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Conde Nast Traveller India

Conde Nast Traveller India August - September 2018

Conde Nast Traveller is the world’s most iconic luxury travel magazine. It is the most independent and authoritative source of luxury travel and lifestyle. CNT India is created for the sophisticated Indian traveller who is looking for authentic travel experiences, discoveries and journeys.

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tap that INDIA’S FAVOURITE FESTIVAL FOOD It’s festive season across the country. We tell you where to go and what to eat SECRET HOMESTAYS Our list of the most charming homes and hosts from across India WHERE TO HEAD FOR DIWALI 5 NEW EXPERIENCES FOR YOUR NEXT LONG BREAK RAJASTHAN IN THE RAIN The lakes are full, the flights are cheap. But here are more reasons to visit FOLLOW US FOR MORE cntravellerindia CNTIndia cntravellerindia cntindia IndiaCNTraveller CondeNastTravellerIndia PHOTOGRAPHS: TOM PARKER; ATHUL PRASAD; HUGH SITTON/STOCKSY…

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WE ASKED OUR CONTRIBUTORS WHAT IS YOUR MOST MEMORABLE SPA/WELLNESS EXPERIENCE? CROOKES & JACKSON Who: Photographers; Healing in Himachal, p170 A: “Arijiju, in the Kenyan highlands, is what a retreat is all about for us. The menu is nourishing, the spa is gorgeous—all within a wildlife conservancy, so at dawn you can follow lions or do yoga. You leave feeling a stronger, better version of yourself.” @CrookesAndJackson SAUMYA ANCHERI Who: CNT features editor, writer; The call of the wild, p26 A: “Glastonbury, this June, for its spiritual legacies, mineral springs and meditative vibes.” @Saumya_Ancheri HARRIET COMPSTON Who: Writer; Spa sensation, p86 A: “Buchinger Clinic near Lake Constance in Germany, was transformative. Hardcore fasting—I dropped a stone in 10 days. I went for fantastic walks in the forest—magical with the floor covered in snow.” @harrietcompston Shunali Khullar Shroff Who: Writer; Healing in Himachal, p170 A: “Villa Stéphanie…

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editor’s letter

I am not a spa girl. I don’t particularly enjoy massages. I’ve never fallen asleep during one, like so many of my friends often do. Each time I am obliged to accept a spa treatment while checking out a new hotel, I spend those 60 (or, god forbid, 90) minutes laying on a spa bed, being kneaded, pummelled and scrubbed, wishing I were lazing on the couch in my suite watching Netflix or reading Vanity Fair instead. The music annoys me; it’s almost always too cold and I bruise easily. “Very, very gentle pressure,” I mumble to the therapists, who are invariably disappointed by my lack of enthusiasm when they make a prolonged ritual of bathing my feet in a dish overflowing with rose petals. “Less pressure,” I keep saying,…

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the call of the wild

I always thought I was a city girl. But that changed in the summer of 2013. Over a fortnight, I learned to love the forest the hard way—carrying pails of water, raking leaves for mulching, plucking and juicing for anti-pest spray for saplings. It was my first solo trip, and my first time working with my hands in the earth. It was also my first attempt at living a ‘simpler’ life: that is, in a vegan, teetotaller community, with minimal electricity and no running water. Sadhana Forest, in Auroville’s outer green belt, began in 2003 as 70 acres of arid land. When Aviram and Yorit Rozin moved from Israel to join the experimental township of Auroville in 2002, they decided to bring back the indigenous tropical dry evergreen forest. With the…

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once upon a time in india

We all love telling and listening to stories. Shape-shifting tigers, virtuous goddesses who vanquish evil demons and young princes who come back from the dead—the more fantastical the tale, the better. And now, 16 of these beloved stories from Punjab, Bengal and Tamil Nadu have been put together in a beautifully illustrated new book called Tales of India. Svabhu Kohli and Viplov Singh, two visual artists from Velha, Goa, lent their beautiful, dream-like illustrations to make this book appealing to young and old alike. “We found the flavour of the stories to be humorous and, at times, dark. To do it justice, we painted imagery of these diverse myths, cultures and folklore that inhabit our land in a style that is reminiscent of Indian miniature paintings of the past,” says…

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5 foodie experiences   in singapore you can’t miss

Art and Dining @ National Gallery Singapore After exploring the world’s largest public collection of modern Singaporean and Southeast Asian art, drop by Odette for modern French cuisine, or the National Kitchen for Singaporean and Peranakan cuisine. ( Get a taste of Malay heritage and cuisine Around the Malay Heritage Centre, set in a former palace, restaurants do traditional Malay food. Visit MAMANDA ( or Padi (Bussorah Street) and order the nasi ambeng, an all-in-one rice dish served with Javanese or Malay-style side dishes like meat curries and fried spiced potato patties. Party where military servicemen once did JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach’s The NCO Club has four new cool dining and bar concepts: Cool Cats, a speakeasy with live music performances; Stags’ Room, a wine reserve and lounge; Fish Pool, Champagne, caviar and…