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Country Walking

Country Walking March 2020

Country Walking Magazine shows you the best of British walks: the biggest views, the hidden gems, the sea cliffs and the mountain summits. All our features come complete with superb writing, inspiring photography and step-by-step instructions so you can follow every footpath yourself. In every issue, you’ll find: - In-depth stories of amazing walks - A booklet of 25 pull-out walks every issue - with OS maps! - Information about hotels, pubs, cafes, tearooms. - Clear, jargon-free tests of walking kit And... every issue our readers tell their walking stories, help us devise new walks and shape the places we go to. If you love walking, this is the magazine for you.

United Kingdom
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I feel like I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. Perhaps not more than your average east-African dictator, but certainly more than Ben Fogle. Yet I’ve never made a graver error – while surveying the jumbled terrain of existence from the trenches of 3am – than imagining it’s too late or too difficult to do something about it. Life responds pretty disproportionately to signs that you’re prepared to put something into it. It’s not remotely too late to become an outdoorsy person, or a happy one; to be told you look great for your age, or to write long and interesting new chapters in your life story. It doesn’t matter if you can’t see quite how to do it. That’s one of the limitations of being merely mortal. Don’t…

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find a great walk near you!

SOUTH WEST Willersey,Gloucestershire Stride out from a Cotwold honeypot’s sleepy neighbour to a hilltop viewpoint which hosted the original ‘Olympicks’. TURN TO WALK 2 SOUTH EAST Ventnor Downs, Isle of Wight Stumble upon the Isle of Wight’s finest mansion midway into an airy downland circular over the island’s highest point. TURN TO WALK 3 MIDLANDS Torside reservoir, Derbyshire Take time to linger on a pleasant loop around the largest of Longdendale’s reservoirs in the Peak District’s far north. TURN TO WALK 10 EAST Stutton, Suffolk Feel your worries ebb away on the tide as you walk a peaceful circuit between the Stour Estuary and Alton Water. TURN TO WALK 11 NORTH WEST Hartsop Horseshoe, Cumbria Discover a little-known round which ticks off four spectacular peaks in the Far Eastern Fells of the Lake District. TURN TO WALK 15 NORTH EAST Cowlam & Cottam, E. Yorks Lost villages and sinuous chalk dales make…

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the cat comes back!

CLOSED AND EMPTY for almost five years, one of the most alluring walker’s pubs in the country is set to reopen in 2020 – as Britain’s highest distillery. The Cat & Fiddle stands on the moors between Macclesfield and Buxton on the western edge of the Peak District, and at 1689ft it proudly traded as the second highest pub in Britain after the Tan Hill in Yorkshire. It was always a welcome sight for walkers exploring Shining Tor, the Goyt Valley and Axe Edge, and was one of the titular inns of the annual Four Inns challenge walk. But after its motor trade dwindled, the pub was closed by a heavy-hearted Robinson’s Brewery in 2015. Happily, artisan gin and whisky makers Karl and Lindsay Bond, who run the Forest Distillery in nearby Macclesfield…

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‘people seem to have stopped making hill patches. so we started. ’

SEW-ON MOUNTAIN patches were part of life when some of us on CWwere young wanderers – and, joy of joys, they’re back. Brothers Chris and Dom Lee founded The Adventure Patch Company after searching in vain for a patch to celebrate climbing their first 4000ft Alpine peak, Gran Paradiso in Italy. “We couldn’t find one, so decided to make our own,” says Chris. “We then started making them for other mountains we’d climbed, back home in the UK. “And suddenly people were asking us where they could get them.” The brothers started with the UK’s highest mountains, then progressed to national parks and challenge walks such as the Yorkshire Three Peaks and Welsh 3000s. Their Lake District range now features 15 famous fells, including the highest summits in each of the seven zoned guidebooks created…

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i want one of those…

You might think there are only so many things you can make a wallet do, but Lifeventure keep surprising us. First they added RFiD identity theft shielding to their tough waxed canvas multi-compartment tri-fold wallet; now it includes a charger. The RFiD Charging Wallet (£23) is fitted with a slimline 2500mAH powerbank with micro USB and Apple lightning adaptor, providing emergency on-the-go juice for phone, tablet, GPS, compact camera or USB headtorch. The next one will come with a Polo mint dispenser. Probably.…

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did you know?

The fourth chapter of the bestselling Forza Horizon video game lets you drive your choice of supercar through the lanes and tracks of the Lake District and the Cotswolds. While previous chapters have been set in the USA, Italy and Australia, Forza Horizon 4 features super-accurate renditions of UK terrain. It’s also the first version to offer ‘dynamic seasons’, meaning you can set the landscape to spring, summer, autumn or winter. For a taster, you can find a drive-through of the Ambleside and Grasmere section (featuring a McLaren Senna) on YouTube. Not that we advocate driving fast round national parks, obviously. We just liked looking at the hills.…