BH&G Get Organized in Minutes

BH&G Get Organized in Minutes

Make every moment count! Small changes to your habits and routines yield big results in increased productivity and happiness. We identify your essential daily tasks and show how to do them more efficiently, less stressfully—and just plain better. Look forward to getting ready quickly, making the most of family time, fixing healthy and easy meals, accomplishing more at work, and managing your home with confidence.

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take your time

If you’re like most people, you talk about time a lot, but much of what you’re saying falls into just two categories: “I don’t have time for that!” and “Where did the time go?” In order to get the most out of this issue, take a moment to dig deeper into both complaints. GET REACQUAINTED WITH TIME When was last time you wore a watch? Watched network television in half-hour blocks of entertainment? Looked at a calendar that summarized an entire month? Part of the reason you feel like you don’t have enough time is because you’re disconnected from time itself. Rediscover what 60 seconds or 10 minutes or an hour feels like by setting an old-school egg timer and carrying it with you for a day. If you find the ticking…

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all about time tools

CALENDARS An easy-to-follow schedule starts with making the most of your calendar. Use it to establish routines, identify conflicts, and prioritize tasks. 2021 PRINTABLE CALENDAR Every member of the house can have his or her own custom calendar with this affordable download, right. Place it in a binder, attach to a clipboard, or laminate. $3; DESKTOP CALENDAR PAD This supersize calendar (22×16½ inches) is sleek and easy to customize. The pad, below, comes with 36 blank calendar sheets for up to three years of use. Pin up on a bulletin board or place on a desk blotter to keep your monthly schedule at a glance. It’s big enough to include ample space for checklists and doodles. $24; PAPERIAN BRILLIANT WEEKLY SCHEDULER With 60 weeks of schedules, this portable calendar, above, will become your daily to-go…

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good from the get-go

Want to get something done today? Write it down. Audrey Thomas, president and owner of Organized Audrey, developed a one-page form called “The First Fifteen,” opposite, when she needed something quick and easy to help her track her daily priorities. “This form has proven to be so successful because it’s not techy—it’s just a piece of paper,” Thomas says. Here are her steps for starting your day right. 1 DO THIS FIRST THING Before you check your email or jump online, “Take the first 15 minutes of your day to look at your calendar and to-do list and identify the top one, two, or three things that you really need to spend your time on. What are your biggest priorities? And if your priority is a really big project, then you’re only…

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time solvers: morning prep

□ 5 MINUTES Stick to the basics when it comes to your makeup. Lightly apply a tinted moisturizer and blend in concealer under your eyes. Define your brows with a brow pencil, swipe on a neutral eye shadow, and add a coat of mascara. Go for a daytime pink liquid lipstick that works as a blush too. “Use a light hand when you’re in a rush. It’s faster to blend in a little bit of product at a time than fight with a large amount,” says Katie Jane Hughes, NYC Makeup Artist. □ 15 MINUTES Get rid of all old or unused makeup and bath products. Safely dispose of expired medications (search for local disposal sites online). Not sure when your makeup is past due? Check out □ 30 MINUTES Restore…

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wardrobe planning

WORTH IT! Take time to do a seasonal swap out. “Storing away clothes is a great way of having a natural cull, both when you pack them and when you unpack them,” professional organizer Vicky Silverthorn says. CLOSET PHOTO, DAVID A. LAND.…

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jump-start a good day

1 REFRAME YOUR MORNING Take a few moments to eat with your family and check on the day’s schedule. “Mornings can be a good time to enjoy one another’s company,” time-management expert Laura Vanderkam says. “Family dinner may not happen if life after school or work is hectic, but family breakfast can happen. That’s quality time together.” 2 GIVE EVERYONE A SPACE Whether it’s a hook or a cubby, assign a place to hold each person’s jacket, bag, gear, etc., so they can find and put away things quickly. “That spot remains sacred: Coats, backpacks, and shoes come off and stay there,” Vanderkam says. 3 TURN IT INTO A GAME Coaxing young kids to get dressed on their own—or even older kids to tie their shoes—can be a struggle. Have a timer ready and make…