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Country Walking

Country Walking December 2019

Country Walking Magazine shows you the best of British walks: the biggest views, the hidden gems, the sea cliffs and the mountain summits. All our features come complete with superb writing, inspiring photography and step-by-step instructions so you can follow every footpath yourself. In every issue, you’ll find: - In-depth stories of amazing walks - A booklet of 25 pull-out walks every issue - with OS maps! - Information about hotels, pubs, cafes, tearooms. - Clear, jargon-free tests of walking kit And... every issue our readers tell their walking stories, help us devise new walks and shape the places we go to. If you love walking, this is the magazine for you.

United Kingdom
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It was 25 years ago this year that what we used to call the ‘Chunnel’ opened. It had taken seven years of digging, a peak daily workforce of 15,000 and the spending of £3m every 24 hours to finally deliver. It was a truly Herculean amount of boring. And yet I knew one bigger still – winter. From the moment the clocks changed to the first dry sunny day in April I used to set my expression to hang-dog and embark on a nigh-on five month mither about the shortness of the days, the shoddiness of conditions and the general unendurability of life. As a result, I used to emerge from winter fat, pasty and dyspeptic – with all walking’s good work of building health, happiness and good humour to be…

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find a great walk near you!

south west Bampton,Devon Enjoy magnificent views of Devon’s Exe Valley on a figure-of-eight walk hinging around a historic market town. TURN TO WALK 1 east Wisbech,Cambridgeshire Round off a Fenland five-miler by moseying down ‘one of the most perfect Georgian streets of England’. TURN TO WALK 12 wales Aberporth, Ceredigion A waterfall crashes from clifftop to beach below the Wales Coast Path, where legend tells of a royal arrival. TURN TO WALK 21 south east Wheathampstead, Herts Walk in the footsteps of Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw on a leafy circuit tracing the old Dunstable Branch Line. TURN TO WALK 6 north west Elter Water, Cumbria There’s a friendly pub waiting for you at the end of this picturesque loop through Great Langdale in the Lake District. TURN TO WALK 15 scotland Am Bathach, Highland Sneak under the clouds and below the snowline up a Highland hill that makes a great, view-yielding…

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return of the pine marten

IF YOU’VE EVER seen a pine marten in the wild, count yourself lucky: it’s thought there are fewer than 20 of these nimble little mammals left in England. The good news is, a reintroduction program in Gloucestershire is aiming to reverse their decline. Eighteen pine martens have been released in the Forest of Dean, with the aim of kickstarting a wider recovery. Hailing from the same family as otters and weasels, pine martens were once common across the British Isles. Similar in size to a domestic cat, with slim bodies, brown fur and a distinctive cream ‘bib’ on their throats, they have long, bushy tails and prominent rounded ears. But extensive hunting and the loss of woodland habitats have pushed them to the brink of extinction. They survive in decent numbers in the…

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when walking goes pop

IT’S NOT UNUSUAL for rock stars to get into the outdoors: Led Zeppelin recorded whole albums in Snowdonia; The Who’s Roger Daltrey and Blur’s Alex James both became farmers (trout and cheese respectively); Jack Black often turns up on comedian Kevin Nealon’s Hiking with Kevin YouTube channel. But somehow when pop stars get into the outdoors, it feels slightly more surprising. Which is why we were delighted to discover that stars from two of the biggest pop/RnB acts of the Noughties have become keen walkers. In fact it has become so much a part of their lives that this month they’re both fronting up products that link into their passion. So, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the Country Walking stage JB Gill and Kimberley Walsh… “Walking tells you the story of where…

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of dogs and ticks

Ticks may carry Lyme disease if they’ve fed on blood from a sheep carrying the disease. Dogs are especially at risk. Most tick treatments are reactive (used after a bite) or taken orally. But the Seresto Tick and Flea Collar works by releasing its active ingredients, imidacloprid and flumethrin, into your pet’s skin slowly in controlled, low doses: harmless to dogs, but repellent to ticks and fleas, and lethal to them if they bite. “Anyone who walks with a dog will know that ticks can be a major issue, and on a farm they breed naturally so Nala is always at risk, particularly at key times of year like March-June and August-November,” says JB. “I linked up with Seresto because it can be a real struggle to get prevention treatments into dogs. Nala…

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is this the perfect outdoor watch?

SHORT OF MAKING a cup of tea (and that will probably happen soon), there is very little that Garmin’s new fenix 6 range of GPS watches can’t do for a walker. Take this one, the high-end 6X Pro Solar. It can plot, record and archive a route for you. It can tell you when to turn left and right as you walk. It can track your exercise, your steps and your daily miles, and share all that data with the Garmin Connect app for easy analysis. It can create and manage a training program for you. It can monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen level and sleep patterns. Then there’s the smartwatch stuff. If your phone’s Bluetooth is on, the fenix can show you text messages (and if you’re on Android, respond…