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AFAR November/December 2019

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what’s your happiest travel memory?

That’s the question we asked readers in AFAR’s Travel Happiness Survey, presented by the Aruba Tourism Authority. After reading more than 15,000 happy memories, we selected a handful to turn into illustrated videos. Here are a few highlights from each. Check out the videos—and read more of the stories—at afar.com/happy. Return to Happiness Adventure and friendship—these are the things that draw Marilyn Foglia to Aruba time and time again. She loves mountain biking through Arikok National Park and plunging into the waters off Boca Catalina Beach, a local favorite. “I’ve made many friends in Aruba, and their laid-back, friendly attitudes keep me coming back,” she said. “The island is now my home away from home.” Norwegian Lights Emma Mutino’s story grabbed us from the start. She and her partner had been driving around Tromsø,…

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“like last year’s snow”

AFAR Travel Photography Awards “I’VE ALWAYS FELT that photography could help me win the unwinnable war against the passing of time,” says Israeli photographer Oded Wagenstein. As part of a long-term project on aging and memory, Wagenstein made the journey to Yar-Sale, a remote Siberian village more than 60 hours from Moscow by train and seven hours more by car. There, he met women who are forced to give up the social roles they play in their nomadic reindeer-herding community as they grow older. Unlike their male counterparts, the women face the trials of aging without support from the group. His series “Like Last Year’s Snow” juxtaposes portraits of the women with shots of the tundra and traditions they once were part of. “[Wagenstein] establishes a contemplative approach to the subject…

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the gift of travel

THIS FALL I’M bringing my family to New York with me on a business trip; in the winter we’ll spend a month in France while I’m on sabbatical; and next spring we’ll all head to Japan to visit friends. As a parent, I’m so privileged to be able to travel with my daughters and watch them learn about the world and its people in the best way I know. But not every kid is so lucky. That’s why in 2008, when Greg Sullivan and Joe Diaz launched AFAR, they also started the AFAR Foundation, which sponsors travel for underserved students through its flagship program, Learning AFAR. Committed to the idea that travel is the best form of education, Learning AFAR—with the help of our partner organization No Barriers—has so far sent…

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your next getaway will be pure bliss

Spas and golf courses? You bet. But that’s just the beginning of an unforgettable trip to Scottsdale. This bustling city in the Arizona desert serves up fascinating museums, natural beauty, delicious cuisine, and more—and it makes for an ideal travel destination, whether you’re on a quick girlfriend getaway or a weeklong adventure with the whole family. Take a deeper dive into Scottsdale’s cultural treasures, including modern architecture and interactive art, and then relax poolside at luxurious resorts. Dine on award-winning dishes that span the range of flavors and formalities—and sometimes throw in amazing views—and follow routes devoted to exploring innovative ales and wines. How can you experience all that Scottsdale has to offer? For the First-Timers Never been to Scottsdale? What are you waiting for?! You could be visiting famous places like Taliesin West,…

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what makes a dream trip?

THE GOBI DESERT of southern Mongolia is a land of extreme temperatures and never-ending horizons. Its people are independent and self-sufficient. So are their horses. I hadn’t been horseback riding in years, and never on a Mongolian horse, but I was in good hands with my guide, a youthful thirtysomething who called himself “Gonzo.” We set off from the Three Camel Lodge and rode together for two hours, galloping at times but more often walking and sharing stories about our lives. Gonzo told me that he and his five siblings had grown up nomads, raised by their mother and grandmother after their father left the family when Gonzo was young. I shared how instrumental my mother, grandmother, and aunt had been in raising me, and how I longed to let…

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2019 travelers’ choice awards

CRUISES Mediterranean Cruises Azamara “Country-Intensive Voyages” dock at multiple ports in one country, allowing passengers to get to know Israel, France, Croatia, and other Mediterranean lands intimately. Alaska Cruises Holland America Line Every HAL itinerary includes stops to gape at glaciers and spot wildlife, and guests can choose excursions that offer insight into Alaskan history, such as a ride on the White Pass & Yukon Route Railway. Caribbean Cruises Royal Caribbean Traveling aboard this second-time category winner, passengers can slow down in St. Kitts; marvel at Mayan ruins on Roatán, Honduras; snorkel off Cozumel; or spot seahorses at Bonaire National Marine Park. French Polynesia Cruises Paul Gauguin Cruises Cruisers can relax on a private white-sand beach in Bora Bora or get scuba training on board to experience the lagoons and coral reefs of the South Pacific. River Cruises Viking Every itinerary includes cultural enrichment to…