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AppleMagazine #383

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foldable: the new generation of smartphones

SAMSUNG, HUAWEI AND OTHER MAJOR NAMES SHOW THEIR HANDS Let’s take a guess at the above question – it sounds cool, but you probably can’t see the benefit yet, right? The fact that this was the general public perception before many of humankind’s most influential technological innovations gives you an idea of just how big foldable smartphones could be. From the idea of early mobile phones themselves to the concept of the World Wide Web, the “cool, but…” mindset has predated countless technological revolutions. However, the same could be said for the famously ill-fated Sega Dreamcast, 3D TV, and Airbus A380 too, so it’s not an exact scientific formula for predicting success. So, great numbers of us – especially those with $1,980 to spare – will be wondering which way foldable smartphones…

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china’s huawei unveils 5g phone with folding screen

China’s Huawei unveiled a new folding-screen phone last Sunday, joining the latest trend for bendable devices as it challenges the global smartphone market’s dominant players, Apple and Samsung. Huawei revealed its Mate X phone on the eve of MWC Barcelona, a four-day showcase of mobile devices, as the company battles U.S. allegations it is a cybersecurity risk. The device can be used on superfast next-generation mobile networks that are due to come online in the coming years. Device makers are looking to folding screens as the industry’s next big thing to help them break out of an innovation malaise, although most analysts think the market is limited, at least in the early days. The Mate X is the answer to a question Huawei faced as it sought to satisfy smartphone users’ demands for bigger…

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sec seeks contempt charges against tesla ceo elon musk

Stock market regulators are asking a federal court to hold Tesla CEO Elon Musk in contempt for violating an agreement requiring him to have his tweets about key company information reviewed for potentially misleading claims. The request made Monday in New York resurrects a dispute between the Securities and Exchange Commission and Musk that was supposed to have been resolved with a settlement reached five months ago. The SEC had sued Musk for using his Twitter account to announce he had secured financing for a potential buyout of Tesla, something regulators alleged wasn’t true. Musk agreed to having future tweets that could affect Tesla’s stock be pre-approved. But the SEC contends Musk didn’t do that in a Feb. 19 tweet projecting the number of cars Tesla will make this year.…

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google seeks tax breaks for $600m data center in minnesota

Google’s plan to build a $600 million wind-powered data center in central Minnesota could hinge on the tech giant’s request for officials to waive 20 years’ worth of future taxes. Google has asked Sherburne County and the city of Becker for property tax breaks that would save the company up to $15 million, Minnesota Public Radio News reported. The tax abatement request is part of the tech company’s proposal to build a 375,000-square-foot (35,000-square-meter) data center in Becker on about 300 acres (120 hectares) owned by Xcel Energy, which would dedicate two new wind farms to power the facility. The land is located next to the Sherburne County Generating Station, a large, coal-fired plant where the Minneapolis-based utility plans to retire most of its generators. The project would bring an estimated 50 full-time…

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new cinema: from box office to your iphone

With movie admissions in the US at a ten-year low, we take a closer look at how technology is transforming the way we consume Box Office content, from the Big Screen to the Small Screen in our pockets, explore how Netflix is changing the game with multi-million dollar film productions, and consider the impact of Apple’s upcoming streaming service on the sector… THE BOX OFFICE Whilst, on the surface, it may appear as though consumers are spending less time and money at their local movie theatres, the American film industry generated $32 billion in revenue last year, increasing around 2 percent year on year. According to research firm IBISWorld, the industry has “grown sluggishly in recent years and movie theater growth has increasingly come from ancillary concessions,” although demand is expected to…

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film fan finds the real joy of movies is still in theaters

Sure, it’s easy to Netflix and chill these days. Or Prime and recline. Or Hulu and ... well, whatever. But if you really want to savor a film, there’s still no substitute for a classic movie theater. Turns out that there are few better ways to rediscover the joy of heading to the theater than a year of free movie tickets, courtesy of MoviePass. Among the greatest attractions: no distractions from Facebook, online chats, household chores and what not. I was a regular moviegoer until ticket prices rocketed past $10 several years ago. In New York, $15 is now common; some theaters can charge $18 or $19, even before 3D and other surcharges. Streaming at home became far more affordable — and convenient. Who has time to go to the movies when…