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‘we’ll invest in growing segments’

Whereas General Motors sold up, Ford is striving to turn around its European business, in the shadow of one of its cyclical downturns. And the man at the heart of that transformation is Stuart Rowley. Born in Derby, and a 30-year Ford veteran, Rowley is the operations and finance expert charged with making the European division leaner, more lucrative and, crucially, plump with cars that customers want to buy. And that means more crossovers and SUVs, hopefully the new Bronco (‘no plan yet’ though Rowley would ‘love to’ offer it), definitely not a new Focus RS, a reappraisal of long-established name plates such as Mondeo and Galaxy, and lots of investment in vans and electrified vehicles. ‘We call it reset and redesign,’ says the 53-year-old executive, whose accent has become as international…

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the car design transfer window

HYUNDAI KIA LUC DONCKERWOLKE Steps down as design boss at Hyundai and Kia for personal reasons. Versatile and influential, modernised Lamborghini, Seat and Hyundai, and (less positively) led original Bentley Bentayga. Key car: Lamborghini Murciélago SANGYUP LEE Remains in charge of Hyundai and Genesis. Burst onto scene with Chevy’s 2010 Camaro rebirth, before moving to Bentley to pen Bentayga under Luc. Given Hyundais more impact, delivering dramatic concepts like Prophecy (below) and 45. Key car: Chevrolet Camaro (2010) KARIM HABIB Kia’s new design head has carte blanche to usher in new era. Spent past two years at upmarket Nissan outpost, Infiniti, but best known for work at BMW, from the E60 5-series (the high point of the Chris Bangle era) to the X2 sporty SUV. Key car: BMW 5-series (2003) RENAULT LAURENS VAN DEN ACKER Ex-Ford and Mazda designer stays in post,…

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top 5 roomy family cars

1 SKODA SUPERB The Superb has the field to itself. We’re not judging solely on the tape measure, although the Superb aces that. Nobody else is even trying to achieve this combination of space, price and decent dynamics for a non-estate, non-SUV, non-MPV, non-van. Prices start at £33,590. 2 SKODA OCTAVIA We’re not being perverse - the Octavia really is the runner-up to its bigger stablemate. A bit cheaper and a bit smaller than the Superb, but still plenty roomy enough for most regularsized humans, and better to drive than the bigger car. Priced from £20,965. 3 FORD MONDEO That old thing? Yes, it’s an absolute whopper, front, back and boot (so long as you avoid the not- very-good hybrid, which steals luggage space and gives it to the battery). Agreeably old- fashioned compared to…

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goodwood: the covid fightback

The Covid-related cancellation of Goodwood’s headline 2020 events has had a devastating impact on finances. In response, it has set-up SpeedWeek, combining elements of the Revival (the awesome RAC TT for big-capacity GT cars), the Festival of Speed (timed runs and new-car reveals) and the Members’ Meeting (the Gerry Marshall Trophy for ’70s Touring Cars) in a behind-closed-doors, streamed-via-social-media extravaganza that will air from 16-18 October. Goodwood is promoting the Supporter’s Association, the body that helped bring racing back to the circuit. Various packages available, with money helping Goodwood through this toughest of years. A Goodwood trackday costs from £160 for half a day on one of the circuit’s quiet days (98dB). A full quiet day is £310. Noisy (105dB) days – if you’re in doubt, book a noisy day - cost…

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aftermarket extras

GUARDSMAN GARAGE SECURITY BARRIER From £599.99 Here’s a great way to make life tough for opportunistic crooks who might want to try to take your car. The Guardsman Garage Security Barrier forms a physical barrier across your garage, car port or driveway. Operated in seconds, the two barrier posts sit behind the garage pier, so the barrier is unobtrusive to the garage opening, making parking and securing your vehicle effortless. SPECIALISED COVERS From £199 For nearly 40 years, Specialised Covers has been the authority in providing protective covers for cars. Since 1981 it’s been creating tailored covers for some of the world’s rarest vehicles, and with a library of over 5000 cars Specialised Covers can make a bespoke cover for your needs. All Specialised’s indoor and outdoor covers are designed and manufactured in the UK. LED…

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making the right noises

Too much noise! Not enough noise! It’s two sides of the same coin, and some big breakthroughs in audio technology will soon mean significant improvements for both in-car entertainment and noise reduction. There should also be some handy knock-on effects, with the prospect of reduced weight, improved fuel economy, lower emissions and additional storage space. The overlapping challenges of better sound and less noise pollution are being led by audio specialists working in harmony with the car industry: Harman’s liaising on noise cancellation with Hyundai, while Sennheiser has been collaborating with automotive technology giant Continental. Active noise cancellation is taking the biggest leap forward. That itself is not new technology, and is already fitted to various luxury cars. But Hyundai, working alongside Harman, has gone one step further. It says current active noise…