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Country Walking

Country Walking September 2019

Country Walking Magazine shows you the best of British walks: the biggest views, the hidden gems, the sea cliffs and the mountain summits. All our features come complete with superb writing, inspiring photography and step-by-step instructions so you can follow every footpath yourself. In every issue, you’ll find: - In-depth stories of amazing walks - A booklet of 25 pull-out walks every issue - with OS maps! - Information about hotels, pubs, cafes, tearooms. - Clear, jargon-free tests of walking kit And... every issue our readers tell their walking stories, help us devise new walks and shape the places we go to. If you love walking, this is the magazine for you.

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You’re going to do Striding Edge?’ said the man to my father, at breakfast in the B&B; ‘With him?’ And he arched an eyebrow and tilted his head in my direction. I knew I was young-looking, but you impugn the bravery of a 10-year-old at everyone’s peril. I shot daggers at the old fool. When we got to the Hole in the Wall, the decision point on Helvellyn, my dad looked at the conditions and decided he preferred we went the easier Swirral Edge route. But as we set off toward Red Tarn, to both our surprise, I started to cry. Dad was baffled, but out the explanation came – I wanted to do Striding Edge because that man thought I couldn’t. Now prudence is the better part of valour, which is what…

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find a great walk near you!

SOUTH WEST Helford River, Cornwall Explore the wooded creeks and quiet coves around the Helford Estuary, which inspired Daphne du Maurier. TURN TO WALK 1 EAST Reach, Cambridgeshire See for miles and miles from an ancient earthwork ridged across the rippling chalklands at the edge of the Fens. TURN TO WALK 14 WALES Carn Pica, Powys Walk the quiet, little-trodden end of the Brecon Beacons, up to a high point with excellent views of the Black Mountains. TURN TO WALK 23 SOUTH EAST Langford,Essex Find riverside bliss, a unique country church and the Museum of Power outside Maldon in rural east Essex. TURN TO WALK 9 NORTH WEST Farndon,Cheshire Step out beside the sinuous River Dee where it has carved out sandstone cliffs and forms the England-Wales border. TURN TO WALK 16 SCOTLAND Ben Cruachan, Argyll & Bute Climb a king-sized mountain rearing rugged and majestic between Loch Etive and the aptly-named…

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walking back to downton

The nation’s favourite mansion hits the big screen this month, in the shape of the movie version of Downton Abbey. A feast for the eyes as ever, it got us thinking of our favourite Downton-themed walks, which we’ve been curating since the saga of the Crawley family first aired on TV in 2010. Here are four of the finest… 1 BURGHCLERE, HAMPSHIRE We have to start here, as it’s the home of the real-life Downton Abbey itself. Just south of Newbury, Burghclere sits on the edge of the Highclere estate, which has served as the exterior and interior of Downton right from the start. Walk 5 in this issue is the perfect stroll for wannabe Lord and Lady Granthams, looping south from the village to the viewpoint of Beacon Hill, with an…

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‘if there is a heaven on earth, it is this.’

I STILL FEEL that moment of complete joy when I stand on top of our downs and look around the views that seem to last for ever.” So says 70-year-old David White, the fourth generation of his family to have farmed at Berwick Bassett, on the edge of the Marlborough Downs. After handing the farm over to his son Edward ten years ago, David took up photography and discovered it was the perfect way to explore his lifelong passion for the landscapes and wildlife on his doorstep. From diving kingfishers to galloping racehorses; from soaring lapwings to battling buzzards, his images capture magical moments from across the downs. He has also ventured afield too, capturing wildlife moments in Nepal, Sweden and Japan, as well as the Arctic and Antarctic. His work has received…

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fancy the world’s longest walk?

Google Maps reckons this could be the longest continuous walk in the world: a jaunt from Cape Town in South Africa to Magadan in eastern Russia; a journey of some 22,387km or 13,910 miles, requiring 187 days of non-stop walking. That’s using viable roads though, so it stops when there’s plenty more land left to walk if you don’t mind going off-road. Continuing to either Naukan on the Bering Strait or Ozernovskiy on the Kamchatka Peninsula (the dangly bit at the very eastern end of Russia) would both add another 2000km easily. Or for genuine insanity, you could walk the coastline of the entire Asia/Europe/Africa landmass, which we estimate (very roughly) at 72,360 miles or 116,460km. So, anyone up for it?…

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go rechargeable, pleads outdoor action group

Single-use batteries are the latest targets in the campaign to ease the torment of Mother Earth, with walkers being urged to switch to rechargeables for their outdoor kit. The Outdoor Industries Association, which represents brands and retailers who make and sell the stuff we like to use, says the Recharge the Outdoors campaign is a smart and urgently-needed way to make a big difference. The campaign quotes figures from recycle-more.co.uk which say the UK throws away some 600 million single-use batteries every year, rather than recycling them. They end up in landfill, where the heavy metals inside them can turn toxic and seep into the landscape. Recycling your single-use batteries is one solution, but a better option is using rechargeables – which is why the campaign is spearheaded by rechargeable specialists GP…