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American Farmhouse Style

American Farmhouse Style February/March 2019

American Farmhouse Style is the ultimate resource for open, welcoming American décor and architecture, whether in a historic farmhouse, modern country estate or suburban home.

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ready, set, go!

It’s a new year, which means it’s time to make your house plans for the next 12 months. If you’re like me, you probably have ideas for renovations and DIY projects in every room, and unless you’re building a new house or doing a full home renovation this year (kudos to you if you are!), you’ll have to pick and choose which projects and rooms will get attention. Luckily, we’ve put together this renovation issue so you can get all the inspiration, project ideas and information you need to get started. Whether you’re planning to hire a contractor and designer to update your spaces or do the work yourself DIY style, we’ve got great examples for you to follow. Learn how to renovate a historic home to keep its original integrity…

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THE 2019 CLUTTER PURGE Start off the year by paring down the items in your house with these helpful hints. Stick to your containers. Don’t buy more containers to fit what you have; instead, cut down the items so they fit your container. For example, if you have an overflowing bin of your kids’ stuffed animals, declutter until the all the stuffed animals fit into the single bin, rather than buying a second bin. This also works with clothes and shoes—limit yourself to one shoe rack or one drawer of t-shirts. It’s a victory when items leave the house. If you have three kids and a side business, chances are you don’t have much time to declutter. Even if you can only work in ten-minute increments, don’t get discouraged. Moving any item out…

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diy farmhouse window trim

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: LUMBER: • 1x4 board(s)• 1x6 board(s)• 1x2 board• 1x3 board OTHER SUPPLIES: • Measuring tape• Miter or table saw• Pencil• Sandpaper• Wood glue• Nail gun or brad nails and hammer• Primer of choice• Paint of choice• Paint brush• Caulking WHAT YOU’LL DO: 1. Measure the dimensions of your window frame (height and width). Your width will be measurement A, and your height (minus 1 inch) will be measurement D. Refer to Illustration 2.2. Cut your lumber to length (refer to Illustrations 1 and 2). You can cut the pieces with a saw, or see if the store where you bought the lumber will cut it for you. You’ll need two 1x4 pieces at measurement A, two 1x6 pieces at measurement B, one 1x2 piece at measurement B, one 1x3 piece at measurement…

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diy reclaimed wood wall

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: • Wood of choice (see next page)• Cleaning agent, such as TSP• Sponge or rags• Primer and paint brush (optional)• Miter or table saw• Nail gun or brad nails and hammer• Level tool WHAT YOU’LL DO: 1. Clean the wall with your cleaning agent and sponge or rags to get rid of residual oils or dust.2. If you’re using pallet wood that may leave gaps, prime the wall first with a dark color like black so the gaps aren’t as noticeable. If you’re using pallet wood, you’ll also need to prep the wood itself by washing and sanding it.3. Lay your first few rows on the floor before you attach them to the wall. This way you can see the layout and cut any pieces on the edges of the…

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what type of wood should you use?

• FINISHED RECLAIMED WOOD. Companies such as Wall Concept USA provide prefinished reclaimed wood boards. The benefit here is that you know the quality is very good, and because of that, the wood will last a long time. You also don’t have to do any prep with the wood once you get it—you can just install it directly to the wall. The downside is that you’ll pay more, since the material has already been sourced and prepped for you. • NEW WOOD. You can go to your local lumber or home improvement store and buy new wood to use in your project. The benefit of this method is that it will be cheaper than choosing prefinished boards, but it will also require more effort. You’ll need to sand and finish each…

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built to save

Replacing your windows because they’re drafty or let in too much noise is expensive. Indow Window combines creativity and simplicity into one elegant solution. Their unique laser measurement system and software allow them to create perfectly fitted and customized window inserts that reduce noise, save energy and protect a historic home’s value. PRESERVING MATERIALS AND HISTORY These compression fit window inserts are completely free of melting brackets that can damage the original window. Instead, you simply press the insert into the interior of the existing frame. This means fewer windows will end up in a landfill, significantly reducing CO2 emissions while also saving money. “It’s much more cost-effective,” says Kristina Damschen, the Director of Marketing for Indow. “A $20,000 window replacement project all of a sudden becomes a $4,000 project to get…