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Better Homes and Gardens February 2021

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tiny bulbs

Right about when things get sloppy due to melting snow, these come-back flowers cheer us. They’re 4–6 inches tall with a few exceptions. SIBERIAN SQUILL Evoke spring’s blue skies and puffy white clouds. STRIPED SQUILL Luxuriously ruffled flowers. CROCUS Bees love the silky, goblet-shape blooms. WINTER ACONITE One cold morning a 3-inch-tall carpet of yellow awaits you. GRAPE HYACINTH The dozens of varieties are named for their dense clusters of flowers. SNOWDROP Flowers dangle like charms on 6- to 8-inch-tall stems, depending on the variety. ROCK GARDEN IRIS The littlest iris. GRECIAN WINDFLOWER Daisy-like flowers all but hide the leaves. GLORY-OF-THE-SNOW Star-shape flowers range from pale pink to blue. [PLANTING TIP] More Is Merrier MANY TINY BULBS MULTIPLY IN THE GROUND OR SPREAD BY SEED OVER THE YEARS. Although all of these tiny early bloomers are often referred to as bulbs, that’s a misnomer for some. Crocus are, in fact, corms. Winter…

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EGGS 10 WAYS Grab a dozen and hit the kitchen. We show you everything you need to know to master eggs over easy, poached, hard-boiled, or otherwise. Plus, check out recipes for protein-packed omelets, breakfast sandwiches, and egg salad. Easy Sewing Projects Use hibernation season to your advantage and improve on (or pick up) sewing skills. These 46 projects walk you through basic techniques and stylish projects like visible mending (right), pillows, and bags. [EXCLUSIVE DEAL] 15% Off Air Purifier “Between COVID-19 and seasonal allergies, I’ve been on the hunt for a powerful air purifier that’s also good-looking. I jumped on this one as soon as I saw it. I love the color options (it comes in blush or sage green too), at-a-glance air-quality indicator, and three-stage HEPA filtration system.” —LAUREN BENGTSON, home editor Click…

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new year, new garden

UPROOTED By Page Dickey In this deeply personal book, garden designer Page Dickey explores what it means to leave one home and its beloved garden after several decades to put down new roots. Follow her journey as she creates a garden on 17 acres in Connecticut, taking a lower-maintenance approach to landscaping and letting some of her property run wild. $28; WINDCLIFF By Daniel J. Hinkley Reading this story about Daniel Hinkley’s Pacific Northwest garden is like talking with a witty friend who happens to be one of the world’s foremost plant collectors. Dreamy images by Claire Takacs fill the book. $35; NEW NATURALISM By Kelly D. Norris The director of horticulture at the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden makes a compelling case (with lots of tips) for letting plants lead the way and creating a…

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community builders

Malene Barnett Founder of Black Artists & Designers Guild Malene’s plate is full. When she isn’t traveling between her Caribbean-inspired home in New York City and Temple University in Philadelphia, where she’s completing an MFA in ceramics, she’s exploring the future of dwellings for Black families through Obsidian, a first-of-its-kind concept house slated to open its doors virtually on January 18. The project is seminal for the Black Artists & Designers Guild, the nonprofit she founded with an unapologetic mission of carving out space for Black design talent. “The guild is not about: How are we going to show up in your space? My point was: We don’t need your space to show up. That’s why we created our own,” she says. Two years into the mission, the guild has propelled its members’…

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great bowls of flavor

Ramen Noodle Salad Want to indulge in a bowl of noodles but think you should stick to a salad? What you’re after is a noodle salad, emphasis on salad. Kevin doubles up on veggies and limits the noodles (chickpea or wheat for their health and nutty flavors) to half of a suggested serving size. Take your pick of dressings to finish the salad, a soy-ginger vinaigrette or spicy peanut sauce (made with powdered peanut butter to cut the fat). Tahini, Grain & Veggie Bowl If grain bowls are a mainstay of your menu plan, take a hint from Kevin and play with the components to stave off boredom. “Sometimes I have to remind myself there are other nutritious and wonderful whole grains out there,” he says. For example, in place of his default…

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dialing down inflammation

Call it a complicated relationship. On the one hand, inflammation is good; in many instances, it serves as protection. “Inflammation is one of the body’s ways of healing itself,” says David Rakel, M.D., professor and chair of the department of family and community medicine at The University of New Mexico. When you accidentally slice your thumb while chopping veggies, for instance, your body kicks off an inflammatory process that directs white blood cells to the injury to fight bacteria and start tissue repair. On the other hand, when we’re chronically stressed, don’t sleep well, and eat processed foods high in fat and sugar, our bodies also have an inflammatory response. But unlike a cut, these lifestyle factors can occur day after day, month after month, year after year, stoking the process…