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Artist's Palette is the perfect magazine for the aspiring and accomplished artist alike. Provides insights on, as well as step-by-step demonstrations from, Australian and international artists. Featuring the latest in news, reviews and products from the art world as well as exhibition previews and reviews. Artist's Palette is sure to stimulate your artistic sense.

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transport art

Steve Leadenham is a Sydney-based artist specialising in transport subjects. He paints in oils and acrylics on canvas. He was brought up in Doncaster, South Yorkshire (England) and while attending the local grammar school was encouraged to undertake a number of short courses at Doncaster School of Art including life drawing and mixed media classes. Steve pursued a career in the rail transport industry in Yorkshire and London during the 1970s, finding time to produce the occasional painting. In 1980, he married and emigrated to Australia to continue his logistics career in the transport and electrical engineering industries. This artist maintains that he has always had the same basic interests. “I remember having my train paintings posted on the classroom wall in primary school,” he reflects. “I won a prize of Adrian Hill’s…

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the 381 bus to dover heights

This painting of a 1950s Sydney double decker bus climbing through the suburbs above Bondi was produced at the request of an enthusiast who sought the recreation of this scene from his childhood. A detailed colour photograph was provided but, for the purposes of the painting, the model of the vehicle had to be changed to one illustrated in a second photograph provided for that purpose. This demonstration provided a useful example of production of a painting for a critical audience; and the potential pitfalls that can be encountered. STEP ONE The reference photographs were provided as digital files, so to begin I prepared an A4 print of the main reference photograph and a grid five squares wide by four squares deep was applied in pencil. I selected a canvas panel of…

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patriotic painter

The son of a scrap metal and bottle dealer, I was born at Leichhardt, Sydney, in 1936. As a young man I was employed in various occupations including factory worker, salesperson and tram guard. Late in my teenage years, I hitch-hiked around parts of Australia including Victoria, South Australia and Queensland – working itinerantly in timber mills, on fishing boats, and in hotels as a barman. I joined the Army in 1958. I served for 17 years. I was involved in the Malayan Emergency from 1951 to 1961. I went to Vietnam in 1966, serving in the Infantry and Catering Corps. In 1984, I formed the Australian Vietnam Veterans Art Group in Sydney. Prior to this, I had taken up painting and exhibited at various venues around Sydney including ‘Art in the Gardens’, the…

1 min.

STEP ONE I apply a coating of White directly to the paper. Three-quarters of the way down, I blend in a small amount of Australian Ocean Blue with the side of the brush. I check the colour before painting a dark line at the base. STEP TWO I dip a knob of steel wool into the paint and dab in a treeline for the background. I paint in the background tree trunks with fine lines of White. I proceed through the foreground and background, creating rough shapes as I go, and using all the selected colours. STEP THREE Moving on to the trees, I use a long fine brush for the trunks and branches. Being careful not to overdo the number of trees, I work with a long thin brush and predominantly Black and White…

20 min.
back to school contributed

PROMOTE EFFICIENT LEARNING WITH HELP FROM MICADOR GROUP Micador Group offers a great range of quality art products to help students and art teachers to explore their craft with confidence. Roymac Rains™ is a collection of watercolours and paper for artists. Both complement each other to create an excellent watercolour set for students and teachers. Roymac Rains™ is the ideal choice to explore and develop the techniques of watercolours. A carefully selected range of premium watercolours is available in sets of 12 and 32. Incorporating colours to suit the rugged Australian landscape, the watercolours are made with the finest quality pigments that allow richness of colour going from dark to light; and vivid transparency. High quality binders keep the pigments moist and hold the colour well when diluted – also allowing for easy…

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never say never

Kate Frawley was born in Elmore, Victoria. In 1972, she moved to Melbourne to follow a working career with the Commonwealth Government. She had studied art throughout her schooling. After leaving school she continued with art as a hobby. In 1976, on a visit to Elmore to see her parents, Kate’s life changed forever. She was involved in a motor vehicle accident which rendered her a C3 quadriplegic – paralysed from the shoulders down. The accident also took the life of her partner. After almost 12 months of hospitalisation and rehabilitation, she returned to live with her parents in Elmore. Sadly in 1980, Kate’s mother lost her life to cancer. “It was always my mother’s dream that I should paint again,” she says. “With this in mind, being paralysed so severely, I had…