Crash Annual 2019

Crash Annual 2019

The legendary ZX Spectrum magazine is back for 2019, featuring classic Crash regulars, previews and reviews of new Spectrum games, plus features including an in-depth look at the ZX Spectrum Next and the search for Bandersnatch, with editorial from the likes of Matthew Uffindell and Mel Croucher. The Crash Annual 2019 is produced under licence by Retro Fusion Books.

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crash micro games action

NOW WE’RE ONE HUNDRED In February 1988 CRASH issue 50 (cover date March) went on sale. It was a milestone we marked by splashing out on a fifth colour – gold, naturally – to adorn the cover. And obviously the whole team looked forward to the next 50 issues, but sadly it was not to be. CRASH fell at almost the final hurdle, with the April 1992 issue 98. It’s extremely unlikely that CRASH would have survived the failure of the 8-bit market during the 1990s to reach a magic issue 200 (cover date September 2000!), but with it gone – well, a humiliating incorporation into the masthead of Uncl … Sinclair User – I’m sure no one involved would ever have believed there would be an issue 100. But accepting that…

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explorer 2

Publisher: Monument Microgames Author: Luca Bordoni Memory: 48K/128K Released: 2018 ‘The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one’, promised The War of the Worlds, ‘but still they come.’ And they keep on coming. At the start of Explorer 2, our neighbouring aliens have re-established an arsenal, digging down into the planet to construct outposts and conceal their dastardly weaponry. Your task is to venture into the depths of the enemy base, avoiding their defences, finding a nuclear bomb and dropping it on their military hardware, ending the Martian threat for good. Along the way, you can pilfer gemstones, destroy missiles and marauding enemy craft, and navigate between the underground ravines and the laser barriers that close off some areas of the network. Your fuel constantly decreases as you fly, but you…

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Publisher: Rucksack Games Author: John Blythe Memory: 48K Released: 2017 MISSION DATA – Nano Project Epsilon – Everything has gone pear shaped at the R&D company Revanox. Their military Bio & AI division has gone rogue. It is up to Securicorp and their rival AI to save the day, or rather you playing as the lead character Nan’o’Bot, tasked with preventing further loss of sensitive data by saving as much as possible, before Revanox rips the feed to the AI’s power circuits. More Manic Miner than Jet Set Willy this game has 20 screens of linear gameplay where you have to complete the current screen before proceeding to the next. Nan’o’Bot is presented with a layout of varying complexity. Its task is to collect the flashing data packets and then make its way to the exit.…

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Publisher: Tardis Remakes Authors: S. Borgquist & Mark R Jones Memory: 48K Released: 2011 Fact: Ultimate Play The Game was the most popular Speccy publisher with many classic releases. Less known perhaps is that the label’s parent company, Ashby Computer Graphics, created coin-op video games. Dingo, aired in Jaleco cabinets in 1983, was ACG’s final arcade game before switching to the home computer market. Dingo would have been consigned to a footnote in history were it not for the endeavours of Soren Borgquist and Ocean graphic designer Mark R. Jones. Together they converted Dingo for the Spectrum to give fans another Ultimate game to sample and add to the collection. In this maze game Ted, a fruit loving koala bear, has to protect his cultivated field of melons and other fruit from a pack of dingos…

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bobby carrot

Publisher: Rucksack Games Authors: Diver4d, Quiet, Kyv & Zorba Language: Machine code Memory: 48K Released: 2018 Gex, Croc, Blinx and Conker are just a few of the anthropomorphic mascots that captured the hearts of gamers everywhere and then sadly took their leave, seemingly never to return to any of our electronic devices despite the collective yearning. And on the other end of the lesser-known-anthropomorphic-animal scale, if you are one of about five people who remember the Bobby Carrot series of games developed by German company FDG Mobile Games which first appeared on phones in the mid-Noughties, you may be pleased to know that a demake arrived on the ZX Spectrum back in January, as part of the ZX-Dev Conversion competition. With other demakes in the competition, such as Ninja Gaiden Shadow Warriors and Mighty Final Fight,…

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dead space

Author: Radastan Memory: 48K Released: 2017 When Sci-Fi survival horror Dead Space from EA crept out of the shadows in 2008 and onto Xbox 360, PS3 and Windows who could have imagined that one day this nightmare inducing title would appear on the Spectrum, but thanks to Spanish Speccy programmer Radastan it has. So it’s time to don your 8-bit-styled RIG and tackle some irate Necromorphs – of course, not as gun ’n run scary as we remember! In this slim-downed slice of Dead Space, we have an ever-so-slight plot to keep the game rolling along. Aboard the scientific station Omega-Six everything has gone a bit to cock and the HSE aren’t best impressed. Now with a large portion of the crew mutating into beasts from everyone’s worst nightmares, it’s up to you to…