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counting to zero

It’s a Lifestyle. Bea Johnson puts a glass jar for her cheese on the deli counter, avoiding eye contact as she orders. “The key is to act like this is perfectly normal and you’ve been doing this your whole life,” she says. A pioneer of the zero-waste lifestyle devoted to preventing trash, Bea consistently grocery-shops with a kit of reusables: glass jars for wet foods, cloth bags for bulk items, and totes for produce. The occasional produce sticker goes into her family’s yearly household “trash bin”—a quart jar that wows in contrast to the 4.4 pounds of garbage tossed on average by an individual American every single day. But it wasn’t always so. Find Your Starting Point. For Bea, the journey from a 3,000-square-foot suburban San Francisco home with all the trappings and “a mountain…

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material matters

“A fully sustainable kitchen might not be for everyone, but it’s better that all of us try to be sustainable and do it imperfectly than just a few of us doing it perfectly.”designer Laura Hodges “If you use dark surfaces, you have to use more supplemental lighting. If you think about Scandinavian design, everything’s always light and bright because it’s dark so much of the year in those countries.”Laura Hodges ECO-FRIENDLY KITCHEN 7 ideas from interior designer Laura Hodges: Made from recycled materials, Silestone’s ECO line is the go-to kitchen counter surface for Hodges. “Not only is it a sustainable product, but they have a good in-house process that minimizes water usage in making the product,” she says. ECO, made from 50-percent-recycled mirror glass, porcelain, earthenware, and vitrified ash, repurposes 94 percent of…

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make a difference

FASHION Choose less, but choose well. Consider clothing made from renewable fibers including wool, linen, organic cotton, silk, and hemp. At the very least, don’t buy into fast fashion that pushes cheap clothes at great expense to the planet or nonbiodegradable synthetics like polyesters and nylon that are literally made from coal and crude oil. “We’re preconditioned to wash clothes after every wear, which wastes a lot of water and energy,” says Elizabeth Cline, author of The Conscious Closet. “The easiest sustainable thing you can do is wash as needed, not just because you threw it on a pile on the floor and now it’s wrinkled.” You can always spot-clean between washes. Skip the energy-sucking tumble dryer if you have the time and space to gently air-dry instead. Line-dried clothes…

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what is sustainability, anyway?

Sustainable Living. We know we should do it. But it seems like such a big, intimidating thing. What exactly is sustainable living, anyway? Well, first, here’s what it’s not. It’s not about spending big bucks on green products. Sometimes it’s not about spending money at all. It’s not about recycling more. And it’s not about honing Little House on the Prairie butter-churning and sock-darning skills—unless, of course, you want to. Living green looks a little different to everyone, but simply put, it’s mindfully choosing everyday actions to better care for others and the Earth, ensuring that future generations will have a healthy planet to live on too. The good news is that you don’t need to green your life all at once. The key is to start with an awareness, then choose…

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rest assured

Most of us spend a third of our lives in bed, which should be reason enough to give our bedrooms a little extra sustainable love. But if you need more convincing, here goes: Not paying attention to the materials and furnishings in this room is a bit like cuddling up with chemicals night after night. Fortunately, you can change that without losing any sleep. “Whenever I’m designing a bedroom, the first thing that comes to mind is air quality,” says Jennifer Jones, principal designer of San Francisco-based Niche Interiors, a firm focused on sustainability. Maryland-based designer Laura Hodges of Laura Hodges Studio agrees, adding that eco-friendly design isn’t just about the health of the environment—it’s about your wellness too. And that’s especially important in the bedroom. So Where to Start? “Honestly, our beds…

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growing green

1 PLANT A TREE These magnificent natural air purifiers take in harmful gases, intercept dust and smoke, and produce the clean oxygen we breathe. Wildlife flock to them for habitat and food, and so do we. Strategically placed, trees can reduce your home’s energy bill by providing leafy summer shade and a strong defense against biting winter winds. Just be sure to choose a tree suited for your site, soil, and needs. For instance, junipers are cold-hardy, lindens tolerate urban pollution, Kentucky coffee trees withstand drought, and beautiful-but-messy Southern magnolias will have you raking petals, cones, twigs, and leaves. 2 SAVE SEEDS Collect seeds from mature flowers and veggies and store in an airtight container, such as a glass jar. (You can combine several individually labeled envelopes of seeds in a jar.) Store…