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come in & check out our new showroom

Turramurra Music is Sydney’s leading professional audio equipment destination. Our recently renovated live sound PA showroom features a wide range of mixing consoles, from compact analogue and digital rack mixers, through to large format digital consoles from leading manufacturers including Allen & Heath, Midas, PreSonus, Yamaha and more. Plus, we have just been appointed as one of Australia’s only official DigiCo dealers. We have Sydney’s largest range of consoles available for hands on demo in store, along with 40+ individual PA speakers – and that’s just our live sound area. Our dedicated PA specialist staff can support you with any enquiry large or small, from upgrading your mixer, speakers or mics to complete system design and installation. We also provide mixer training for individuals and groups, and have dedicated education…

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ed space

Here’s a question I recently asked myself: Do kids drink water straight from a garden hose anymore? I don’t think they do. For whatever reason, slurping straight from the hose occupies a disproportionately large chunk of my childhood summer recollections. It, in part, defines my idea of refreshment — opportunistic, unlimited, messy, and al fresco. These days, it’s a form of child abuse to send a kiddywink packing without bottled water. What’s more, packaged water remains a big deal despite all its obvious obscenities. (Nothing better than to witness another preachy UN committee outlining the latest global disaster scenario with each delegate nursing a single-use water bottle.) Packaged water has become one of the most peculiar status symbols in all history. To have spent $10 on a bottle of water, apparently, means you…

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what’s on

STUDIOS 52 / EMPIRE MUSIC STUDIOS After 33 years, Studio 52 at Johnston St Collingwood has closed and moved to newer, bigger and much greater facilities in Heidelberg, between Northland shopping centre and Latrobe Uni. For over a year the new Empire Music Studios have been built while Collingwood was running out of time, due for demolition to make way for ever more apartments. The first stage of Empire Music Studios opened in November: Studio 1, the new home of producer/engineer, Trevor Carter, along with Production Suite 1, an art and photography suite, event space, along with brand new bathrooms and kitchen. Now Studio 2 is complete. It is one of Melbourne’s largest recording spaces (~150sqm). The studio houses an amazing Yamaha C7 grand piano which has been completely refurbished —…

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INTO INTERFACES? SSL continues to peddle its analogue wares to the masses, this year going beyond the SiX and its true SSL “sound in a shoebox” approach and doing something even more accessible: the SSL 2 & 2+. Both are USB bus-powered, desktop audio interfaces with a distinctive look and feel, offering SSL mic preamps and legacy 4K analogue enhancement mode on each inspired by 4000 Series consoles. The 2-in/2-out SSL 2 packs two pres together with 24-bit/192k conversion, a single high-grade headphone output, easy-to-use monitor mix control for low-latency monitoring, and balanced monitor outputs. The 2+ adds onto that MIDI I/O, a second headphone out with its own send, and unbalanced outputs for DJs. Will they compete or SSLip to the wayside? Apogee brings its top-notch conversion into a desktop format…

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live news

LIVE d&b‘s new KSL-SUB and KSL-GSUB operate with two forward-facing 15-inch drivers and a single, rear-facing 15-inch driver. The sleek sub weighs in at 82kg, measures 1 x 0.90 x 0.45m, and boasts an output of 139dB when driven by d&b D80 amplifiers. A new KSL-SUB adapter frame allows the KSL-SUB to be hung mounted above KSL top boxes in a flown line array. The KSL-GSUB has a more streamlined form without the standard rigging hardware of the KSL-SUB. Its 45cm height allows for under-stage positioning. The dBTechnologies VIO C Series is a flexible two-way active line source designed for ease of rigging and diversity of coverage options. The C12 and C15 are single woofer designs (12- and 15-inch), and the C212 features two 12-inch woofers. The whole series is equipped with…

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recording news

NAMM STUDIO LUNA is Universal Audio’s surprising new DAW outing. It transforms UA’s interfaces into fully integrated production systems, using its integrated DSP to create an analogue-style (Mac only) DAW centred around latency-free processing. LUNA offers precisely emulated audio summing circuitry from the Neve 80-Series mixing consoles. Neve Summing is a LUNA Extension directly built into LUNA’s mixer, adding instant colour. Other Extensions include a Studer A800 Multitrack Tape. LUNA also sees UA’s first foray into software instruments (Minimoog, Steinway Model B and other instruments included). Available free for Apollo and Arrow Thunderbolt owners. Moog has released its Sub Phatty successor — the Subsequent 25. Subsequent 25 has upgraded from Sub Phatty with the implementation of wood side pieces, twice the headroom for access to a new range of tones in mono…