Creative Machine Embroidery

Creative Machine Embroidery January - February 2018

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Creative machine Embroider is filled with ideas, techniques and projects to spice up fashion accessories, gifts or home decor.

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it’s a date!

Date night is kind of a foreign concept in my life right now. Having three young kids makes “date night” almost impossible, or at least hard work. Finding the babysitter, organizing the activities, getting gussied up . . . it all takes effort. But it’s truly worth it in the end. A night to reconnect with your partner, spouse or significant other is necessary, even if it’s only to appreciate silence while in each other’s company. If date night happens in your own home or backyard (without actually going anywhere), the intent is still to dress up, pamper yourself and leave your stresses behind. Feeling good in what you’re wearing is integral to a successful date night, whether at home or out on the town. By using your embroidery machine, you…

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lisa archer In the Hoop: Heart Coaster—page 20 picklepiedesigns.com “Short of finding Cinderella’s fairy Godmother, or at least employing her little mice friends, I’d open the hemline side seams, notch out a “V,” and insert a wide lace embellishment with machine embroidery. If the neckline facing isn’t terribly involved, I’d embellish the neckline in the same enticing manner.” pamela cox Heirloom Effects: Candlewicking—page 28 nancy fiedler Quilt This: 5 Tools of the Trade—page 24 sandra geiger Eastern Evening—page 48 sandrageiger.com julia griffey Winter Blooms—page 45 machineembroiderygeek.com soni grint Software Savvy: Basic Software Functions—page 17 “To a black spaghetti-strap dress I’d sew delicate gold chains in a pattern that criss-crossed at the chest, creating an almost embedded necklace. I love the trend of wearing jewelry under garments so they peek through. I always find my longer or more intricate necklaces twist and tangle, so…

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tips & tricks

SPOOL LINEUP Save empty thread spools to use when you organize your color order for embroidery. If one color is used twice, place an empty thread spool in its spot to ensure you don’t miss a thread change. Pat D., email COLOR COORDINATED When you have two different machines that use similar bobbins, mark one bobbin with red permanent marker and the others with blue permanent marker to easily distinguish between the two. Margie C., email DECODED DESIGN Print out a copy of the embroidery design color order and make notes next to any color changes you make for future reference. Karen P., email ALL CURLED UP If your design test stitchout curls after washing, apply cut-away stabilizer around the design for extra support. Becky H., Facebook BIAS TAPE DIY Easily make your own bias tape by pinning a…

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must haves

1. Create interesting new projects by embroidering on unconventional materials, such as Kraft-Tex Kraft Paper Fabric. This durable material wears like leather but sews, cuts and washes just like fabric. It’s prewashed, preshrunk, tear-resistant and now available in 6 new colorful choices. ($22.95/18.5"×28.5" Roll, ctpub.com) 2. Drink a toast to your favorite hobby with the “Sew a little, Sip a little” Stemless Wine Glass. This wine glass is etched and holds 21oz. to the brim. Now you’ll be able to make it through any project one sip at a time. ($14.99, shopsewitall.com ) 3. Start the year fresh and renew vintage fabrics from storage with the power of the Remodeez Home Deodorizer. Simply place this deodorizer in your fabric stash and let it go to work. It lasts up to one year…

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diagnosing machine problems

BEFORE ADJUSTING When encountering any stitching problem, always check the machine threading paths. Embroidery machines stitch at high speeds (up to 1050 stitches per minute) for prolonged periods of time, so missing even one thread guide distorts the design. If thread breakage is a consistent problem, consult the machine manual to ensure the machine is threaded properly. Always use high-quality embroidery and bobbin thread. Quality thread is imperative for embroidery because it’s tested to withstand heat and friction associated with high stitching speeds. Embroidery bobbin thread is typically a lighter weight than the needle embroidery thread. The difference in weight helps pull the bobbin thread toward the design wrong side. NEEDLE KNOW-HOW Quality needles are crucial for proper stitching. Always use a machine embroidery needle. The embroidery needle eye is one size larger than…

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common problems

No Stitch Is Formed When the machine isn’t forming a stitch, the issue is best left to the experts. If the needle hit a pin during stitching, it may have thrown the machine out of time. Check the needle and bobbin threading paths. If the stitch still isn’t forming, take the machine to a technician or dealer for repairs. Thread Loops If loops appear on the design right side, the needle tension is too loose. Gradually tighten the needle tension until the loops disappear. Bobbin Thread Pulling Most embroidery machines have a separate bobbin case or a different way of threading the bobbin than sewing machines. The embroidery machine bobbin thread should be tighter than for regular sewing. During sewing, the needle and bobbin threads should be balanced so the upper and lower stitches are…