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Better Homes and Gardens May 2021

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dara caponigro

As a former editor for home decor magazines and the current creative director of Schumacher, the iconic fabric and wallcovering company, Dara has spent her career immersed in decorating. She shares her insights on timeless style. Style Definer Dara’s book S Is for Style: The Schumacher Book of Decoration ($65; showcases inspiring pattern-filled interiors and explores 16 distinct decorating personalities. Learn the key ingredients to styles with chapters on “Ladylike,” “Trad with a Twist,” “Opulent,” and “Boho.” “There are so many nuances to taste and style, and no pressure to decorate any one way.” I Can’t Work Without… “Before I jump into a new project, I need to clear my desk. It helps me stay focused. I know it’s old-fashioned, but I still love paper—most of the creative people I know do. I…

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editor’s letter

MISSED connections Humans by nature love to interact with each other. We are (mostly) a sociable species—though sometimes I admittedly need to allow myself space to be a cranky hermit. I’ve written several editor’s letters over this past pandemic year identifying the difficulties we’ve all faced, and isolation was probably at the top of the list. That’s why for our 10th annual Stylemaker issue we wanted to celebrate the theme of Creative Connections. Stylemakers, the network of people once known as bloggers and now as influencers, are an important part of the BH&G family and brand. They come from many walks of life and backgrounds. Some specialize in home decor, others in gardening or food. Some focus on parenting issues or wellness and beauty. What unites them is creativity. In conjunction with our…

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shining a light on women’s health

IMADÉ NIBOKUM IMPACT Created Depressed While Black, an online community turned nonprofit that donates Black-affirming personal care items to psychiatric patients and helps people find Black therapists. Nibokum used to think depression was a “White person’s disease.” She says, “My mom raised us to believe that Black people are strong; we don’t get depression. And prayer is how we cope—not therapy or medication.” Then, in graduate school she had symptoms of severe depression and borderline personality disorder, with multiple suicide attempts. A therapist eventually helped her get better. This inspired her to create Depressed While Black, an online community and blog to share experiences through the Black lens and show that, yes, Black people can get depressed and deserve care, and connect them to Black mental health professionals. DWB is also a nonprofit…

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creative chemistry

The lush hillside garden at Ellen Marie Bennett and Casey Caplowe’s Los Angeles home is the direct result of a few minor catastrophes. “There was a wall that collapsed after a heavy rain. Oliver, our 200-pound pet pig, ate all of the plants on three separate occasions,” says Ellen, the founder and chief executive officer of Hedley & Bennett, an apron and kitchen-wear company. “Today, you see this epic garden. But it has had its challenges,” she says. “It has been an evolution. That’s part of the fun.” Collaborating on the house and garden—and rolling with the punches as they come—has been a running thread in the couple’s relationship. Casey was in the early stages of designing the house when he met Ellen seven years ago; before long they were swapping…

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editor’s choice

Moving doesn’t faze Michelle Adams. For most of her life, the creative consultant and founder of design website The Maryn moved every year or two, until she left New York for Michigan with the idea of finally putting down roots in an ornate 1800s Victorian. The settling in lasted only five years before she started getting the itch for a new project. “I was craving a design challenge, a newer home with cleaner lines and more open space,” she says. “Oh, and something with even floors.” Enter this 1950s one-story in Ann Arbor. There was nothing overly exciting about it, but it had what Michelle describes as good energy and, she adds, “the fact that it wasn’t an architectural gem gave me the freedom to make it what I wanted.” As she…

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kitchen kismet

HE BROUGHT THE PASSION; SHE HAD THE SKILLS. TOGETHER ACTOR JESSE TYLER FERGUSON AND CHEF JULIE TANOUS COOKED UP A DELICIOUS BLOG, SERVED THEIR FIRST COOKBOOK, AND BECAME BETTER FRIENDS IN THE PROCESS. IF THERE’S A PLATONIC EQUIVALENT OF LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Julie Tanous experienced it when they met in 2015 at a Los Angeles dinner that neither had particularly wanted to attend. By evening’s end, the pair—who’d chosen seats at the same table because it was closest to the exit—had not only discovered that they share a kooky sense of humor, a lifelong interest in musical theater, and a deep love of food, they’d also hatched a plan to write a cookbook together. When Jesse, best known for his role in the hit Modern Family,…