BMW Car June/July 2020

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BMW Car Magazine is the world’s number 1 magazine for all things BMW, independently written for real enthusiasts. News of all the latest developments and future projects, as well as regular features on classic’s, make this magazine essential reading for fans of this prodigious marque. The pages of BMW Car Magazine will keep you fully up to date with all the latest releases from the BMW production line and give a unique insight into the cutting-edge technologies powering the cars. Expect in-depth commentary on all the latest features and specs of your favourite models as well as plenty of magical stories about the all-time classic beamers. It doesn't stop there though as BMW Car Magazine also takes you under the hood of the top tuning firms to give you unrivalled insight into their unique upgrade packages!

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United Kingdom
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Given the inescapable current global situation I hope this issue of BMW Car finds you well and that it offers some light and entertaining escapism from what are exceptionally tough times for everyone. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support of BMW Car magazine, without it we simply wouldn’t exist – as publications around us disappear from newsstands on a weekly basis at present that has never been a more real threat. As you’ll have spotted on the cover, in this issue we take a look at the E46 BMW Compact. Once a genuine underdog of the BMW world, today these models are affordable and rewarding road cars, and they are popular race cars too – with many being converted for use in British circuit…

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bmw looks to the future

The Chairman of the Board of Management at BMW AG, Oliver Zipse, has outlined how the brand is embracing the changing face of the automotive industry. Achieving CO2 targets has been high on the agenda for some time, BMW Efficient Dynamics technologies have been around since 2007, but in its more contemporary guise the movement has certainly promoted the ongoing electrification of vehicles. The move to systematically electrify the BMW model range pushes ahead and, as it is constantly reminding us, by the end of 2021, BMW intends to have more than one million allelectric or plug-in hybrid vehicles on the roads. BMW revealed that over the past eight years, 46,000 employees have received training in the field of electric mobility. Working hand-in-hand with that comes the growing importance of software…

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motortrend launches hard cell

Motortrend’s streaming service already offers a fine selection of motoring shows, adding to the line-up comes Hard Cell, a show in which former Top Gear TV presenter Tom 'Wookie' Ford takes a look at an electric car future. The brand new series sees Tom on a mission to discover whether there’s a future for good old fashioned excitement in the new world of electric vehicles. In each episode Tom will interview those in the know, drive cars, and deliver a verdict on whether or not they measure up. The four-part series looks at everything from road cars to motorsport and can be accessed via the MotorTrend app, visit where, at the time of writing, a free 14 day UK trial was being offered after which a charge of £3.99…

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bmw sim racing replaces real thing

In the wake of the current global heath crisis postponing global motor racing events, BMW Motorsport has been busy with a full programme of sim racing – the eSports activities often replacing their real-life equivalents in a bid to entertain. Fans have been eagerly following the action of all kinds live online and via BMW’s various social media channels. BMW Romania has even resurrected the E30 M3 DTM car (below left) with its support of the Racing League Romania – the virtual race series is actually in its fifth season and uses the Assetto Corsa platform. There’s space for a total of 30 cars on the starting grid for each race but more than 150 sim racers take part in qualifying. BMW SIM 120 Cup Around 800 drivers competed in the initial…

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the apprentice

“In 1990 I went to look at a Lancia Delta Integrale with my workmate as he was looking for a new car, that’s when I saw an M3 for the first time – it was Alpine White with Red leather. I knew I had to have one…” Alex Moore was the tender age of 20 when he first clapped eyes on a BMW M3, it was undoubtedly a defining moment in his automotive life. Seven months of working solid overtime shifts followed, the savings accrued putting Alex in the financial position of being able to buy his first BMW just in time for his 21st birthday. With little knowledge of the E30 he now so adored, Alex promptly sold his trusty 1.3-litre Ford Escort and acquired the 1987 Alpine White…

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chapter two

When BMW launched the E46-based Z4 in 2002 it did so against a background of broadly successful sales of the proceeding model, the Z3. Some 22,000 Z3s were sold to UK buyers alone. Topping the model range of the older E36-based Zed were the Z3 M Roadster and Coupé, the latter not initially selling too well but soon becoming something of a cult car. These performance orientated machines wore their M badges with pride, delivering exceptionally high levels of performance and an enjoyable, visceral driving experience. Despite their relative popularity, though, BMW gave no guarantee that a Z4 M – the second chapter in BMW’s modern performance coupé story – would be written in the tyre tracks of its Z3-based forefather. The 3.0si model, BMW said, was plenty fast enough.…