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Creative Machine Embroidery July - August 2017

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Creative machine Embroider is filled with ideas, techniques and projects to spice up fashion accessories, gifts or home decor.

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the editor

Dear Readers, Summertime is a great time to sew something for a little one, whether it’s for a baby-to-be, your own child or a children’s charity. It’s also a great time to teach a kid to sew and inspire him or her with a small project while on summer vacation. A softie is simple to sew and uses very little fabric. Plus, our softie on page 28 is made almost entirely in the hoop. Gather your scrap fabric and make several for a children’s hospital wing, church fundraiser or a bunch of kids and grandkids. Add personalized initials or monograms to make them even more special. Did you know there’s a Sew a Softie Day? Host a party and get the word out about this fun initiative. Find out more on page…

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lisa archer (“In the Hoop: Two Little Monkeys” — page 28) is the owner and creative director of Pickle Pie Designs. She loves the challenge of creating in-the-hoop designs that reflect her personal style. Home Base: Holly Springs, NC Visit: picklepiedesigns.com ramona baird (“Quilted Bliss” — page 46) is Education Director for the American Sewing Guild. She has over 15 years of both commercial and home embroidery experience. Home Base: Southwestern WI lori baker (“Quilt This: ITH Blocks” — page 22) is on the editorial staff of McCall’s Quilting and Quiltmaker magazines. She has sewn most of her life and has a rich heritage of sewists, quilt makers and crafters in her family. Home Base: Westminster, CO pamela cox (“Unique Technique: Adding Texture” — page 24) received a fashion design degree from The Boston School of Design with an emphasis on…

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tips & tricks

SEPARATE & STORE Organize embroidery designs onto separate USBs by category for effortless reference. Layne T., Facebook DIY ART BOARD Use leftover thread, a slab of wood and a few nails to create your own string-art board. Kimmie C., Facebook TEMPORARY HELP Use temporary spray adhesive instead of pins when sewing with delicate fabrics to eliminate snags and holes. Sarah B., Facebook WRAP STAR Cut flexible tubing into sections and slice down one side to store bobbins and keep them dust-free. Dana D., Facebook WELL NOTED Keep a journal next to your machine when working on embroidery projects. Keep track of the thread used, time it took to complete the project and any problem areas so you’re prepared to make the project again. Christina M., email Send your tips and tricks to info@cmemag.com or post them on our Facebook fan page at facebook.com/creativemachineembroidery. If your…

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must haves

1. Make your own beach vibes with the Beachcomber Collection. It features nine ocean-friendly designs: a starfish, sand dollar, seahorse, coral, urchin shell, small and large nautilus and small and large scallop shell. Add to bathroom towels for a fun beach feel, to a crown for a mermaid birthday or to a mobile for an ocean-themed nursery. ($4.99-$6.99/design,$34.99/collection, shopsewitall.com) 2. Missie’s Favorite Starch Brush prevents the frustration of dipping your brush into starch time and time again only to use it for a few inches before needing a reload. The brush has a reservoir that holds the starch right in the handle and a cap to keep the brush protected and sealed, making it perfect for starch prep for English paper piecing and appliqué. Watch the short how-to video on the…

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twin needle embroidery

TWIN NEEDLE ANATOMY Twin needles have two needles on a crossbar with a single shank. The shank is located either in the middle of the two needles or offset (A). When the machine is set to embroider, the needle position indicates which needle to use. Twin needles vary in size, ranging from 70/1.6mm to 100/6.0mm. EMBROIDERING Learning how to use a twin needle for embroidery is easy. Before attempting this technique, consult the machine manual to determine if the needle plate opening is at least 7mm, the minimum required for a twin needle. If it is, install a new twin needle in the machine, and test to make sure it won’t damage the bobbin case by turning the hand wheel one full revolution. If the hand wheel doesn’t turn smoothly, don’t use the…

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know before you go: software shopping guide

Embroidery software is available with varying features and price points, depending on the developer. Purchase an all-in-one software package or purchase software features à la carte, one at a time, depending on the capabilities you desire. All-in-one software packages have the most common built-in features, such as customizing, stitch editing and digitizing. À la carte software ranges from monogramming to design cataloging, depending on the specific task. Some companies provide a starter software package, and then “unlock” features as you pay for each level. Most machine manufacturers have an assortment of software packages available to meet a multitude of experience levels. Look for software packages from independent software developers as well as machine manufacturers. A variety of software development companies have software that’s compatible with all different kinds of embroidery machines. WHICH…