block to match the inside coves. Instead, he reaches for a sandpaper roll that matches the cove. He can then wrap a small sheet of the correct grit around the roll as seen above.…

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demystifying ebony

Jet black and extremely dense, ebony has been prized by woodworkers for centuries. It’s been used for everything from religious icons to piano keys. Keeping with tradition, the Greene and Greene-inspired bookcase on page 42 uses jet black Gaboon ebony for the signature plugs and cloud lift accents. There are many types of ebony available, all from the genus Diospyros. The chart on the opposite page highlights different species of ebony, and some of the identifying features of each. PRECIOUS AND PRICELESS. The first thing that jumps into my mind when I hear ebony is elegant and expensive, and the price of ebony is higher now than ever. But what is it about ebony that demands its price tag? It turns out the answer to that question is multi-faceted. Perhaps the main reason…