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Rooms that invite you to linger. Vintage collectibles displayed with love. A colorful easy-care garden. A porch that says "Come sit!" All yours in the pages of Country Living!

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farmhouse kitchen

currently craving Eggnog Caps Thatcher Manufacturing Co. revolutionized dairy delivery with its Common-Sense Milk Bottle (the first reuseable, sealed version) in the late 1800s. The design included a cap for freshness, which farms utilized as ad space. During the holidays, eggnog caps offered seasonal greetings to folks on the route. At less than $1 each, vintage packaging fans can collect ’em and still have milk money to spare. WRITTEN BY LEIGH CRANDALL; PHOTOGRAPH BY BRIAN WOODCOCK; STYLING BY ALISON ALLSOPP.…

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for the traditionalist

Spruce It Up Stately spruces have sharp needles and stiff branches that bear ornaments well. The Colorado blue spruce is particularly popular for its silvery blue hue, symmetrical form, and needle retention. GET THE LOOK: “Colorado Mountain Spruce”; stylist secret When embellishing your tree with garland, begin at the top, draping loosely on branches at a slight angle, working toward the bottom. Add your ornaments beginning with the largest, then use smaller ones to fill in empty spaces. TIMELESS TRIMMINGS Focus on handcrafted ornaments like quilled paper snowflakes ($16 for 3;, felt trees ($17;, and jute candy canes ($7 for 6; A straw tree topper ($12; adds subtle texture up top, while this quilt-patterned tree skirt (Country Living Home collection “Angelina,” $50; provides a homespun-feeling base. for festive hang time with…

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for the nostalgist

a tinset tale Lore has it that tree tinsel stems from an Eastern European folktale. Long ago, a pine cone became rooted in the earth of a family’s hut and grew into a tree. They couldn’t afford to decorate it, but woke up on Christmas morning to find the tree covered in spiderwebs, which sparkled in the morning light. From then on, the family was blessed with good fortune. Spiderwebs became a lucky symbol, and tinsel was created to evoke a web-like sparkle. Make It Merry Create your own tinsel balls by wrapping a 7-inch piece of garland around three fingers. Connect the ends with floral wire, then fluff. Hang with ornament hooks. RETRO REQUISITES First created in the late 1930s, Shiny Brite ornaments are essential for a midcentury-mod look, whether new ($25 for 20;…

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postcard perfect

When self-described “perfectionist designer” Shawn Lang and “free-spirited doctor” Kristofer Prepelica said they wanted a country house that would be their weekend project, the New York couple had no idea just how true the word project would ring. “We’d been living in Manhattan and wanted a retreat in the Catskills,” says Shawn, noting that they were looking for a fixer-upper rather than an already-updated property to stay within their budget. They found their match in a 216-year-old Dutch Colonial farmhouse in the tiny hamlet of Hortonville, New York. Not only have they spent the last seven years renovating the house—by themselves, for the record—they’ve since made it their full-time residence and the topic of their growing lifestyle blog The Farmhouse Project ( “Bringing this house back to life has become our…

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dream schemes

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movie night

Movie Night Menu Toasted Marshmallow Hot Cocoa Popcorn and Candy Snack Packs Popcorn Seasoning Theater-Candy Brownies PLAY BINGE-WATCH BINGO Did you spot the reindeer? Make movie marathons more interactive with this flick-themed activity ( Use buttons or popcorn to mark the squares. Give Foot-Warmer Favors Shoes optional! Let guests kick up their feet in seasonal socks ($13; SET THE SCENE Typeset the name of your favorite holiday flick on a letter board ($33;, and hang above a popcorn buffet complete with popcorn mistletoe balls (see the instructions below) and a garland made from tickets ($8; Provide each guest their own cookie tin lined with parchment paper and filled with plain popcorn. Serve an offering of custom seasonings—try black pepper and Parmesan, cinnamon sugar, or everything-bagel seasoning—in shakers and assorted mix-in candies in mini tart…