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Winter 2018
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Cloth Paper Scissors is where mixed media artists come to play! Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced artist, every issue brings you innovative techniques; detailed photos and step-by-step instructions for unique projects from talented artists; and the inspiration and support for developing your own creative voice.

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from the editor

What does home mean to you? Is it the town where you grew up, or a place you consider your adopted home? Maybe it’s not a specific city or dwelling, but anywhere your loved ones are. Or perhaps you’re currently searching for that spot that offers boundless comfort and peace, where you can truly be yourself. By living in various parts of the country throughout my adult life I’ve come to define home as not only where my husband and cats are, but also where I have a strong community of friends in a place where I feel accepted. There’s one more factor: having my art supplies with me. My well-worn art journals and sketchbooks, my banged-up watercolor palette, and my slightly wonky bone folder are the things that allow me…

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discarded but not forgotten

Lewis Rossignol is an artist and illustrator from Portland, Maine, whose distinctive style of combining drawing with mixed-media results in compelling images. His latest book, Discarded: A Visual Journal (funded via Indiegogo) was inspired by ephemera found at New England flea markets. He calls it “a stimulating cross between a sketchbook, the boxes in your grandmother’s attic, and a contemporary scrapbook.” We asked Lewis more about this inspiration, and how it compelled him to produce a book. Cloth Paper Scissors: On your website you say that the catalyst for creating this book was finding a vintage photo album that included photos from the town where you were born. We’re guessing this wasn’t the first time you’d been to a flea market. What was it about this item that inspired these pieces? Rossignol:…

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rosie the art bus

For better or worse, I always follow my heart. I know that following my heart and doing wildly impractical things is my genius. It has allowed me to make a living as an artist and take risks without fear of failure, including recently converting a 2002 Blue Bird® short school bus into a mobile art studio and traveling storefront that I’ve named Rosie the Art Bus. I bought Rosie after searching unsuccessfully for an affordable studio in the Seattle area. She was not without challenges: I invested in renovating the interior, including new flooring, a generator, air conditioning and heating, and a sink and water system. However, even with these upfront costs it was still less expensive than one month’s rent at a retail space near where I live. Now that the…

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sharing the wealth

Emily Tirella recalls the precise moment she had an epiphany about opening her art and craft supply store, Make & Mend. Sitting in a fiber art class at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, she overheard a fellow student wondering how she was going to manage her limited art supply budget for the semester. Tirella presumed other students must be struggling as well. “I thought to myself, wow, me too!” She was inspired to find a solution for not only purchasing expensive supplies, but also finding new homes for art materials people no longer needed. Make & Mend was born in 2018, offering gently used (and some new) art supplies at deep discounts. “I’ve always loved thrifting and giving new life to unwanted materials,” Tirella says, “so I thought this…

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katie essam

Katie Essam is a big fan of colors, florals, and nature, and all show up frequently in her artwork—and in her studio. An inspiration board hangs on a wall, filled with colorful illustrations and photos; patterned fabric scraps spill out of a vintage wooden box; and spools of thread in vibrant hues are stacked in neat rows. This U.K.-based textile artist loves having patterns, color pops, and beautiful things surrounding her when she’s working. “I also really enjoy and appreciate an eclectic mix of styles that work beautifully together,” she says. “A careful combination of vintage and modern furniture, fabrics, wallpaper, and even clothing bring out the best in each other.” Essam’s home studio is all about combining the old with the new to create a unique aesthetic that is as upbeat…

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what’s new

Think watercolor painting is beyond your reach? Fast & Fun Watercolor: Painting Techniques, No Drawing Required by Gina Lee Kim takes the stress out of painting with watercolor. Each of the 12 chapters demonstrates a distinctive project and techniques, along with a gallery of inspirational artwork. Explore the color wheel with Gina, and learn to merge watercolor with mixed media without having to draw. In this approachable introduction to watercolor, Gina provides plenty of tips and lots of advice for making time to create, and owning your own voice. With Gina’s no-stress approach, you’ll fall in love with this medium shop.clothpaperscissors.com Did You Miss Something? Recycle your kids’ juice boxes and create great prints, too. In the Fall 2018 issue of CLOTH PAPER SCISSORS, Rosane Viegas shares the versatility of using aseptic packaging for…