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Hjem og hage
American Farmhouse Style

American Farmhouse Style

February - March 2020

American Farmhouse Style is the ultimate resource for open, welcoming American décor and architecture, whether in a historic farmhouse, modern country estate or suburban home.

United States
Engaged Media
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1 min.
renovation ready

Remodeling your home is never as simple as it sounds. When my husband and I started our DIY bathroom remodel a few months ago, we planned to replace the dark flagstone floor tiles (think late ‘90s) with fresh white hexagonal tiles, reminiscent of the penny tiles popular in the 1920s. As we demoed the floor, we realized that the flagstone tile was twice the height of the new tile we’d bought. We had to set our renovation schedule back almost two weeks to install a layer of subflooring, so the level of the floor would match the hallway outside. But in the end, all those small setbacks and moments when you think “Oh, I didn’t think about that,” are worth it. Seeing your farmhouse vision come to life makes your home…

1 min.
american farmhouse style

EDITORIAL Brand Leader: Victoria Van Vlear Managing Editors: Anne Brink, Michelle Mastro Digital Brand Manager: Kris Christensen Digital Content Coordinator: Michelle Mastro Content Marketing Manager: Brooke Sanders DESIGN Design Director: Gabby Oh CONTRIBUTORS Emily Irby, Fifi O'Neil, Hannah Strandberg, KariAnne Wood, Kristin Dowding, Laura Shimko, Leslie Saeta, Margie Monin Dombrowski, Ryan Morris, Valerie Guyant ADVERTISING Sherrie Norris - snorris@engaged.media Julie Hale - jhale@engaged.media Michelle Dyson - mdyson@engaged.media Eric Gomez - Advertising Traffic Coordinator OPERATIONS Manish Kumar Mishra: Operations Specialist Surajpal Singh Bisht: Prepress Manager Chandan Pandey: Production & Newsstand Circulation Analyst Shailesh Khandelwal: Vertical Head - Subscriptions Alex Mendoza: Administrative Assistant Victoria Van Vlear: Intern Program Manager…

1 min.
get more online!

AmericanFarmhouseStyle.com HOW TO CHALK PAINT ALMOST ANYTHING The best tips and tricks to give a facelift to almost any piece of furniture in your home. QUESTION YOUR CLUTTER As you declutter in the new year, ask these 4 questions to know what items you should give away. SHOP YOUR OWN HOUSE Learn how to decorate without spending a dime, by using what you already have. WOOD RULES Discover the best tactics for choosing the color of your wood floors. SHOWER, BATHTUB OR BOTH? Ready for a bathroom remodel? Decide whether you should install a bathtub, shower or both. Follow us online on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest for daily inspiration!…

2 min.
the almanac

How to Start Your Garden Indoors Itching to get started on your 2020 vegetable garden? Learn how to start seeds indoors while it’s still snowy outside. When? Each species will have different timing for starting seeds indoors. Check online or in a farmer’s Almanac to find out when is best to start each type of plant in your region. Planting. Sow the seeds in a container large enough for the seedlings you’ll transplant into the garden weeks later. Cover the container with plastic to keep the seeds from drying out until they germinate. Once the seeds start to sprout, remove the plastic covering and move the container to an area that will get plenty of sunlight. You could also use a plant lamp. Hardening off Before you transplant the seedlings outside, you’ll want to harden them off…

1 min.
mantel magic

Fireplaces and chimneys have kept humans warm for thousands of years, and over time they’ve become beautiful as well as functional. Mantelpieces are among the clearest examples. They began as simple hoods for catching smoke from indoor fires but have turned into elaborate ornamental frameworks. Did you know that the terms “fireplace” and “hearth” aren’t interchangeable? Knowing how to talk about the architecture of your fireplace and mantel can help you get the look you want. Here are the terms you should know: • Fireplace or firebox: The area at the base of the chimney that contains the fire • Hearth: The stone or brick floor of the firebox, where the logs sit • Mantel or mantelpiece: The decorative shelf or piece on the outside of the fireplace • Surround: The area directly around the…

1 min.
mantel materials

TILE Tile is perhaps the most versatile material you can use to build your surround. It comes in many different styles, and it’s an easy material to redo later if you decide you don’t like the look. Especially if you decide on a simple shelf mantel that doesn’t have columns coming down to the floor, tile will act as a good complement for the surround. BRICK One of the more traditional materials, brick adds a warmth and richness to farmhouse design without breaking the bank. While not as versatile in terms of different styles, brick will still add plenty of texture on its own. STONE A classic surround material, stone adds rustic charm to the room. The different types of stones available allow for a wide variety of possible designs. And the fact that the…