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Amateur Photographer 30-May-2020

Published by TI Media Limited Amateur Photographer is the world's oldest weekly magazine for photography enthusiasts. With its unique weekly format, it is the first for news and events, plus features on techniques, equipment tests and darkroom advice. It appeals to those interested in buying and learning about digital and film photographic equipment, wanting advice on improving their technique, and learning about the greats in photography. Regular features on reader portfolios, darkroom, digital, black & white and photographer profiles ensure all areas of photography are covered. With an audience of dedicated photography enthusiasts.

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a week in photography

The lockdown was starting to ease at the time of going to press, but a lot of readers will still have time on their hands. So why not make a new website or sort out your existing one? It’s never been easier to make a professional-looking site to showcase your photos and maybe sell some, as James Paterson explains on page 12. You can also join in the online activities organised by camera clubs and national societies, such as the RPS. As our special news report shows, social distancing has not dented their energy and enthusiasm. Finally, we know a lot of people have been struggling psychologically with this uniquely difficult year, so we look at how photography can help with mental health on page 40. AP is always here…

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this week in 1963

Give Me Five by Len Trievnor American Heavyweight boxer Cassius Clay (later Muhammad Ali) lying on his hotel bed in London. He holds up five fingers in a prediction of how many rounds it will take him to knock out British boxer Henry Cooper. The fight took place on 18 June 1963, before Ali had changed his name, with 35,000 spectators witnessing the bout, which was the first open-air fight at Wembley Stadium in 28 years. Ali won the fight, with his prediction seemingly coming true as the referee stopped it in the fifth round as Cooper was bleeding excessively. It's said that photographers near the ring were splashed with blood during that round. The Getty Images Hulton Archive is one of the world’s great cultural resources. Tracing its origins to the…

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big picture

Automotive photographer and Sony ambassador Dominic Fraser usually spends his time shooting cars whizzing past at high speed, but during lockdown he's adapted his approach somewhat. ‘I saw that a toy manufacturer had started making a model of an iconic rally car that I remember from my childhood,' he explains. ‘There had been so many inspiring images of the real thing taken during the 1980s that I thought I'd have a go at doing some recreations indoors, with toys.' Dominic still used his mainstay camera, a Sony Alpha 7R III. ‘The live view and tilting screen on the camera makes things easier. Given that the toy cars don't move under their own propulsion, I used an air blower that I'd normally use to clean the camera sensor to blow up…

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‘the customers have been great’ – lce

FOR THE latest of our chats with major retailers to see how they are coping with the pandemic, we meet Adrian Deary, marketing and communications manager of London Camera Exchange (LCE). ‘We've had to adapt quickly, but everyone pulled together and now we are doing OK,' Adrian explains. ‘The big challenge was how to keep customers interested in LCE with the stores closed. Although we furloughed most of the sales staff, we retained one person per branch to handle phone calls and sort out deliveries. We felt it was important customers could speak to somebody locally. The customers have been great: our online sales have increased dramatically and we've been getting stunning Google reviews, etc.' From close-up to telephoto Bestsellers during the lockdown include, predictably, macro lenses, mics for video calls and small…

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major weather contest now open for entries

WE MAY not have Krakatoa erupting or herds of wildebeest here in the UK, to paraphrase Basil Fawlty, but one thing we do have is constantly changing weather – making Weather Photographer of the Year a great competition to enter. Entries are now open for the 2020 contest, organised by the Royal Meteorological Society in association with AccuWeather. Both pros and amateurs can enter, and images can be taken on cameras or smartphones. The overall winner will be awarded £500 in cash, among other prizes. ‘Weather photographs can be taken from the front doorstep, a window or the back garden, so even while following guidelines to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic, anyone can enter,' say the organisers. ‘This year, for the first time, there is no date restriction on when…

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huawei harnesses the power of creativity

HUAWEI has launched its ‘Next Image 2020' competition, inviting its customers to send in the most ‘uplifting and inspirational images from today'. The contest is only open to Huawei smartphone users, with the chance to win cash prizes of up to US$10,000, with selected Huawei gear for the runners up. There are six categories, including night photography, portraits, portfolios and video, and the judges include travel and documentary heavyweight, Steve McCurry. The entry deadline is 31 July and full entry details are at gallery.consumer.huawei.com. For the latest news visit www.amateurphotographer.co.uk…