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All Creatures

All Creatures

January/February 2020

Be inspired by the special bond that exists between animals and people. Heartwarming stories of lifelong friendships, healing, hope and adventure.

United States
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2 min.
editor’s note

UNBELIEVABLY, PEOPLE STILL ask me if I believe that animals can think. If they can really feel and plan and dream. Like we humans do. Maybe not like we do, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their own unique inner lives, differentiated from ours only by degrees. I read an article about a little girl in Seattle named Gabi, who feeds the neighborhood crows every morning. In return the crows bestow gifts on Gabi—buttons, beads, earrings, Lego pieces, pa per clips, even a heart-shaped stone. They scatter them all over her yard, apparently in a ritual display of gratitude. Or as Gabi says, “It’s showing me how much they love me.” Love. If you don’t think animals can love and love deeply, then you should just stop reading now. This morning…

1 min.
all creatures

Editorial Director & Vice President Edward Grinnan Executive Editor Amy Wong Creative Director Kayo Der Sarkissian Managing Editor Megan Troise Art Director Gigi Fava Photo Editors Kristin Sladen, Kevin Eans Copy Editor and Production Coordinator Steve Levine Production Editor Celia M. Gibbons Senior Contributing Editors Rick Hamlin, Colleen Hughes Senior Digital Editor Sabra Ciancanelli Senior Digital Producer Brett Leveridge Assistant Digital Producer Ashley Lateef Contributors Meg Belviso, Ty’Ann Brown, Desiree Cole, Amanda Ericson, Peggy Frezon, Lisa Guernsey, Jim Hinch, Alina Larson, Monica Lester, Celeste McCauley, Evan Miller, Mari Pack, Doug Snyder, Diane Stark, Sara Touzard, Elena Tafone, Alikay Wood President & CEO John Temple Chief Financial Officer David Teitler Senior Vice Presidents Rocco Martino, Kelly Mangold, Heather Dennis, Carl Hixson Vice Presidents William McGlynn (Magazine Marketing), James Asselmeyer (Production), Julian Lama (Continuity and Book Marketing), Pablo Diaz (Outreach), Chris Mellor (Books and Inspirational Media), Ansley Roan…

1 min.
unexpected friends sirius and mercury

The miniature therapy horses aren’t the only friendly animals at Gentle Carousel, an equine therapy program based in Gainesville, Florida. Maremma sheepdogs protect the herd of horses, and one in particular found a pal in a new foal. Sirius was a two-month-old puppy when Mercury was born in September 2018. Sirius was still learning the ropes, but instead of trailing the bigger dogs, he marched right up to the tiny horse and said hello. He followed Mercury around as the colt learned to walk. The two became fast friends. Gentle Carousel cofounder Debbie Garcia-Bengochea says, “I’m not sure if Mercury thinks I’m a puppy! or Sirius thinks I’m a horse!” What’s more? Maremmas are almost always pure white. Sirius was born with grayish black on his head, ears and back—markings…

4 min.
going beyond

Dapper Dogs SEVENTH GRADER and entrepreneur Sir Darius Brown of Newark, New Jersey, is doing his sartorial part to help shelter dogs find new homes. Diagnosed with fine motor skill delays as a toddler, Sir Darius began making bow ties as a way to strengthen his hands. The devastation caused by major hurricanes two years ago brought an urgency to his work. “When I learned about overcrowding in animal shelters, I made it my mission to help as many dogs as I could,” he posted on Facebook. He thought the bow ties he donated would make displaced dogs look more attractive and adoptable. The response was so positive, Sir Darius kept designing. He named his company Beaux & Paws and travels to shelters across the country, distributing free bow ties. He often asks…

1 min.
i’ll never forget you

I’D ALWAYS dreamed of raising a Westie. In 1998, I found a farm in New York that had three-month-old Westies up for adoption. I was sure one of the pups was meant for me. The moment I picked up Geordi, he lay back into my arms and put all four paws in the air. He was the one. Geordi was my best friend. He loved being wrapped in a blanket and would often lie on his back with his paws up. I took a picture of his paw once and hung it on my fridge. One night in 2013, Geordi let out a wail when I picked him up. I knew something was wrong. The vet confirmed he had a tumor in his stomach. I couldn’t bear to put him through…

3 min.
why we love… carolina waterfowl rescue

AS MANY AS 40 injured turtles a week are brought into the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue (CWR) in Indian Trail, North Carolina. The turtles often arrive with broken shells, the result of being hit by cars and boats. The staff uses glue and tape to fix the cracks, and hook-and-eye clasps to keep the shells closed while they heal. For a long time these supplies were in high demand and went unfulfilled on CWR founder Jennifer Gordon’s online wish list—until she heard about using the clasps of old bras to secure turtles’ shells. “I loved the idea of repurposing something that would have gone into a landfill,” Jennifer says. She posted a request on social media in June 2019. Within days, CWR starting receiving boxes of old bras. Plus, Jennifer partnered with…