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Artist's Palette No. 165

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Artist's Palette is the perfect magazine for the aspiring and accomplished artist alike. Provides insights on, as well as step-by-step demonstrations from, Australian and international artists. Featuring the latest in news, reviews and products from the art world as well as exhibition previews and reviews. Artist's Palette is sure to stimulate your artistic sense.

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the gallery

ARTIST’S PALETTE magazine seeks to showcase the works of talented Australians producing art at a whole range of skill levels, whether they are accomplished creative people with a long history of achievements or beginners (of all ages) striving to build their identities and reach their particular artistic goals. This ‘Gallery’ segment provides a place to display pictures by people who may not have the means or the opportunity to be extensively featured in our magazine. Submissions are sought from such LYNNE GREEN Moving from the city to the country town of Yarrowitch in New South Wales helped this lady to discover art. Her first passion is watercolours, although this picture was done using ink and bleach. She has participated in workshops and artfests, and finds that art his given her ‘new peace’. ROBERT MURRAY Born at…

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an interest in portraits

Stan Overington was born in Kojonup, a town in Western Australia’s south-west. He was the only child of parents who operated a bakery and tearooms. “Much of my childhood was spent finding things to occupy myself,” he says. “I have always loved drawing and we were fortunate enough to have a ‘resident artist’, Mr Battie, who (I suspect as a favour to my mother) agreed to give me lessons. His classes were for adults – and as I was about seven at the time, I received much assistance from the others in the group. I attended for about three months or so, and during that period I learned the importance of accuracy in presentation.” Those early lessons have been carried through into his work today. “Art has always played a part in my…

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a portrait of ross

Since being introduced to Genesis paints three years ago, I’ve used no other medium. I found the simplicity of achieving subtle blending (required in my style of portrait painting) a surprise and joy which I take full advantage of. I don’t use China brushes, preferring to work with Taklon because of the delicacy of the work I do – however, this is very much an individual choice. For this particular project my palette consisted of basic Genesis colours which allowed me to produce any hue I required. Genesis doesn’t vary in tonal depth due to the reliable consistency of the medium in the pots. It is important to find a subject that holds your attention. Someone who has strong or unique features will allow you to depict the character of the person. If…

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contemporary acrylics

Dorothy-Rae Sullivan’s career as a painter began only a decade ago … but it is already blossoming. She has completed numerous successful works and developed a recognisable style which would be the envy of many developing artists. This lady derives her main inspiration from Outback Australia. She endeavours to capture the colour, light, soul and vastness of this ancient land from all perspectives. “The Kimberley and Pilbara areas of Western Australia are special to me, as are the desert areas of South Australia and the North Territory,” she relates. “These are places that I have visited – and I use my photographs as reference for my paintings.” Dorothy-Rae’s work is done mainly with acrylics. “My preferred medium is acrylics due to the fast drying time,” she says. “Working with acrylics also allows me to…

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castle hill

I enjoy the arid interior of Australia, which I have visited, so selecting my subject was easy … as the Kimberley and Pilbara are very special to me because of the richness of the colours. This painting is of part of the Old Anthill Road at Nullagini in Western Australia and it is called ‘Castle Hill’. STEP ONE For the base coat, I used an application of washes in complementary colours which would show through to the finished work; then I applied the shadowed areas in Violet. STEP TWO The sky became a combination of all the blues and Turquoise, blended together with white using a large brush before adding base colours of Gold Oxide to large rocks and scattered conglomerates. STEP THREE Next came an application of gold, lemons and yellows using different sized brushes and…

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passion for detail

Jenny Hartley is a Queenslander who has been an active painter since 1990 – creating works of art in graphite, watercolours and acrylics. Her childhood, spent on the family farm near Casino in New South Wales, installed within her a deep love of the natural environment – for native flora and fauna, and for the colour and light in the landscape. Her mother’s love for gardening also spawned her desire to create glowing translucent images of flowers in watercolours. When Jenny was a child, no scrap of paper missed her attention. She loved to draw faces and animals. Her high school years presented new opportunities and she achieved ‘Dux’ for three years in art class and planned to continue her studies … but romance, marriage and children become her priorities for…