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Bon Appetit December/January 2021

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brave new world

“RESTAURANT PEOPLE are used to throwing themselves at a problem until the problem goes away, but the situation we’re in is not one that can be solved with more hours or work. We were hoping to make 2020 all about employee and guest education. On March 9 we hosted a public event where we shared our profit-and-loss statement from 2019. The bottom line: It’s really hard to run a restaurant. And then it got a lot harder, like, one week later. We voluntarily closed Mei Mei a couple days before the state ordered it. In April we furloughed a number of employees and started doing takeout, groceries, and prepared foods. We launched a donorfunded initiative that delivered 40,000 pounds of groceries to immigrants and undocumented workers, and we started a GoFundMe to…

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time to practice your living room shucking

• Chances are you’re not going to be shoulder to shoulder at a holiday party this year, alternating between slurps of oysters and sparkling wine. But you can re-create the experience in the comfort of your home with a sack of bivalves from Hog Island Oyster Co. Before COVID, restaurants made up the majority of its business, but direct-to-consumer sales have kept the lights on. A bag of 60 plus shipping averages out to $2.50 per oyster—which means you’re actually getting them cheaper than you would at a restaurant.…

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grace under fire

“THE YEAR STARTED ON A HIGH. Our hip-hop brunch launched; we were doing Black History Month events; and we hit sales records in early March. The downward turn happened quickly. Kobe Bryant passed away, then COVID-19 hit. All the restaurants in our food hall closed or furloughed staff within the first 36 hours. We told our amazing all-Black staff we’re going to stick it out and fight with them to stay open. A friend told me to start feeding first responders. But being African American, we already have a large urban community living at or below poverty level. There wasn’t anyone helping them. So we started the Food for Your Soul campaign to sponsor individually packaged meals for the elderly and families with kids. The phones were ringing off the hook.…

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yes, art chocolate is a thing

• We heard about Casa Bosques from chef and artist Laila Gohar, who used the chocolate to create edible surrealist busts. Cool, we thought. Then we tried it. Tasty, we thought. The bean-to-bar chocolate company was founded by Rafael Prieto, who runs design agency Savvy Studio when he’s not tinkering with chocolate in Mexico City. “We have these ancient traditions of eating and drinking cacao in Mexico,” Prieto says, “so why, when you think ‘chocolate,’ do you think of Belgium and Switzerland?” Prieto works with chefs like Enrique Olvera and Elena Reygadas to pair chocolate from Latin America with roasted blue maize, hoja santa, pink peppercorn, and—Gohar’s favorite—cardamom.…

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if you’re getting a gift from marcus…spoilers ahead

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keep rising

I WANTED TO END THIS ISSUE with gratitude for those who make it possible, and with art for our soul and mind. So I chose this amazing piece by Julie Mehretu, an incredible artist and a friend of mine. It was inspired by the California wildfires, and it reminds me of fireworks, boiling pots, emotions running high. I see so much of the year in this painting, including its bright spots: my block becoming a community center with parents pitching in to give our kids a sense of normalcy, line cooks and servers passing out food to protesters, the strength of the Black Lives Matter movement. And I see a brighter, better future. I know now more than ever: We must keep rising. Happy Holidays. PHOTOGRAPH BY TOM POWEL IMAGING. COURTESY…