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Yachting Monthly December 2019

Published by TI Media Limited Yachting monthly is at the heart of the British yachting market and is for people who actively sail their boats - whether cruising across the channel, around the coast or further a field in blue waters. It provides an entertaining mix of vital information for cruising yachtsmen with all levels of experience, which maximises their enjoyment, increases their skills and gives them the confidence to broaden their horizons.

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jeanne of all trades

You’ve got to hand it to her. The feat of seamanship that Jeanne Socrates has just pulled off in sailing around the world, solo and non-stop, is remarkable. Not because of her age, though to do so at 77 commands respect, even awe. Not because of her route south of the Great Capes, though that too requires courage. But because of the sheer tenacity she showed in overcoming difficulties. She was beset by one breakage, one electrical malfunction and one sail tear after another. Any of those problems would have been enough to send most of us running for the nearest safe haven, but not Jeanne (p20). Possessed of a rare determination, when a circuit breaker kept on failing, putting her instruments out of action for days on end, Jeanne rewired…

3 min.
admiralty small craft folios under threat

Proposals to withdraw the supply and maintenance of Admiralty Small Craft Folios have been described as a ‘retrograde step’ by some sailors. The UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) has just concluded a consultation into its plans, which it argues will allow it to improve data provision and increase the frequency of updates. It said established paper and digital chart providers in the small craft market, such as Imray, would continue to be able to use licensed UKHO data making it available to sailors, and that providers were ‘better-enabled’ to develop future products. Both the RYA and the Royal Institute of Navigation (RIN) have raised concerns. The RYA’s cruising manager, Stuart Carruthers, said standard charts were ‘not particularly useful on small vessels due to their size and lack of suitable chart table space and commercial suppliers…

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rise in rnli calls over christmas

Figures released by the RNLI reveal Christmas launches in 2018 to yachts were the highest in five years. In 2017, volunteer lifeboat crews were called out 22 times to leisure boats during the festive period between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day, compared to 37 times in 2018. The RNLI define leisure boats as any kind of recreational craft including yachts, motor boats, dinghies, canoes and kayaks. Out of 37 shouts in 2018, 11 were to yachts. In 2017, just three launches were to yachts in distress compared to three yachts in 2016 and seven in 2015 and 2014 respectively. This comes as the RNLI continues its consultation with staff to cut 135 jobs due to funding shortfalls. The charity saw a £28.6 million drop in its financial resources in 2018. Most of…

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review into stronger protection for seas

A call for evidence has followed proposals by the UK Government to introduce Highly Protected Marine Areas (HPMAs) around the coast. Providing the toughest form of marine protection, these HPMAs are part of plans to safeguard 50% of UK and Overseas Territory waters by the end of 2020. In the UK, 85,000 square miles of water have already been given protection through initiatives like Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs). Known as the Blue Belt, these areas aim to protect rare or vulnerable species such as the short-snouted seahorse. The feedback gathered by the four-week call for evidence will inform an independent panel, set up to look at the case for introducing increased protection to English inshore and offshore waters and Northern Irish offshore seas. The review doesn’t affect Scotland or Wales as marine conservation…

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news in numbers

60 The number of years since innovative designer James Wharram made the first west-to-east catamaran Atlantic crossing in Rongo 3 Three boats including the Flying 15, Flying Cloud, designed by Uffa Fox, have become part of the collection at The Classic Boat Museum in Cowes 1 Falmouth Harbour Commissioners has appointed sailor Tim Jones as its first apprentice assistant harbour master as part of a programme to develop specialist skills through hands-on learning Lord Nelson leaves JST STS Lord Nelson has been officially decommissioned by the Jubilee Sailing Trust (JST). The trust raised £1 million in June to continue running but had to decommission the training ship to cut costs…

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trinity’s fleet up for sale as charity closes

The Trinity Sailing Foundation is looking for a new home for its fleet of Brixham trawlers after it announced it was to cease operations. Leader, Provident and Golden Vanity were all built on the River Dart in Devon between 1892 and 1924. The charity, which has provided sailing experiences for disadvantaged young people for the last 20 years, said funding shortages and the ‘significant refit work’ needed to keep the vessels sailing led to the decision. The charity is currently looking at how to continue providing support to disadvantaged young people.…