Creative Machine Embroidery

Creative Machine Embroidery January - February 2019

Creative machine Embroider is filled with ideas, techniques and projects to spice up fashion accessories, gifts or home decor.

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a note from the editor

Dear Readers, The holiday craziness is winding down, and we finally get to take a breath from the stress of finishing last-minute projects. Now we can focus on sewing for ourselves again! That is, until Valentine’s Day rolls around. With this issue, we’ve got a few simple valentines you can make to show your love for your coworkers, friends and family. The best part? The projects are made in the hoop, so you can create them assembly-line style and crank out several in one afternoon. All you need to do is gather the fabric and materials and you’re off to the races. We particularly love the new Furry Friends Fobs on page 60. We made sure to include a llama, for those of you loving that trend. Use these to tag your luggage,…

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lisa archer (“In the Hoop: Penny Pouch”—page 27) is the owner and creative director of Pickle Pie Designs. She loves the challenge of creating in-the-hoop designs that reflect her personal style. ramona baird (“Work of Heart”—page 30) is Education Director for the American Sewing Guild. She has over 15 years of both commercial and home embroidery experience. nancy fiedler (“Quilt This: Paper Piecing in the Hoop”— page 20) has served as an Educator for Janome America for 14 years and designs and writes from her studio in Dwight, Illinois, with the help of her cat Jon Snow and dog Beckett. sandra geiger (“Edgy Does It Dress”—page 44) loves to experiment with a variety of fabrics and sewing machines to create new techniques and add extra pizzazz to her sewing projects. meg healy (“Now Trending”—page 70) has…

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tips & tricks

LADY WITH A FAN Point a small fan at the needle when embroidering a design that has a lot of stitches to cool down the machine. Shirley A. R., Facebook SAFE & SECURE Use a clipboard to secure hooped fabrics when embroidering appliqué or in-the-hoop projects. The clipboard keeps the hooped layers from shifting and holds the hoop securely. Cindy D., Facebook NO-SLIP GRIP Purchase foam pencil grips and cut them to size to fit hoop screws. The grips save fingers from getting sore, making it easier to tighten and loosen the hoop. Pamela W., Facebook GREAT TAPE To ensure hooping accuracy, place removable double-stick mounting tape on the back of the inner hoop. Stick the hoop to the fabric, centering the design. Then place the outer hoop in place along the fabric wrong side. Easily remove…

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must haves

1. Make scraps and leftover threads into a work of art with the Sweet Pea Make-Your-Own Fabric In The Hoop Zipper Purse design. The project requires one hooping and comes sized for 5×7 and 6×10 hoops. The finished purse is fully lined with no raw seams. Finally a use for all the little bits of rickrack, lace, ribbons and fabric laying around your sewing room! ($8, 2. Learn the names of advanced colors and patterns that designers use every day with the Helmsie Pattern and Color Learning Flash Cards. Discover what makes damask a damask and learn how to identify indigo. The pack of 25 cards arrives in a custom-designed box and is printed on high quality, thick card stock. ($24, 3. Stitch a cute companion from CME’s exclusive Furry…

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sewing set-up

Embroidery spaces range from a table corner that must be cleared away when embroidery time is over to a closet, a desk or a whole room. No matter the size of the space, the biggest challenge is to keep it neatly organized for efficient use. WORK AREA Getting settled into a comfortable place to sit and embroider is the first step. Consider these steps: • Allow a minimum of 24" under each machine for leg room. The machine bed should be approximately 30" from the floor, which includes the 2"–6" machine bed. Allow a minimum of 36" side to side to allow adequate workspace for an embroidery machine. Consider an add-on worktable to allow more space when using the embroidery unit, but remember it will take additional space. Choose a comfortable task or…

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embroidery machine storage

An embroidery machine should be stored away from direct sunlight and heat. Wheeled, padded cases are available for moving the entire machine to classes, clubs or just to store when space is limited and the machine must be put out of sight when not in use. The embroidery unit also needs special care. When not in use, find a shelf, the original packaging or a specially designed storage unit to keep it safe. It’s also important to pack it properly when traveling. Special cases are available for some brands of embroidery units. Check with your local dealer for information.…