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Artist's Palette No 173

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Artist's Palette is the perfect magazine for the aspiring and accomplished artist alike. Provides insights on, as well as step-by-step demonstrations from, Australian and international artists. Featuring the latest in news, reviews and products from the art world as well as exhibition previews and reviews. Artist's Palette is sure to stimulate your artistic sense.

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simple and basic

I believe every painter can only be taught the basics. After that, we are on our own. Nature has all the answers, and will provide them to painters who ask the right questions. In the early eighties, Gloria Ransom and Allan Fizzell were instrumental in my own vital art training. They were both generous with their teaching and encouragement. Since then, my continuing lessons are from Nature herself. I am passionate about painting sunlight. All subjects are paintable if the light on them is right. The most ordinary subject, in great light, can become an extraordinary painting subject. My subject matter can be anything! Animals, figures, boats, still life, landscapes, seascapes, flowers … If we are to call ourselves painters, we should be passionate and excited about any subject. I work with oils mostly. I…

2 min.
early risers

STEP ONE The initial block in. Just the most basic lines. This is only to position them on the canvas. No details. Drawing will be adjusted and corrected as I move through the painting. Light Red and Ultramarine Blue in a thin line for the outline. STEP TWO Here I block in the darkest darks of the horses in shadow; and the cast shadows on the ground. By getting these important tones in first, I immediately set the lighting direction. Light Red and Ultramarine for the horses; Ultramarine, Golden Yellow and Light Red for the cast shadows. STEP THREE Now I cover the background area of mid tone, still keeping all edges soft and workable. Any drawing error can be adjusted easily when the edges are kept soft. Ultramarine Blue, Golden Yellow, tiny amount of Light Red…

1 min.
master hints and tips

• My method of working any painting, no matter what the subject, is to state the darkest darks first; work through the medium tones; and, when the board is covered and the tones can be judged correctly, then I ‘turn on the lightest lights’. It is a well used and reliable method of working that rarely lets the painter down. • My initial drawing of the subject is made up of the most basic lines only. I find it is better to keep the drawing soft, and adjust and correct in paint as I go along. • I like to complete a painting in one sitting and find that it is possible to keep working wet into wet if the brush is not dripping with medium. If the paint is applied very…

3 min.
workshop arts centre and ewart gallery

The Workshop Arts Centre is an independent not-for-profit art centre and workshop facility which was established in 1961 to promote and foster appreciation of the creative and visual arts. The Ewart Gallery, housed within the Workshop Arts Centre, was named to honour the founder Joy Ewart. The gallery, officially opened in 1996 by artist John Coburn, is a space where the work of emerging and established artists is exhibited. Through this gallery the Centre aims to encourage and stimulate interest in different art disciplines by promoting the work of local artists, as well as artistic groups and organised bodies in the wider community. The Workshop Arts Centre with its integral Ewart Gallery is located at 33 Laurel Street, Willoughby NSW 2068.Email admin@workshoparts.org.au – or telephone 02 9958 6540. The space reveals a fine…

4 min.
take your time

Bregje (Becky) Breedveld was born at Leiden in The Netherlands. These days she is a police officer in Donnybrook, Western Australia. She was a police officer in Holland for eight years. After reading about the international recruitment drive of the Western Australia Police, she applied successfully and moved to this country. She has been here since November 2006. As an artist, Becky is self taught. “I am learning by trying different techniques and I feel that with every painting I have done, I have learned something new,” she explains. “I love doing animals. It is a challenge to try and let the character show.” “As a young girl, I was always drawing horses,” she continues. “I moved to painting birds when I was a teenager, using watercolour paints. I stopped painting for a…

1 min.

• Canvas: 10 x 12 inches. • HB pencil. • AS No.1 Medium. • Mineral turpentine. • Background colours: Titanium White, Manganese Blue Hue. • Coat colours: Ivory Black, Payne’s Grey, Titanium White, Tasman Blue, Pilbara Red. • Eyes colours: Payne’s Grey, Vandyke Brown, Titanium White, Yellow Ochre, Venetian Red, Jaune Brilliant. • Nose colours: Ivory Black, Payne’s Grey, Titanium White, Tasman Blue. • Tongue colours: Titanium White, Pilbara Red, Payne’s Grey. • Brushes: Taklon Short Shader 5/8; Taklon Angular Shader 3/16; Mop 9mm; Taklon Angular Shader 1/8; Taklon Mini Liner 18/0.…