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Amateur Photographer 04-Apr-2020

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a week in photography

THE WORLD is currently in the grip of a pandemic that will have a devastating effect not only on our health, but on the global economy too. Our readers often tell us how important their weekly fix of AP is to them, and now that most of us are confined to our homes for the foreseeable future, in some cases alone, keeping our minds occupied and our spirits up will be one of our greatest challenges. At AP we are fortunate that, thanks to modern technology, the majority of the team already work from home most of the time. Indeed some of us only go into the office once a month. So we are already fully equipped to produce AP remotely and will continue to do so for as long as…

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news round-up

Manfrotto’s on the case Once everyone starts flying again, Manfrotto is offering a new carry-on case for photographers going on shorter trips – the Manhattan Runner-50. Designed to carry a DSLR or mirrorless camera and several lenses, the case features the Flexy Camera Shell system; this bends to fit different kit sizes and keeps it all snugly protected, according to Manfrotto. It costs £255.95. Adobe CC free offer for students and teachers If you are a student or teacher who now has to work remotely owing to coronavirus, Adobe is offering its Creative Cloud software free of charge until 31 May. Students must have had access to Adobe CC apps while on campus, and the request must be made by the school or college’s IT administrator, via Photokina 2020 cancelled Photography show Photokina, held…

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ap meets top fujifilm representatives

FUJIFILM was another company which invited AP to chat about its latest products, despite the cancellation of the CP+ camera show in Yokohama owing to coronavirus concerns. At one of the company's sprawling manufacturing and research bases near Omiya, north of Tokyo, I spoke to Makoto Oishi, Manager, Sales and Marketing Group, Optical Device and Electronic Imaging Products Division; Jun Watanabe, Manager, Sales and Marketing Group, Optical Device and Electronic Imaging Products Division; and Shu Amano from the Sales and Marketing Group, Optical Device and Electronic Imaging Products Division (his division deals with North America and Europe). Oishi san dealt with my questions about the GFX series and X100V, while Watanabe san dealt with the new X-T4 model. AP The X100V's 23mm f/2 lens doesn't include internal focusing, which would have…

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meeting the x-t4’s product planner

AP What were the most important aspects of the X-T range you wanted to retain when designing the X-T4? JW Keeping the size and weight down while upgrading performance was a challenge. The IBIS (in-body stabilisation unit) is physically smaller than its predecessor, but 8x times more accurate. So it was a technical feat to pull off. AP Can you elaborate? JW We unified the magnetic devices; previously spring hooks were used for some parts. When it comes to the devices for position sensing and the actuator, there are only three in the X-T4 while the X-H1 had six. At the same time, this high-performance IBIS unit is 30% smaller and 20% lighter. We would like to expand the IBIS function to all our models. When using shorter focal-length lenses it offers a…

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selah by rory lewis

Rory Lewis is one of Britain's most interesting contemporary portrait photographers, and I was lucky enough to meet him last year while he was hanging his Northerners exhibition in Manchester. And I was even brave enough to find myself on the other side of his lens – an image that we now use as a headshot whenever I write a Viewpoint column for this very magazine. Heavily influenced by painters, rather than other photographers, Rory has a special style that can best be described as ‘classical'. His work has found favour with many different audiences over the past 15 years, and in 2019 he was named winner of the Portrait of Britain award. Several of his fantastic portraits have been acquired by the National Portrait Gallery, but this latest show at Wex's…

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also out now

BOOK The Other Side by Nan Goldin 192 pages, hardback, Steidl, € 40, ISBN: 978-3-95829-613-8 THIS expanded and updated version of one of Nan Goldin's most famous works includes a revised introduction by Goldin herself. The first photographs in the book are from the 1970s, at a time when Goldin lived with a group of drag queens and documented their glamour and vulnerability. Later, in the early '80s, she captured the lives of transgender friends in New York when AIDS began to decimate her community. More recently, in the '90s, she recorded the explosion of drag as a social phenomenon in New York, Berlin, Bangkok and the Philippines. Intended as a homage to Goldin's friends – many of whom she's lost – it's a rich seam to mine if you like long-term documentary…