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AppleMagazine #380

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how apple may - or may not - be a leader on privacy and data use

There has been big news on the battle for privacy and data recently, as Apple took action against some of the other biggest names in the business. Well, it was big news if this transpires to be a watershed moment in the fight. If, instead, this turns out to be a mere ‘good news’ publicity stunt that has no impact whatsoever on future practices, then very little of long-term consequence will have occurred. However, the outlook does look promising. SANCTIONS FOR BOTH GOOGLE AND FACEBOOK Within the space of two days, Apple recently clamped down on both Google and Facebook for violating the terms of their developer agreements . Google had distributed the Screenwise Meter app, which dished out gift cards to users in exchange for Google being able to monitor a user’s…

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14-year-old’s facetime bug discovery could rattle apple

At the heart of Apple’s shocking FaceTime bug, which allowed just about anyone to turn an iPhone into a live microphone, stands a 14-year-old boy who stumbled upon the eavesdropping flaw more than a week before Apple took action. “The thing that surprised me the most was that this glitch happened in the first place,” said Grant Thompson, a high school freshman in Tucson, Arizona. “I’m only 14 and I found it by accident, instead of the people at Apple that get paid to find glitches.” Not only that, but Grant and his mom said they spent a week unsuccessfully trying to get Apple to do something about the bug in its FaceTime group-chatting feature. The bug allowed callers to activate another person’s microphone remotely even before the person has accepted or…

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safety board highlights need for transportation improvements

Federal safety officials say they want a crackdown on impaired and distracted drivers, wider use of collision-avoidance technology in cars, and tougher regulations for operators of air tours and medical flights. The National Transportation Safety Board laid out a wish list to improve safety on roads, trains and in the sky. Chairman Robert Sumwalt said the list was driven by data from accidents that the board investigates. “It is written in blood,” he said. The safety board investigates accidents and suggests ways to prevent similar crashes. The agency planned to unveil its top issues last month but was delayed by the government shutdown caused by a standoff over President Donald Trump’s demand for border-wall funding. Sumwalt said the 35-day shutdown delayed the start of 97 crash investigations. In some cases, he said, wreckage was removed…

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craigslist founder donates $15 million for journalism ethics

The founder of Craigslist says he will donate $15 million to Columbia University and the Poynter Institute for separate efforts promoting ethics in journalism. The announcement on Wednesday establishes Craig Newmark in the forefront of philanthropists focused on journalism, a cause he’s supported with some $85 million in the past few years. Some in the industry see irony in that, since the online classified advertising site that made him rich took away a lucrative revenue source for many newspapers. Columbia, with one of the leading graduate journalism programs in the country, will get $10 million to establish the Craig Newmark Center for Journalism Ethics and Security. The Florida-based Poynter think tank will get $5 million, its largest single donation ever, to offer additional journalism ethics training. Newmark said he’s been concerned since the…

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services: apple takes new path with upcoming releases

With Apple set to launch an entertainment subscription service in April, we explore the Netflix challenger, Apple’s rumored magazine subscription service, and its ever-changing strategy. Then, we look at whether these offerings will take Apple to new heights and increase its dominance and market value, and consider the future for the world’s greatest tech firm… ALL-IN-ONE ENTERTAINMENT Whether you’re a self-confessed Apple fanboy or you’re more inclined to Android, it is hard to deny Apple’s influence on technology over the past decade. The Cupertino company has changed the way we communicate with loved ones, play games, spend money, and more through iPhone and iPad, whilst Apple Watch has made us fitter and more connected than ever before. One area that Apple was slow to enter into, however, is entertainment… Indeed, consumers spend hundreds…

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pass it on: work-life advice from twitter curation director

Joanna Geary started off as a journalist in the U.K. and now lives in New York, where she is currently Twitter’s director of curation. In that role, she’s in charge of showing users everything from the day’s biggest news events to quirky trends. Geary, 38, spoke with Media recently about managing people in different time zones and managing a work-life balance. Questions and answers have been edited for brevity and clarity. Q: What does your day-to-day work look like? A: I have direct reports in London, in Toronto, in New York, in San Francisco, in Tokyo and in Sydney (and indirect reports) in Mexico and Brazil. When you’re working away from people, it’s really important to have structured time to see people. So that means that my days get quite elongated. Q: What have…