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Before & After focuses on remodeling projects for every room of the house. Whether you’re tackling one room at a time or a whole-house renovation, Before & After has inspiring images, product advice, and helpful projects and tips to get you started on your own home transformation.

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from the editor

GOING TO THE NEXT LEVEL Many of my favorite makeover moments happen when remodeling projects shift from updates to upgrades. For example, I love the way Anisa Darnell’s passion for modern farmhouse style led her to replace a load-bearing wall with reclaimed barn beams (“In with the Old,” page 66) and how Daniel Keeley went beyond replacing the tub and instead opted for a mini wet room (“Small Wonder,” page 42). While these projects are certainly splurges, they’re perfectly scaled to their locations and prove that any size home can become a haven when you give it the right attention and apply ingenuity.…

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wow what a change

BEFORE It wasn’t much to look at when designer Amanda Sandberg of On Holiday Design first toured this 1960s postand- beam beach bungalow in Newport Beach, California. “It was a dog of a place,” she says. The rooms were dark and closed off , and nothing had been updated in 50 years. Yet Sandberg knew she could turn that dog into a dream vacation home for her clients, a family of four. AFTER Sandberg gutted most of the existing structure, salvaging the oak-beam ceiling. She gave it, the walls, and the new built-in cabinetry a coat of high-gloss white paint, and she stuck to a simple, cheerful color palette throughout the house to create a bright look. “I like using just a few key pops of color,” she says. “If we…

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projects to try this weekend

HOW TO: PAINT WOOD FURNITURE Use these steps to get a fresh painted finish on any piece of wood furniture. We used this technique to make over an old two-drawer filing cabinet as a petite end table. Step 1: Remove all hardware, fill holes with wood filler, and lightly sand all surfaces that will be painted. Add furniture feet, if desired. Step 2: Apply a stain-blocking primer to prevent the previous finish from showing through the new paint. Let the primer dry. Step 3:Apply paint; let dry. Apply a coat of polyurethane. Finish with new hardware SKILL LEVEL: EASY MAKE OVER THE FRONT DOOR Changing the look of the front door gives your whole house new personality. Start by removing the old hardware, sanding the door, and repainting it. This watery-blue finish establishes a calm, casual feel.…

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seven spots for storage

1 IN THE LAUNDRY ROOM Take advantage of the empty space above your washer and dryer for a storage-packed laundry center. An inexpensive piece of laminate countertop above the washer and dryer off ers a place to fold clothing. Shelves installed directly on the counter hold supplies. Higher shelves neatly stash utility items, such as batteries, lightbulbs, and masking tape, which often get relegated to junk drawers. Use a tension rod to hang items to dry. 2 AROUND THE FRIDGE Incorporating built-ins on all sides of the refrigerator makes for a one-wall storage and organizing powerhouse. On one side of the refrigerator, create a vertical filing system to hold mail, catalogs, and important papers. Add a corkboard, dryerase board, or calendar to post reminders. Tall, skinny pantry storage spaces are disguised as decorative columns on…

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just right

“We need more space!” This common refrain is usually followed by “Do we stay or move?” Such was the case for the Picado family in Nashville. Zan and her husband, Phillip, purchased their 2,311-square-foot Cape Cod-style charmer before starting a family. A few years, three children, and a new puppy later, says Zan, “We liked our lifestyle and we didn’t want to move, but we were on top of each other.” To help them add the space they craved, the couple enlisted home designer Shelly R. Carder of Carder Design Guild. “We needed a place for the kids to hang out, an open flow for entertaining, and more bathrooms,” Zan says. A key concern for both Carder and the Picados was getting the extra room they wanted without overblowing the scale…

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colorful combination

Architect Lewin Wertheimer had a familiar feeling when he walked into a neglected California cottage. “My home was built in the early 1900s, too,” he says, “so I recognized so many of the details and the layout.” Houses of this particular vintage meld Victorian and Craftsman aesthetics so appealing that clients have asked the architect to design brand-new houses to look and live like these older ones. “These houses are a hybrid style,” Wertheimer says. “It allows for a lot of interpretation, and they lend themselves to a relaxed life and environment.” To transport this house back to its heyday and erase some remodeling indignities of the intervening years, the architect reconfigured the first floor, removing walls, enclosing a rear porch, and scooting a full bathroom out of the kitchen (awkward!)…