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@jack_rix You know that bit in the original, animated Jungle Book at the monkey temple when Baloo the bear catches the beat and can’t help himself putting on a grass skirt, a coconut snout and getting involved? Something like that is happening to me, and I need to talk. My name is Jack and I’m getting deeply into electric cars, I mean they’re fascinating me in ways most petrol and diesel cars don’t anymore and I feel bad. It’s like I’m moving on before the divorce is even finalised. Don’t get me wrong, I love a properly fizzy petrol engine, always have, always will – nothing electric is coming close to matching the adrenalin spike of many cylinders at full chat anytime soon. But something has switched in my head, a clarity…

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everyone’s talking about citroen’s gone big

“When we showed it to people in clinics, the best compliment we got was when they said they didn’t know what it is,” says Citroen’s design director Pierre Leclerc, talking about his new big car, the C5X. That’s not what you expect to hear from a car designer. They’re usually aiming for clarity. He doesn’t mean it’s not clearly a Citroen. He means it’s not a car that can be boxed into the usual categories of saloon, estate or crossover. While most of the world continues to flock to crossovers, Citroen thinks – hopes – that some people are already just a bit over them. They don’t want the bulk, the weight, the fuel consumption. But on the other hand they do want a slice of a crossover’s height and carrying versatility. They…

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coffee break

Louis Theroux: Shooting Joe Exotic, BBC iPlayer A decade on from when Louis first met the Tiger King, he explores his unseen footage to further the turbulent story that has conveniently bookended our lockdowns Traffic light preparation Get prepped and C-19 safe, ready to take a far flung roadtrip/holiday that isn’t to your garage or local supermarket. Have jab, may travel… TopGear magazine fix You can download the latest edition and back issues direct to your phone or tablet from the App Store. Because when life gives you lemons… settle in and read TG On Design A must-listen if you are creative, or love any aspect of design. Season five is available from wherever you listen to your podcasts Headspace Guide to Sleep, Netflix The might of Netflix and Headspace have combined to give us an episodic guide to…

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mercedes-maybach ultimate luxury

Case for the defence: it was a concept car! Concept cars aren’t meant to be taken seriously! Concept cars are about pushing boundaries, about dipping toes in water, about running mad ideas up flagpoles to see who salutes and who starts making quiet retching noises while weeping gently to themselves. Yes, as any racing driver will attest, you must go beyond the limit to learn where the limit is. So discovering that the sight of a five metre long, 740bhp limo-cum-whoopee-cushion causes mild panic attacks in most right-thinking humans, well, that’s valuable consumer research right there for Mercedes. Case for the prosecution: it was a concept car! Concept cars are a chance to explore just how exciting, how glorious the automotive form can be when not stymied by the practicalities of production…

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back to basics

Welcome to the new Toyota GR 86. Yes, GR 86. Not GT86. That’s not a typo either. That keyboard slip and smash of the space bar brings the friendlier looking 86 in line with Toyota’s other Gazoo Racing (GR) brethren; hopping on the back of the performance-oriented conga behind the GR Supra and GR Yaris. But this new 86 is very much a successor in all but name to the driverfocused, RWD sports car we crowned TopGear’s Car of The Year in 2012. Once again, it’s done in collaboration with Subaru, using the same chassis and engine as the new BRZ. However, this time we won’t be able to buy the BRZ in Europe – so it’s GR 86 or nothing. Huge props to Akio Toyoda for giving this the green light right…

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lando & danny’s f1 diary

LN: This was an incredible day. My favourite car launch yet. DR: Yep, the fan wall was awesome. Damn, papaya looks good on me too. DR: Webex and party shirts, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. Wondering what I’ve got on my bottom half? A man has to have some secrets… LN: All smiles before lights out in Bahrain. They always want photos of me wearing my balaclava, I’m not sure why. DR: Managed to shimmy in there… just. It was a little tight, my chunky hips gave the crew some work to do in reshaping the seat, but it felt good. LN: For anyone who’s wondered how I keep my head up through those high-g corners, this is how the magic happens. DR: Literally my face, every time, when I see BBQ ribs and…