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Artist's Palette No. 164

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Artist's Palette is the perfect magazine for the aspiring and accomplished artist alike. Provides insights on, as well as step-by-step demonstrations from, Australian and international artists. Featuring the latest in news, reviews and products from the art world as well as exhibition previews and reviews. Artist's Palette is sure to stimulate your artistic sense.

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the gallery

ARTIST’S PALETTE magazine seeks to showcase the works of talented Australians producing art at a whole range of skill levels, whether they are accomplished creative people with a long history of achievements or beginners (of all ages) striving to build their identities and reach their particular artistic goals. This ‘Gallery’ segment provides a place to display pictures by people who may not have the means or the opportunity to be extensively featured in our magazine. Submissions are sought from such people for future Issues. TRUDY SMITH This self-taught painter is a pensioner aged 92. She paints alone indoors, and likes to make her own mistakes and discoveries. She simply loves painting – usually from her imagination. She was born in the north of Yorkshire during World War I, and now paints under the…

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outback humour

Harry Barden’s life began in Plymouth, Devonshire, in 1931. He trained at the ‘West of England College of Art’ Bristol, and subsequently worked for a few years for the American Animation Company as a painter and tracer. Later, he served for some time as a technical illustrator for Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft; after which he went to sea, to see the world while working on luxury liners in the hospitality industry. On several occasions his skills were engaged to paint murals on mirrors for festive events. After emigrating to Australia in 1967, Harry found time to paint again. While employed at the famous ‘Room with a View’ as maitre d’hotel, he held a very successful exhibition. Upon semi-retirement, he decided to hone his talents and broaden his horizons. He entered six oil works at…

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harry thong

This is the kind of painting that I can do very quickly. I usually work on a series of six at a time. This Demonstration is an example of a character I have created called ‘Harry Thong’. I have tried to inject some good old-fashioned bush humour – a commodity which seems to be disappearing fast. The plan is to keep the work simple, humorous and affordable. Perhaps the hardest thing with this type of painting is to come up with new ideas and variations on the theme for Harry Thong in the Outback. STEP ONE I use Dulux Baby’s Room Blue (water based) for the sky, and Matisse Derivan Cadmium Orange ‘Series 4’ for the foreground. Time: 10 minutes. STEP TWO I add colour to the sky, using various hues starting from the top…

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looking into the light

Judy Kurtz was born and schooled at Condobolin in New South Wales. She has since lived in various parts of the State including Sydney, Katoomba and Orange. A passion for art began when she was a child – drawing on anything she could find (including the edges of newspapers, when other paper was not available). She won prizes for her work when she was at school. At the age of 13, she enrolled in a correspondence course with the Art Training Institute of Melbourne – studying commercial art. After leaving school, she worked for some time as a tracer and draughtsperson for a corporate business. These days she lives and works on a sheep grazing property near Mudgee, where she and her artist husband have built a mud brick home and studio. “I…

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country cottage

We had a wonderful summer at Mudgee, and I am painting in a paddock with dry grass about a metre high. I have a good view of my subject – the original homestead built on our property about 100 years ago. I am deliberately sitting with the sun to the front of me, to avoid light shining on the surface of the painting. The play of light on the house enables the geometric shapes of the roof to contrast with the rounded forms of trees. A soft atmosphere forms a good backdrop, giving the scene a lot of depth. I will reduce the size of the trees on the right-hand side to give a triangular shape to the composition. Always remember that you are in charge when designing your paintings. I will…

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artists’ easels

JULLIAN – THE ORIGINAL FRENCH BOX EASEL FROM ART BASICS The amazing quality of the Jullian French box easel is world renowned. It is highly regarded for its design and the versatility of its applications. It has been copied many times over – but not in distinction. It is a combination of a sketch box, easel and canvas carrier. This union saves time and money for the user. It is perfect for students going to and from classes and for artists who paint on location. It’s also great to use as a desk easel that will fold away; for those people who are tight on space at the studio or at home. The easel is easy to modify and is adaptable to many painting angles – flat for watercolours, vertical for oils/ acrylics,…