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Before & After focuses on remodeling projects for every room of the house. Whether you’re tackling one room at a time or a whole-house renovation, Before & After has inspiring images, product advice, and helpful projects and tips to get you started on your own home transformation.

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from the   editor

TRULY SATISFYING MAKEOVER STORIES answer two questions: What made you fall in love with your home—and what would it take to fall in love again? For me, Sarah Callahan and Jason Chalmers’ commitment to their suburban Colonial (“Carefully Curated,” page 66) is more inspiring than any house-flipping drama on cable television. Others would have given up on the bad 1980s reno, but they dug in, reassigned functions to rooms, and layered on style and color until they rediscovered their beloved home. Whether your next project is a weekend update (“10 Easy Projects to Refresh Your Home,” page 6) or a major remodel (“Making Space,” page 76), you’re sure to find inspiration and solutions in these pages to live your own love story. Editor, Before & After™…

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oh!   what a change

BEFORE Plumbing fixtures and mechanical components were the only things adorning the cement walls in the basement of Seri Kertzner’s Long Island, New York, home, until interior designer Lisa Hershman transformed the unused space into a chic hangout for the whole family. AFTER The space is now hardworking, equipped to handle both cozy family movie nights and raucous birthday parties. A half-wall divides a casual gathering area from a kitchenette and dining/crafting area. Chalkboard paint on one side gives budding artists a place to doodle. Ending the half-wall with a floor-to-ceiling column creates a seamless solution for disguising a support beam. On the floor, porcelain tiles are durable and easy to clean. They’re also a great choice for below-grade flooring in case of flooding. Along the TV wall, sleek white cabinets offer an abundance…

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10   easy projects to   refresh   your home

DESIGN TIP Use a nail gun to ease installation. Lay out the boards on the floor in the desired pattern. Number them (on the backs) from top to bottom so you know what piece comes next, even if the pieces get jumbled. ► Get the step-by-step how to for building the shelves at BHG.com/PingPongShelves. 1. REIMAGINE PLAYFUL PORCH MAKEOVER Transform a drab back porch into a multipurpose area with dining and recreational space for entertaining. A fresh coat of white paint on the cement block walls and ceiling brightens the room, while dark navy-black paint on the concrete floor is forgiving of spills and heavy foot traffic. Use wood fence slats to create an eye-catching accent wall. To make the chevron shape, block out the design with painters tape and cut the boards with a miter…

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kitchen & bath   trends

DESIGN TIP “Barn doors are functional where there is no room for traditional doors to swing. They add an architectural element and help fill a vast area of wall space. You can tailor your barn door to the style of your space,” says designer Kim Scodro of Kim Scodro Interiors, Chicago. SLIDING BARN DOORS Reclaimed barn doors in the dining area of artist and designer Carol Schalla’s Wisconsin abode carry out the home’s barn-inspired style. The doors conceal her serving and entertaining items. DESIGN TIP “When doing a kitchen makeover, decide on a budget and be sure to work with a Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) who can help eliminate costly mistakes. It’s much less expensive to do it right the first time around,” says Elle H-Millard, CKD, of the National Kitchen & Bath Association. BLENDED STYLE Transitional…

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nice   moves

Despite the house’s lackluster appearance, it had exactly what is needed for a successful flip: location. The Heights is one of Houston’s most desirable neighborhoods, and when real estate investor Joe Flanigan and his wife, Marie—an architect-turned-interior designer—turned their astute eyes to this corner property, they knew the 1921 bungalow’s value. They made a plan to remodel it to suit a modern family while preserving its historic character. Along the way—surprise!—that family turned out to be theirs. “We’d been trying for a while to start a family and never expected it to happen while we were working on this house,” Marie says. Joe was midway through helping his dad lay the bricks to support new porch columns when Marie recognized that they had a personal, not just professional, investment in the…

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diamond   in the rough

DESIGN T IP Break up a soaring living space into multiple seating areas to make it feel cozier and provide lots of places to lounge and gather. Designer Amy Vermillion and a longtime client were house shopping when they visited the lone contemporary home in the highly desirable Foxcroft neighborhood in central Charlotte. One thing about the house was immediately clear: It hadn’t been updated since it was built—in 1982. “I walked in and, Holy Moses,” Vermillion says. “It was like time stopped.” We’re talking a tiny bathroom tucked in the corner of the laundry room. Sliding glass patio doors behind the kitchen cabinets. Pink carpet (!) in both the kitchen and the bathroom. And a water leak under one toilet that had nearly rotted through the subfloor. It was enough to send…