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Artist's Palette No. 166

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Artist's Palette is the perfect magazine for the aspiring and accomplished artist alike. Provides insights on, as well as step-by-step demonstrations from, Australian and international artists. Featuring the latest in news, reviews and products from the art world as well as exhibition previews and reviews. Artist's Palette is sure to stimulate your artistic sense.

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4 min.
art for life

I first thought about becoming an artist when I was about 9 or 10 years of age. I grew up in the Perth Hills where there was a strong arts community, with people like Guy Grey-Smith, Robert Juniper, and George Haynes around. My parents were interested in art and that had a strong influence on me. My parents had several friends who were artists and I thought it seemed like a good life. I remember that there was a book of Leonardo da Vinci drawings in the house which I tried to copy. I also played the guitar, and at about the age of 14 I heard Jimi Hendrix and was blown away. After high school I went to art school in Perth but didn’t last the first semester, leaving to find a…

2 min.
red dress, vase and flowers

COMPOSITION This painting was a commission with a size restriction. The clients had seen my work at an exhibition and told me they liked the red dress, blue and white porcelain, native flora and the enamelware I used. With the size restriction and the size of the red dress I felt this horizontal format would work best. TRANSFERRING THE DRAWING Starting with a drawing on paper gives you more control over the work. It is worth spending time getting the composition right before adding further complications with paint and colour. Once the drawing on the paper is right, I transfer it to the support, making sure it is positioned properly on the support. I transfer the drawing using tracing paper with charcoal on the back, which I then fix with spray fixative, dusting off any excess beforehand. With…

1 min.

• Linen Support – Claessons #13D/PR • Brushes – Rosemary & Co – 10 Long Flat SER 279 – 7 Long Flat SER 279 – 12 Ivory Long Flat – 10 SER 2025 Hog Bristle – 8 Eclipse Rigger – 7 SER 272 Round – 9 SER 272 Round • Solvent and Mediums – Gamblin Gamsol – Gamblin Galkyd Lite – Gamblin Neo Meglip • Paint – Old Holland – Scheveningen – Gamblin Rose Deep – Alizarin Crimson Permanent – Old Holland – Cadmium Red – Old Holland – Cadmium Yellow Orange – Winsor & Newton – Cadmium Yellow Deep – Old Holland – Cadmium Yellow Medium – Old Holland – Cadmium Yellow Light – Old Holland – English Red – Old Holland – Raw Sienna Light – Old Holland – Italian Brown-Pink Lake – Rembrandt – Viridian Green – Old Holland – French Ultramarine Light Extra…

1 min.
artist’s hints and tips

The Support How the painting will look when it is finished depends upon the support (that is, the linen, panel, paper, and so on) that it is painted on. The painting process starts with the support. It is worth spending the money on good pre-primed linen or spending the time to do your own grounds (priming). In this demonstration painting I have used Claessons #13D/PR which is a fine weave linen oil primed. The surface is quite smooth but has more tooth than a gessoed panel. The advantage of using a pre-primed linen is the convenience of being able to cut a piece to any size depending on the final composition. Within an hour of completing the drawing I can have it stretched up and ready to paint on. I do experiment…

5 min.
loving my life

I was born in Penrith, NSW, and moved to Queensland in 1991 when I was about four years old with my parents and two siblings. From a young age, I can remember being creative – making toys out of cardboard, writing and illustrating short stories to be read by my dad at bedtime, making my own drawing books, sewing and knitting with my mum, drawing pictures, painting and other activities. I always enjoyed art in primary school and was regularly complimented by my teachers and peers for various projects. It wasn’t until late primary school that I realised I enjoyed and had a talent for drawing. When I went to high school I continued to study and thoroughly enjoy art, until the end of year 12, achieving high grades each year.…

5 min.

Balu is a piece I was asked to do by a friend in Germany and was completed at a size of 14 x 11 inches. My friend sent me many photos via email, and I picked the one I thought was best, showing some personality and capturing the intensity of his eyes. Once the drawing was complete, I wrapped it up and posted it to Germany. It was a surprise for my friend, as she did not know that I had finished or which photo I had chosen. I printed the photo in black and white, and always had it next to me to refer to while I was drawing. I was always mindful to keep a blank, clean piece of paper under my right hand, trying to work from…