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Country Walking

Country Walking November 2019

Country Walking Magazine shows you the best of British walks: the biggest views, the hidden gems, the sea cliffs and the mountain summits. All our features come complete with superb writing, inspiring photography and step-by-step instructions so you can follow every footpath yourself. In every issue, you’ll find: - In-depth stories of amazing walks - A booklet of 25 pull-out walks every issue - with OS maps! - Information about hotels, pubs, cafes, tearooms. - Clear, jargon-free tests of walking kit And... every issue our readers tell their walking stories, help us devise new walks and shape the places we go to. If you love walking, this is the magazine for you.

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One of the things that blows my mind is that the human race is never more than 100 or so years old. However big the number of the year gets, there’s never a wise 2000- or 10,000-year-old on hand to run things by. Everything that happened before we were born of course we have to take on trust – or the way the evidence suggests is the case. But the depths of history are hard to plumb, and they require the cumbersome breathing apparatus of a good deal of book-learning. And who among us has enough time for that? Particularly as history has a way of continuing to unfurl, a day at a time, in real time. And anyway, anything we haven’t seen or felt or lived through is destined…

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find a great walk near you!

SOUTH WEST Roche Rock, Cornwall Discover the curious ruin of St Michael’s Chapel perched atop a striking outcrop in a landscape ravaged for china clay. TURN TO WALK 1 EAST Tittleshall,Norfolk Explore the remains of a motte & bailey castle and a lost medieval village buried in the tranquil Norfolk countryside. TURN TO WALK 13 WALES Caernarfon,Gwynedd Walk south from a world-renowned royal stronghold, following the Wales Coast Path along the Menai Strait. TURN TO WALK 22 SOUTH EAST Uffington,Oxfordshire Leave Britain’s oldest road to marvel at the prehistoric wonders of Wayland’s Smithy and Uffington White Horse. TURN TO WALK 5 NORTH WEST Sca Fell, Cumbria Climb the rugged and less-frequented neighbour of England’s highest peak via the Lake District’s largest natural tarn. TURN TO WALK 16 SCOTLAND Huisinis,Highland Escape to pristine sands and ancient rocks in the Outer Hebrides – among remotest coastlines in the British Isles. TURN TO WALK 26 MIDLANDS Whitchurch,Shropshire Savour a…

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a new dawn for sutton hoo

‘A huge amount of what we know about the Anglo-Saxons as a whole came from Raedwald’s bling burial.’ THE 7TH CENTURY Anglo-Saxon king Raedwald had some serious swagger. When his time came, he was buried on a hillside overlooking the River Deben, at the heart of his Suffolk kingdom. In full armour. In his favourite boat. His resting place – Sutton Hoo – was unearthed in 1938 by local landowner Edith Pretty and archaeologist Basil Brown, and quickly hailed as one of the greatest treasure troves in British history: the 1300-year-old remains, the ship’s timbers; his sword and shield – and perhaps most iconically – the remnants of his extremely cool helmet. In fact, a huge amount of what we know about the Anglo-Saxons as a whole came from Raedwald’s bling burial. The picturesque location…

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walking with alan partridge

Cromer Pier, where Alan Partridge nearly met a sticky end in Alpha Papa. THE MAGNIFICENTLY geeky mapmakers at Strumpshaw, Tincleton & Giggleswick have released something delightful this month: The Lavishly Produced Great British Film & TV Map. Dotted around this gem are over 2000 filming locations – perfect for constructing a pilgrimage walk to the shrine of your favourite moments. “We’ve delighted in finding places that are less well-known for their film and TV links,” says Humphrey Butler from ST&G. “Cornwall actually has an issue of over-tourism now based on Poldark, so if you want a walk off the beaten track and maybe help a local economy that might need the boost more, we’ve got it for you.” Here are a few of Humphrey’s favourites… NORFOLK A-ha! Well, Norfolk is of course Alan Partridge country,…

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lost and found in the lakes

A FASCINATING EXHIBITION at the Rheged Centre near Penrith this month provides a fine overview of changing times in the Lake District. Landscape and Language: Lost and Found features vintage photos taken by pioneering photographer Gwen Bertelsman for her book Lakeland Life in the 1940s and 1950s, lined up with new photos taken by local photographers Rosamund and John Macfarlane in exactly the same locations. Accompanying the photos are ‘lost’ words for landscape taken from the books The Lost Words and Landmarks, written by their literary superstar son, Robert (above). The exhibition marks 85 years of the Friends of the Lake District, a conservation charity dedicated to preserving Cumbria’s landscapes and heritage. Catch it at Rheged until October 26th. Details at and MODERN PHOTOS: ROSAMUND & JOHN MACFARLANE; VINTAGE PHOTOS: GWEN BERTLESMAN…

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it’s nice here!

Hats off to Stanley Park in Blackpool, which this month clinched a public vote to find the UK’s Best Park. The award is overseen by the conservation group Fields in Trust, and the citation describes Stanley Park as “a beautiful, tranquil place away from the hustle and bustle of the Blackpool seafront.” The other Home Nations winners were Antrim Castle Gardens, Cyfartha Park in Merthyr Tydfil and Pittencrieff Park in Dumferline, with Stanley Park emerging as the overall UK champion.…