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@jack_rix Retro is like spilled couscous these days, it’s flippin’ everywhere. Retro sweets, retro clothes, retro dogs, retro Netflix shows, retro burgers, retro furniture… and endless retro cars. From on the nose modern reimaginations like the Countach LPI 800-4 and Fiat 500, to more subtle DNA extractions like the new Ford Bronco (via the boom in restomods that take an old car as a starting point, and bend the rules from there), we can’t get enough of four-wheeled stuff dunked in nostalgia and rolled in rose-tinted glitter. So what is it about retro, whether heavily smothered or sparingly applied, that’s so universally appealing? We all like to think we’re shrewd operators, capable of analysing a car’s future depreciation trajectory, usefulness in any given situation and real world running costs to the tenth…

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ghosn’s great escape

For 20 years Carlos Ghosn, CEO of the Renault Nissan Alliance, ruled the car universe. And he was famous. In Japan his face adorned bento boxes and Manga comics. A poll even revealed that most Japanese woman saw him as the perfect father of their children. He had homes in Paris, Amsterdam, Rio, Lebanon and Tokyo and had a compensation of 13 million euros a year. And then it went wrong. In the most spectacular way possible. Arrested on charges of financial impropriety, he spent 13 months in and out of Kosuge, one of Japan’s most infamous prisons. And then his story took the weirdest of turns as he skipped bail, escaping in the most audacious way. From global car superstar, he’s now the world’s most famous fugitive. It all started in…

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coffee break

What we’re watching/listening/doing, while we should be working Pig, in cinemas 20 August Nicholas Cage’s new movie about, yup, you guessed it, a pig, sounds like it’ll be full of hammy acting (arf) but actually promises to be a crack[ling]er (arf arf) International Dog Day, 26 August TG loves dogs almost as much as it loves cars. Have a Bonio with us on this special day TopGear magazine fix You can download the latest edition and back issues direct to your phone or tablet from the App Store. Because when life gives you lemons… settle in and read TG Mare of Easttown, Sky Utterly brilliant crime drama starring Kate Winslet. A small-town detective investigates a murder as her personal life is already sinking faster than the Titanic. Winslet’s Mare is HARD AS NAILS! New music alert Lapping up the indie…

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perodua kenari

There’s nothing wrong with cheap, unpretentious urban transportation. And, give 2000’s Perodua Kenari its due, it was nothing if not very cheap and very unpretentious. Based on the Daihatsu Move kei car, the Kenari was, for its size, quite practical, on account of boasting the precise proportions, and indeed dimensions, of an actual shoebox. It wouldn’t cost you much in fuel, not least because all your family and friends would politely turn down the offer of a lift. And you didn’t need to worry about a big repair bill in the event of a shunt, mostly because it was impossible to tell which bits had actually been damaged. All good, then. The only teeny, tiny issue was… oh dear Lord would you just look at it. Wearing an expression that said “I know,…

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i am legend

“In a world that has become increasingly more digital, we were yearning for a time machine that could transport us back to the analogue Eighties.” The words of Legende Automobiles as it unveils this, the Turbo 3. It’s a reborn Renault 5 Turbo, and although just a render for now, it may be one of the most cohesive reinventions yet. It’s designed to reverse some of the cost-cutting measures Renault made for the second-gen Turbo 2, which brought it closer to the price bracket Renaults would usually inhabit. With the blank-cheque culture of restomodding, though, the 5 can be ramped right back up to the max once more. The source of the turbocharged engine is as yet unspecified, but we’re told it makes 400bhp. The suspension matches that of a 5 Maxi rally…

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lando & danny’s f1 diary

LN: Having a full crowd of fans at my home race was awesome. We’ve missed them so much, it was so good to have them back cheering us on. When I got off stage I was still shaking. LN: P3 in Austria, almost exactly a year after my first podium at the same track. There’s something about this circuit that I love. It’s so fast and flowing. LN: Can’t remember what Jose said but clearly I found it hilarious. These moments help take the pressure off. DR: There’s always that one guy that has to park right next to you in an empty car park. Throwback to an incredibly hot Silverstone, turns out the UK does get nice weather, occasionally! DR: As a kid, I’d have done anything to stand next to this car,…