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September/October 2021

ADMIN Network & Security magazine is your source for technical solutions to the real-world problems you face every day. Published six times per year, every issue includes the latest techniques for better network security, system management, troubleshooting, performance tuning, virtualization, cloud computing, and more!

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keeping up with the times

Every week that goes by, I read about some new technology, new device, new app, new security patch, or new something else for me to try. The speed at which developers create new or improved products is at such a pace that I find it difficult to keep up. I just don’t have enough hours in a week to try out every new thing that grabs my attention. It’s important to maintain one’s “edge” by reading, installing, breaking – I mean testing, and exploring the newest gadgets and the latest and greatest things that someone dishes out. Plus, I still need to devote time to my actual day job, a few games, watching Jeopardy, a bit of cooking, family time, and enjoying a few hobbies such as filmmaking and podcasting. So,…

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admin archive dvd

The ADMIN Magazine Archive DVD is a comprehensive, searchable collection of ALL previous articles from ADMIN magazine – 65 issues, including the special pilot edition – with more than 4,800 pages of inspired IT. You’ll find practical, hands-on tutorials on the tools and technologies of today’s networks. ADMIN patrols the realm of the modern enterprise, with articles from the experts on automation, security, optimization, virtualization, containers, and cloud computing. Discover the latest tools, tips, and best practices for scripting, monitoring, and network troubleshooting in Linux and Windows environments. DEFECTIVE DVD? Defective discs will be replaced, email: While this ADMIN magazine disc has been tested and is to the best of our knowledge free of malicious software and defects, ADMIN magazine cannot be held responsible and is not liable for any disruption, loss, or damage…

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tech news

CloudLinux Rescues CentOS 8 From Vanishing Support CentOS 8 users were pretty much cast aside when Red Hat shifted the focus of the operating system into a rolling release structure. This left many users and companies effectively on their own. For instance, cPanel is no longer supporting CentOS, which means admins of that platform have been forced to look elsewhere. The problem is, there are a lot of CentOS 8 deployments running smoothly in the wild. What are those admins to do when the EOL comes for that server operating system? Clearly, they could migrate over to CloudLinux’s own AlmaLinux ( or Rocky Linux ( (which was created by the original CentOS developer). Both of these options have simple-to-use commands to handle the migration from CentOS 8. But if you don't want…

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simply certified

The Automatic Certificate Manage ment Environment (ACME) protocol is mostly mentioned in connection with the Let’s Encrypt certification authority because it can be used to facilitate the process of issuing digital certificates for TLS encryption. In the meantime, more and more systems have started to support ACME. Data transmitted on the Internet ideally should be encrypted. The Let’s Encrypt organization [1] has played a significant role in making this good idea a reality. Until a few years ago, obtaining an X.509 certificate was a fairly complex process, but this workflow has been greatly simplified by the Let’s Encrypt certification authority in combination with the ACME protocol. Anyone can now obtain a certificate for their own web service – or even other services – to ensure secure TLS communication channels. Basically, two…

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For most use cases, email has long since replaced conventional letter mail as a means of communication. Companies in particular handle a large part of their correspondence by email, because it speeds up processes compared with snail mail; also, you can send arbitrary attachments. However, modern email programs can do more than read, write, and send messages. They can also integrate the messages into corporate workflows. The email program often serves as a personal assistant, because it usually also manages contacts and appointments and can forward data to enterprise software through various interfaces. Additionally, email communication can be automated, if required (e.g., allowing employees to send a vacation message to their communication partners). In this article, I take a closer look at what the common graphical email clients do in terms…

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keep more data

With increases in data growth and larger and larger servers, the need to back up systems efficiently is becoming increasingly urgent. A backup needs to be available and also be restorable in a timely manner. Establishing suitable strategies that look in detail at storage, networks, and the software used is important. In this way, peak performance in the backup process can be ensured, even for very large data volumes. Data backup is not a new topic, of course. In fact, it has already been discussed so often that it is encountered with a certain apathy in some places, which makes it all the more important to take a look at the current situation and talk about new possible types of data loss. A well-thought-out backup infrastructure can not only save your…