Amateur Photographer 27/11/2021

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a week in photography

There has long been a healthy trade in used film cameras and lenses, as the best examples have always held their value. The pre-loved digital business is booming too, particularly as the big makers increasingly focus on premium priced, high-end mirrorless cameras and lenses. Not everyone needs this kind of firepower, or has several grand lying around in spare change. Our cover feature this week is all about getting the best deal when buying or selling second-hand, while the rest of the issue is packed with other essential money-making and saving tips – including generating income from stock libraries, and how to shoot products to sell on eBay. Hardware highlights include a review of Sony’s FE 70-200mm f/2.8 II, the iPhone 13 Pro and a field test of a real…

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this week in 1947

Flying Car by FPG A ConvAirCar, Model 118 flying car during a test-flight in California in November 1947. The hybrid vehicle was designed by Theodore P Hall for the Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Company of San Diego, California. Just two prototypes were built and flown – the second being rebuilt from the damaged first one. The ConvAirCar was designed to be used by mainstream consumers, following the post-war aviation boom, but after its early problems, enthusiasm for the project quickly waned and it never went into further production. The Getty Images Hulton Archive is one of the world’s great cultural resources. Tracing its origins to the founding of the London Stereoscopic Company in 1854, today it houses over 80 million images spanning the birth of photography to the digital age. Explore it at…

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it’s good to share

Reflection of the City by Alan and Tam Greenwell Yashica Electro GTN35 using Ilford HP5+ at f/8 Alan says, ‘My autistic son Tam and I go on a lot of photo walks around the city centre of Newcastle and this building was one that caught our eye. It contrasts the modern glass building against the historical terraced streets of the city.’ Find Alan on Flickr at AP picture of the week Bokeh Portrait by Ben Lewis Canon EOS 90D, Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 Art lens, 1/1250sec at f/1.8, ISO 500 ‘I started photography about a year ago and take portrait shots in my spare time – I am loving it. This photograph was taken when I visited Uphill in Weston-super-Mare with Georgina Hartgen,’ says Ben. ‘We tried many different poses but we found some trees to…

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new kase filter holder system

FILTER maker Kase has announced a 100mm holder system in which everything fits together magnetically. It’s being offered as an alternative to the firm’s excellent, but more conventionally designed, Kase Wolverine K9 holder. The new ‘Armour’ system is designed to work with full-frame lenses as wide as 14mm without vignetting. The holder accepts a rear-mounted 95mm polariser and more unusually, 95mm circular ND filters in front. This is said to allow a lighter overall weight and a light-tight design. Two rectangular filters, 150x100mm or 100x100mm, can be added using magnetic metal frames designed to take conventional 2mm-thick glass filters. Prices start at £269 for the Kase Armour Holder Kit 100mm system. See…

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all the fun of the lensfayre

NOTTINGHAM-based online camera shop LensFayre has launched a disposable 35mm camera called the Snap LF-35M (see above). The camera body is made from a thermostatic plastic that can easily be melted down and re-used; if you return the camera to LensFayre, the company will safely recycle it and give you a 10% discount voucher for further purchases. The camera, which can be easily customised via replaceable stickers, features a 28mm f/8 fixed lens, a 1/120sec shutter speed, built-in flash, 1x AA battery power source and a weight of just 110g. It costs £38. LensFayre was set up by freelance photographers and creatives Alecia Barnes and Dan Giannopoulos. See…

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get ready for black friday

FRIDAY 26 November is Black Friday, so expect to get some significant discounts on cameras, lenses, accessories and software. While ongoing supply-chain headaches are presenting a challenge to many retailers trying to slash prices, you should still be able to save money. As with previous years, the discounting has started early. Some of the best pre-Black Friday deals include a generous 39% off an Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps subscription – so you can get Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign and lots more for £30.34 per month, down from £49.94. Via Amazon, you can also get 11% off the Nikon Z 5, 17% off this camera with the 24-50mm f/4-6.3 kit lens, and a 14% discount off the Nikon D780. Meanwhile accessory maker Joby is giving away $1 million (£745,000) worth of prizes,…