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AppleMagazine #389

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737 max the questions behind automated systems

NEGOTIATING THE DIVIDE BETWEEN MAN AND MACHINE Admittedly, this isn’t the most positive topic, but Boeing’s recent troubles have introduced us to a technologically focused conundrum that we may keep running into for the next few years. Two horrific commercial plane crashes in the space of just six months, causing the tragic deaths of some 326 passengers and flight crew, have led to the grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX worldwide. In October last year, Lion Air Flight 610 crashed in Indonesia , killing everybody on board the aircraft. Shortly after takeoff at 06:20, the pilots experienced a problem establishing their correct speed and altitude; an error also experienced the last time the plane flew. Outside the plane, an ‘angle of attack’ sensor had falsely indicated that the plane’s nose was too high,…

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big tech feels the heat as us moves to protect consumer data

Momentum is gaining in Washington for a privacy law that could sharply rein in the ability of the largest technology companies to collect and make money off people’s personal data. A national law, the first of its kind in the U.S., could allow people to see or prohibit the use of their data. Companies would need permission to release such information. If it takes effect, a law would also likely shrink Big Tech’s profits from its lucrative business of making personal data available to advertisers so they can pinpoint specific consumers to target. Behind the drive for a law is rising concern over the compromise of private data held by Facebook, Google and other tech giants that have earned riches by aggregating consumer information. The industry traditionally has been lightly regulated and…

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facebook tweaks tools for remembering dead friends

Facebook says it will use artificial intelligence to help find profiles of people who have died, so their friends and family members won’t get, for instance, painful reminders about their birthday. The social network said that it is also adding a “tributes”section to accounts that have been memorialized, that is, designated as belonging to someone who has died. Friends and family members will be able to write posts and share photos in this section to remember their loved one. Facebook is also tightening its rules around who can memorialize an account. Until now, anyone could do this by sending the company proof that someone had died, such an obituary. Now, it will have to be a friend or family member.…

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snap joins online game fray, unveils advertising products

Snapchat is joining the online-games bandwagon with a new service that lets people play together on its mobile platform. The company says it wants to make it easier for friends to play together. Snap Inc. also unveiled at Los Angeles event last week new products to help companies advertise on its service, including Snapchat Ad Kit and Snapchat Audience Network. The tools let businesses send ads both to Snapchat users and people who don’t use the service, within other apps. The setup is similar to what Facebook does with its own ad service. In addition, Snapchat launched original shows that can only be watched on its service, including “Can’t Talk Now,” which follows a group of high school kids with the story told through their phones. Snap joins Google and Apple in launching…

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apple arcade: next-generation gaming

With Apple pulling back the curtain on its new gaming subscription service, Apple Arcade, we take a closer look at the Cupertino firm’s plans to revolutionize the industry and delve deeper into the wider gaming landscape at a time when innovation is rife, new players are entering the market, and traditional gaming consoles are becoming a thing of the past… GAME OVER FOR CONSOLES If you’ve ever been a gamer, then the chances are that you spent at least some of your youth in a GameStop, or the gaming aisle at your local Walmart, checking out the latest titles and deciding whether to opt for Final Fantasy VII or the latest Spyro the Dragon release. Many of our favorite console games were played for a month or two and then left to…

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house passes bill to restore ‘net neutrality’ rules

The House has passed bill Wednesday to restore Obama-era “net neutrality” rules, but the legislation faces slim odds of making it through the Republican-controlled Senate. The Save the Internet Act passed the Democrat-controlled House 232-190 Wednesday, with only one Republican vote in favor. But top Senate Republican Mitch McConnell said Tuesday that net neutrality is “dead on arrival in the Senate.” The Trump administration also opposes the bill. Still, the effort to restore net neutrality could give Democrats political points on consumer protections. The 2015 net neutrality regulations barred internet service providers like Comcast, Verizon and AT&T from blocking or slowing online traffic or from charging companies for faster lanes for consumers. They were highly partisan in Washington and came after a decade of telecom-industry resistance. They were upheld by a federal appeals…