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Adirondack Explorer Outings Guide 2019

Seven issues a year devoted to the enjoyment and protection of the Adirondack Park. In-depth writing and vivid photography bring the Adirondacks to life in tales of recreational adventure, coverage of environmental and policy issues and exploration of the communities that make up this unique six-million acre park.

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a lake of superlatives

Lake George has long been renowned for its clear, blue water and mountainous setting. Even in summer, when powerboats and jet skis buzz about, the lake retains its sublimity—the more so if you’re viewing it from a mountaintop, away from the hubbub. A few years ago, I had the pleasure of experiencing the lake’s beauty from many different vantage points while researching the Adirondack Explorer’s latest guidebook, “12 Short Hikes Near Lake George.” The book describes hikes in the state forest preserve on both the east and west sides of the water. All but two of the destinations (Jabe Pond and Inman Pond) offer views of the “Queen of American Lakes.” Though I had done most of the hikes in the past, I did them all again for the book. I wanted…

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on crane with wayne

My brother, Wayne, claimed he was allergic to hiking. A decade ago, I coaxed him into climbing modest Baker Mountain by Moody Pond in Saranac Lake, a mile from his home. In a moment of weakness, he agreed, needing to walk his dog. One would think we had scaled Everest. “Want to hike up Ampersand Mountain?” I asked him in spring. Ampersand was close to his home with a fantastic view on top. “If I don’t show up at the trailhead, don’t wait,” he replied. It became his standard comeback every few days when I called him to see if he might join me on Baxter, Giant’s Nubble, Rooster Comb, St. Regis Mountain … I was updating my book “Hiking the Adirondacks,” hiking three days per week and constantly looking for trail…

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a trifecta of adventure

Where do those trails go?” I wondered. The map showed a small trail system, whose outline looked like a loopy, potbellied cartoon character riding a unicycle. Sure, there was Pole Hill Pond at the upper end, but the trail swung far and wide of it twice, a hugely indirect route. What was the dinky little loop down at the foot? I’ve been looking at Adirondack trail maps most of my life and could not decipher this weird pattern of black dashes. Yet here it was, on the National Geographic trail map that accompanies my Adirondack Mountain Club’s “Guide to Eastern Trails,” so I could explore it for work. How did those trails get there? Who knew about them? What was that pond like? They were on a new parcel of state…

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coot hill’s a breeze

Horse and buggy plunge off cliff! Husband shoots wife and self! Couple tumbles over precipice, stung by passion! Lurid is the lore of Coot Hill, and all these troubling exploits were told to me before I first hiked there a few years ago; the place has a captivating human backstory and is a natural history hot spot too. It’s also an intriguing and easy hike to a knockout of a view. Coot Hill is a lower summit of Bulwagga Mountain, the long uplifted plateau overlooking Lake Champlain’s bay of the same name just south of Port Henry. The summit lookout perches a thousand feet above the valley, commanding a vista up and down the lake and over to the Green Mountains. An Irish settler named the hill for one he’d known…

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4 hikes near old forge

BLACK BEAR DIRECTIONS: From the Visitor Information Center in Old Forge, drive east on NY 28 for 10.5 miles to a large pull-off on the left. This is the parking area for both Rocky Mountain and Black Bear Mountain. If coming from the opposite direction, the pull-off is a mile past the junction of NY 28 and South Shore Road in downtown Inlet. N 43° 45.889’, W 74° 47.662’ What’s your favorite hike in these parts? I have been asked that question occasionally since the Explorer published my guidebook “12 Short Hikes Near Old Forge” a few years ago. My answer: it depends—on whether I’m looking for a short hike, a long hike, a hike to a summit, or a hike to water. Although I’m reluctant to pick just one favorite, I will…

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a mountain made for kids

DIRECTIONS: From the junction of NY 28 and NY 30 in Blue Mountain Lake, drive east on NY 28/30 for 6.7 miles to a parking area on the right. If you grew up hiking and now are a parent, you’re likely to want to introduce your children to the beauty and challenge of a hike in the woods. But it’s a delicate thing. If the first experience is too hard, cold, wet or buggy, they may drag their feet about hitting the trail the next time. I started hiking with my boys, Rushton and Devlin, the summer when they were 4 and 6. It’s been rewarding, but also frustrating. You know how grandparents enjoy seeing their grandchildren give their parents the same hard time the grandparents experienced? During my son’s whinier moments…