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February/March 2020

Escape to the heart of rural America with Country Magazine! You'll discover spectacular country scenery, down-home recipes and friendly "chats" with folks across America when you subscribe today!

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1 min.
kindness matters

WOMAN CONQUERS GRAND CANYON. That’s how I’d sum up Lora Lucero’s story on page 14. This self-described senior citizen did what less than 1% of the national park’s 6 million annual visitors ever do—hike to the bottom of the canyon. Years ago I became a member of that club, and Lora’s story sure brought back memories of my own trek: the burning in my legs as I climbed over rocks, the weight of the backpack on my shoulders and the euphoric feeling of accomplishment when I stepped onto the canyon’s South Rim. I had gone on this journey as part of a women’s backpacking tour, and I couldn’t have done it without the support of my companions. Though Lora embarked on her journey without a hiking partner (something I personally wouldn’t recommend),…

1 min.
everyone has a story… what’s yours?

Fresh Air Share good news, heartwarming tales and other anecdotes of life in the country for this roundup of reader stories and photos. Please label your submission “Fresh Air.” Road Trip What wonders have you seen while traveling America’s blue highways? Tells us about the national and state parks, pristine forests, historic sites, scenic drives, local diners and roadside attractions you’ve come across in your travels. Be sure to send photos of your treks! Label the submission “Road Trip.” Humor Help bring laughter to fellow readers by sharing your best jokes, including kid quips, and funniest stories about rural life, embarrassing moments or adventures with animals. Label your submission “Humor.” Photo Tips • Cameras and smartphones can capture large images. Send us unmodified originals (minimum file size is 1 MB). • The more we know about the photo,…

2 min.
dear country…

FOR YEARS I have thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful photographs in your magazines. My favorite of all is Michelle Martin’s picture of twins Kayana and Karson on page 47 in the Oct/Nov issue. It is precious and priceless! Thank you. KATIE ADAMS Mount Vernon, Alabama I WAS SO EXCITED to get the Oct/Nov issue because in it were two very good pictures that mean a lot to me. First, on page 8, the image of the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse reminded me of playing on the beach. Also, I have a print of the powerhouse on pages 34-35. The print was taken later in the season, when the trees are bare. I bought it at a yard sale. It’s very unlike me to buy a photo, but it really caught my eye. I was so…

1 min.
the good life

Seaside Celebration When my husband, Bruce, asked where I wanted to go for my 50th birthday, I chose San Francisco, California. We’d never vacationed on the West Coast. Bruce surprised me by renting an awesome red Corvette convertible. The drive along the Pacific Coast Highway south of Carmel-by-the-Sea toward Big Sur was absolutely beautiful. We spent a day absorbing breathtaking views with the top down, the sun shining upon us and the ocean air all around. With mountains on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other, it was something to behold. This was a birthday treat I will never forget! We truly are blessed to live in such a gorgeous country.…

2 min.
caring is on the menu

CHESTER TEMPLIN is special. Not only did Chet turn 100 on Dec. 12, 2019, but for several years he was the heart of the group that meets for breakfast every Wednesday at the Cow Creek Mercantile in Ritzville, Washington. Chet’s brother Del started the group a long time ago at another restaurant in town. Some old-timers have passed on and other members have joined by invitation. Chet, who is friendly by nature, welcomed them all. In fact, he’s so beloved that the restaurant named a breakfast item after him. Order Chet’s Special and you’ll get a biscuit, gravy and one egg any style for about $5.25. The small town of Ritzville is surrounded by wheat fields, with lots of grain elevators and grain bins dotting the countryside. I never get tired of…

1 min.
sweet hearts

ACROSS THE ROAD from my home is a small country cemetery dating to 1884. Taking care of Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery falls on a community organization. When both the secretary, my dear husband of 56 years, and the treasurer of the cemetery board passed away, they left behind a much younger president with too many health issues to handle all three jobs, and no money left in the cemetery bank account. I felt as if I had to do something. One night when I had trouble sleeping, the answer came to me: Bake your little heart cakes. I am a cake decorator, so the next morning I made a batch of those hearts, beautifully adorned with homemade roses. I sold 150 cakes by word of mouth and earned $900! I gave it all…