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Artist's Palette is the perfect magazine for the aspiring and accomplished artist alike. Provides insights on, as well as step-by-step demonstrations from, Australian and international artists. Featuring the latest in news, reviews and products from the art world as well as exhibition previews and reviews. Artist's Palette is sure to stimulate your artistic sense.

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inspiring people

Bloomfield in North Queensland is where I live. It is a long way from Birmingham in England where I was born. I grew up in Northern Ireland at a place called Carrickfergus – that was where my parents came from, and they returned there in 1958. I met my husband at Carrickfergus, and we had two children. We immigrated to Australia in 1972. Brisbane was too busy for Cecil and I, so we moved to Gove in Arnhem Land; and after a few years we decided to go to Perth. We next moved to Telfer in the Great Sandy Desert. Eventually we came back to Queensland, and moved around to find available work. We settled in Bloomfield 20 years ago. It is a beautiful spot, minutes from Weary Bay Beach with World…

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MATERIALS • Micador Clean Slate Canvas Board (pure cotton) – triple gesso primed.• Colours: Process Magenta, Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Yellow; Chroma Forest Green, White, Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt; Atelier Quinacridone Magenta,• Palette Sap Green knife , Paynes . Grey.• Toothbrush.• Number 11 flat Roymac brush and Number 6 flat Roymac Series 956 Taklon. Usually, I will gesso my canvases even if they come pre-gessoed. This time however I just drew the outline with a blue watercolour pencil straight onto the board. STEP ONE I mixed White, Forest Green and a little Sap Green together to block in the leaves – varying the intensity for each one. STEP TWO I went around the edges with Forest Green. STEP THREE Next, I added various colours to the backgrounds and used Magenta along the seams of the leaves. STEP FOUR The palette knife was…

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profound gift

My home is in the community of Bogan Gate, where I work as a ‘Postie’ delivering mail to the town and surrounding farms. I was born in nearby Parkes. I have had no formal training in art, although it was one of my subjects at high school. I love the beauty of Nature, and I love birds and animals. I love to paint and draw these things. At primary school, I really enjoyed art class … where we were told to choose a picture book, and copy a picture and paint it. My teacher was impressed with my pictures, which led me to think I might be able to draw. It was also a lot of fun to create the pictures. I used to draw cartoons of the cricketers of the eighties. I went…

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MATERIALS • Artists’ canvas.• Winsor & Newton oil colours, including: Titanium White, Carbon Black, Burnt Sienna, Naples Yellow Hue, Yellow Ochre and Dioxazine Purple.• Various quality brushes – preferably Sable – ranging from broad to very fine. STEP ONE This is a portrait of a horse’s head. Portraits are more personal and show off the horse’s features beautifully. I like to choose a suitable subject from my reference books. I started by using purple and a small splash of white on the canvas, working the colour outwards with a broad brush. I applied black from the outer edges and blended softly. This created a soft ‘background lighting’ effect. I chose the dark colours to contrast with the light gold colour of the horse. STEP TWO When the background paint was dry, I drew the outline and…

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master hints and tips

• The more I look at a painting, the more I will search for mistakes. I usually go away and have a cup of tea if something is not right, and by the time I return it will either look better or I will see a way to correct it. It is easy to overwork and mess up a painting, however, if I continually pick at it. • Portraits can be difficult. It is important for the draft to be as close as possible to the correct shape and proportion. • With oil painting, the texture of the paint can be smoothed and blended with brushes; with fingers; or (gently) with a soft cloth. • If you make a mistake, try not to scrape too much paint off with a razor blade. If…

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sketching and painting in paradise

MATERIALS • Colours used: Cadmium Lemon; Permanent Rose; French Ultramarine; Sepia. Vanua Levu, one of the outer islands of Fiji, promises all the recognised hallmarks of an island escape … and much more. For the past three years, Leonie Norton has been taking two botanical painting groups and a holiday sketching group each year to Daku Resort – a small privately owned resort situated on the waterfront near the town of Savusavu. Modern bures offer comfortable accommodation, with the added bonus of being lulled to sleep in the evenings by the rhythmic lapping of water on the sand. Leonie is a highly sought after international artist and tutor. She is a prominent professional botanical artist who balances fine botanical art with her spontaneous pen and wash sketches. STEP ONE Over a very light line drawing, apply a light…