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Country Walking

Country Walking June 2019

Country Walking Magazine shows you the best of British walks: the biggest views, the hidden gems, the sea cliffs and the mountain summits. All our features come complete with superb writing, inspiring photography and step-by-step instructions so you can follow every footpath yourself. In every issue, you’ll find: - In-depth stories of amazing walks - A booklet of 25 pull-out walks every issue - with OS maps! - Information about hotels, pubs, cafes, tearooms. - Clear, jargon-free tests of walking kit And... every issue our readers tell their walking stories, help us devise new walks and shape the places we go to. If you love walking, this is the magazine for you.

United Kingdom
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I’ve been enjoying letters recently from the most unlikely subscribers. Last month Jim from Portland, Oregon, this month Federico from Siena, Tuscany. Each visits the UK at most once a year – often much less frequently – yet both love the magazine, and are urgent in stressing how precious and unique our countryside is. So many footpaths! Such great access! Such friendliness and variety and beauty! It’s lovely to read, and important to remember how lucky we are. Important too to see the country as they do – not as widely-spaced regions separated by great distances or differences, but as the continually shifting weft of one beautiful cloth. Not for them a hard line between walking to explore a city and ‘proper walking’ in a Proper Rural Landscape. To an outsider,…

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find a great walk near you!

SOUTH WEST Charlestown, Cornwall Poldark fans may recognise the harbour at the start of this hike down a beautiful stretch of coastline to Mevagissey. TURN TO WALK 1 EAST Norwich, Norfolk Explore historic Norwich on foot – a city that once boasted a church for every week and pub for each day of the year. TURN TO WALK 12 WALES Whitton,Powys Scurry up a little-trodden hill in the Welsh Marches for chequerboard valley vistas, following Offa’s Dyke Path back. TURN TO WALK 21 SOUTH EAST Newtown,Isle of Wight Amble through the saltmarshes, woods and wildflower meadows near a sleepy hamlet notorious as a ‘rotten borough’. TURN TO WALK 4 NORTH WEST Catstye Cam, Cumbria Turn your attention from the Lake District’s mighty Helvellyn to the proud, pyramidal fell set out on a rocky limb. TURN TO WALK 16 SCOTLAND Flowerdale,Highland Saunter up from the sandy shores of Loch Gairloch, through woods and…

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the greatest musicians of all time (and the most endangered)

THIS MONTH THE RSPB has come up with a novel way of highlighting the plight of Britain’s most threatened bird species – by putting them in the charts. Let Nature Sing is two minutes and 31 seconds of countryside bliss, consisting of pure birdsong from the UK’s most at-risk species. The track has been produced to highlight the shocking loss of around 40 million birds from UK skies in the last 50 years, coupled with the statistic that 165 UK species are critically endangered. And although the campaign has a serious intent, the RSPB also released some amusingly avian versions of a few classic album covers to help promote the single – which reached as high as number 18 in the charts in its first week. Musician and Mercury Prize nominee Sam Lee,…

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‘we came up with bark rubbing mainly so i could go walking.’

CURRENTLY ENJOYING RAVE reviews in its second series, Lee and Dean is the story of two apparently gruff, stereotypical builders struggling to conceal their hearts of gold. It was devised and written by co-stars and best friends Miles Chapman (Lee) and Mark O’Sullivan (Dean), and as keen walker Mark explains, a love of the outdoors had an awful lot to do with its success… There’s a good reason we film a lot of it in woodland. Lee and Dean love doing bark rubbing. We were writing a comedy about a friendship between two builders, and we thought: ‘Let’s give them something totally unexpected as a hobby.’ I slightly channelled my love of walking into it; that feeling of something you’re not sure if you’re meant to admit to liking. Bark rubbing was…

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meet the boots that mould to your feet

IF YOU’VE EVER wished walking boots could be shaped to your feet, Italian brand Tecnica may have the answer. Known for their custom-fit ski boots, Tecnica have now launched the first (and so far only) range of in-store customisable walking footwear. CW tried out one of Tecnica’s custom-fitting sessions and we were very impressed. It takes all of 20 minutes. First the insoles are removed and heated; they’re then shaped to your feet by a pair of ‘compression airbags’. Next, the boots are heated before the moulded insoles are replaced. A second airbag session completes the ‘thermoforming’ process. The result is a boot (Forge,£240) or shoe (Plasma,£180) whose arches, uppers, heel cups and ankle zones are precisely fitted to your feet; only the forefoot can’t be customised. The price sounds high, but you could…

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thesaurus of the country

Dusk Very few times of the day have as many synonyms as that point just before the light fades. Here’s a few to drop next time you’re talking about dusk: gloaming (Old English), dimpsy (Devon), dimmet, owl-light (Lancs), fuscus (Latin), the blue hour, evenglome. The Shetland Islands specialise in dusk: the five hours from 10.30pm to 3.30am where the sun doesn’t quite set in midsummer are known as the simmer dim. In theory, you can still read a book outdoors and unaided during it. (See next page for what book it might be…)…