Creative Machine Embroidery

Creative Machine Embroidery March - April 2017

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Creative machine Embroider is filled with ideas, techniques and projects to spice up fashion accessories, gifts or home decor.

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the editor

WE’RE BUGGIN’ OUT! Bugs are the latest trend in embellishment, and not just token butterflies. Moths, bees and ants are showing up on high fashion garments, emblazoned on glitzy purses and carved into intricate jewelry. So instead of showcasing our new Irresistible Insects embroidery collection on a gardening apron or picnic blanket, we placed our little bees on a bright pink silk skirt and adorned it with beads. See the results on page 48 and explore the possibilities for this collection further with a cute set of hand towels on page 54. I love the look of large-scale embroideries. Combining several motifs to create one larger one is a great way to be your own designer without the need to conceptualize, draw, edit and digitize something from scratch. Many design collections offer…

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lisa archer (“In the Hoop: Mini Purse” — page 28) is the owner and creative director of Pickle Pie Designs. She loves the challenge of creating in-the-hoop designs that reflect her personal style. Home Base: Holly Springs, NC Visit: picklepiedesigns.com lori baker (“Quilt This: Scan & Stitch” — page 22) is on the editorial staff of McCall’s Quilting and Quiltmaker magazines. She has sewn most of her life and has a rich heritage of sewists, quilt makers and crafters in her family. Home Base: Westminster, CO pamela cox (“Unique Technique: Allover Embroidery” — page 24; “Rustic Revival” — page 32) received a fashion design degree from The Boston School of Design with an emphasis on patternmaking. Purchasing her first embroidery machine in ‘07 added a new dimension to her education. Home Base: Dublin, NH sara gallegos (“Quote Me”—page 66) loves to…

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tips & tricks

PRESCRIBED PERFECTION Use forceps when turning projects through small openings — perfect for in-the-hoop projects! Annabelle W., email CUP THEM CLOSE Keep your snips and other tools close by attaching a suction-cup soap dish to the side of your machine. If you’re having trouble, try adding glycerin to the cups to help them adhere better. Elena H., Facebook PINK PICKUP Use a standard pencil eraser to clean out the crevices and cracks on your cutting mat. Ricky T., Facebook IMMACULATE IRON If you won’t be using your iron for a while, empty out the water and then use a mixture of white vinegar and water to clean it. This eliminates hard water buildup and increases the iron life span. Heather D., Facebook EARBUD SPOOL Use an empty spool to keep your earbuds untangled and travel-ready. Amanda C., email Send your tips and tricks to info@cmemag.com or…

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must haves

1. Embrace the coming spring and all that it brings with the CME Irresistible Insects Embroidery Design Collection. You won't mind finding an infestation of these cute little critters in your house! Perfect for home décor or as a unique garment embellishment, this collection of tone-on-tone insect designs will charm anyone who encounters them. ($3.99/design, $19.99/collection,shopsewitall.com) 2. With the Collar Perfect tool, easily press out any areas of your work that have multiple layers without embedding the embroidery design onto the fabric layers. Designed for quick and easy touch-ups on collars and shirt pockets and perfect for travel, the tool can also be used flat like an iron and has five built-in temperature settings based on fabric type. ($34.95, collarperfect.com) 3. Add some desert décor to your space with the Plush Cactus…

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all about thread

PROPERTIES When it comes to thread, weight is determined by the length of thread in kilometers that it takes to make one kilogram. For example, if 40 kilometers of thread weighs one kilogram, then the thread is 40-wt. If a kilogram only holds 30 kilometers, then it’s 30-wt. The higher the number in weight, the finer the thread is. Most professionally digitized designs are intended to use 40-wt. two-ply thread. If a different thread is chosen, adjustments to the embroidery machine’s settings may be necessary. A good time to choose a finer thread is when you’re stitching dense or small designs; choose heavier thread for fill stitches, as they will cover the area better. Using several thread weights in one design adds dimension and visual interest. Ply refers to the number of strands…

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specialty threads

Shrinking Thread • Formulated to shrink on contact with heat, producing a smocked effect. • Works best with running, stippling or zig-zag stitches, simple embroidery, grid, swirls and quilting designs. • Use steam generously when pressing, but don’t touch the iron directly to the thread unless you are prepared for it to shrink about 30% immediately. Stabilizing can help to control the shrinkage. • Use with soft, lightweight fabrics that gather easily for best results. • Available in 40-wt. • Usually used in the bobbin. • For maximum puckering, use as both top and bobbin threads and stitch with a 65/9 to 80/12 needle. Glow-in-the-Dark Thread • Glows in the dark or under black light for up to 15 hours. • Picks up light from artificial and natural sources. • Made from polypropylene or polyester and comes in 30-, 35- and…