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Caribbean Living

Caribbean Living Fall 2019

Caribbean Living takes you beyond the beach, to the heart of the Caribbean and the most exquisite travel destinations. Jump into each issue and discover the best of Caribbean travel.

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letter from the publisher

Dear friends and fellow travelers, Happy autumn. As we celebrate my favorite season of the year, there is no way to disregard what happened to our friends in the Bahamas during the height of this hurricane season. As I sat in my Florida home, watching the slow-moving storm batter our friends, I made a decision to do something. That decision is reflected throughout the pages of this magazine. We have diverted all other coverage of the Caribbean and have dedicated this issue, exclusively, to our friends in the Bahamas. Our hearts break for Andros and for Freeport. Those islands hardest hit by the storm need our continued support. We pulled together as a travel community, to encourage all of you-- our friends, to keep traveling and supporting the people of the Bahamas.…

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AMY SEDEÑO Contributor As a self-proclaimed @hotelista I do quite a bit of traveling, and from holding a tarantula in an ancient site in Guatemala to drinking high tea in Dubai, and petting grey whales in Baja, you bet I’ve got stories to tell. AVA ROSALES Features Editor I am the Caribbean. DYLAN BENOIT Contributor I’m a chef with Champagne taste and a beer budget, but always seem to find myself surrounded by the most amazing people in the most amazing places. From eating termites in the Honduran jungle to learning how to make dim sum in Hong Kong, for me treasure is in the story. SERGIO OLIVARES Creative Direction I'm my best on this island. My flight left last night, but I know I'm not going back home. ANDREW INNERARITY Director of Photography It’s all about triggering emotion…

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fall reading

Some stories offer us the rare privilege of a ride through a character’s entire life as though we’ve been right there alongside them the entire time, and with this tale, Groff manages to accomplish that feat twice. ‘Fates and Furies’ is a modern odyssey that attempts to discover the difference between comedy and tragedy. Is it perspective? Or is there a difference at all? We start by stumbling across an average newlywed couple, Lotto and Mathilde, whose unshakeable love for one another lifts them through their early struggles. Mathilde supports her husband’s flailing efforts to become an actor, while his overflowing affection gives her a home she never had. But this isn’t the true start, for that we must fall back in time to see just how Lotto became the person…

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what to pack

Now that those warm summer days of lazing in the sun are in our rearview mirror, all but memories until next year... The days may be gone but we know our readers love to travel and in the Caribbean…there is always time to chase the sun, and autumn is a very good time to explore these destinations when they are a little less crowded. Here are a few of our favorite ways to maintain that glow while protecting your skin. Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen ($19): This water-resistant formula is perfect for everyday use on face and body. It's fast-absorbing and lightweight, but with ultra-moisturizing results. It's also made with natural extracts of citrus, basil, and bois de rose, so there's no typical sunscreen smell. Who needs to smell like a childhood memory? Supergoop! Defense Refresh…

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new noteworthy

Bahamas This fall, New & Noteworthy pauses to recognize The Bahamas. The Bahamian government has expressed that along with sending aid, another way to help the country recover is to continue tourism. Even when nature summons the beastly reality of the devastating power that can be unleashed in paradise, it is resorts like the new Caerula Mar Club that stand strong and weather the storm, as if by magic. We are then reminded of the beauty and resilience of the Caribbean and its people. This hidden gem that went unscathed seems to certainly have kismet. Discovered by the couple from House of Bryan and Bryan Inc., the HGTV Canada series, Canadians were able to view the miraculous transformation of the abandoned hideaway from the comfort of their homes. The show chronicled…

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this is where the magic happens

“Hidden among the Out Islands of the Exumas, in the Bahamas, eleven private islands -- not just one -- are yours to explore, and the only other guests are selected by you. Over 700 acres of lush natural beauty belong to you and 24 of your guests alone. Musha Cay is privacy redefined. There are five spectacular guest houses-- each with its own private beach. Musha Cay and the Islands of Copperfield Bay- endless amenities and adventures that you can experience nowhere else on earth.” Shall we go on or let all of the above soak in and whet your appetite for a trip to this decadent slice of Bahamian paradise. The man behind the magic of this escape is none other than David Copperfield who bought the property as a private…