Design Anthology #20

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from the editor

I for one love that we’re living in the age of cross-disciplinary cross-pollination. Art, design, craft, architecture; where are the boundaries? Do they even exist anymore? If so, they’re becoming increasingly blurred. In our first issue of each new year we look at the crossover between industries and practices — that not-so-easily defined grey area. Last year was fashion, the year before food, and before that travel. This year we turn our focus to art. In this bumper issue we’ve curated six stunning homes of collectors around the region, from Sydney to Singapore. In the art scene we explore Taipei’s newest art fair, a cutting-edge digital art space in Tokyo and an emerging platform for contemporary design in Manila. Following the theme of up-and-coming spaces, we also have an introduction to the…

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Sub-Zero and Wolf, Hong Kong Sister brands Sub-Zero and Wolf have opened a new showroom and experience centre for their cooking and food preservation products, including the new Wolf Gourmet range. The sophisticated 200-square-metre space was designed by Singapore’s Studio TERRE to invite interaction through various settings that inspire customers to design their own kitchens. A ribbon wall extends the overall wall surfaces while creating a semi-enclosed space that lends a home-like feel, while the material palette and lighting create an inviting environment. Sandblasted teak and polished cherry wood panels create distinct zones for each brand, delineated by a lit glass structure, while their common space is defined by sandblasted black paulownia. Dada, Tokyo Italian kitchen brand Dada has opened a new flagship store in Tokyo’s Minami Aoyama. The location next to its…

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Francesco Balzano Paris-based architect, interior and product designer Francesco Balzano recently launched a limited-edition collection of sculptural tables made from the boldly expressive quattro stagioni marble. Comprising only eight pieces, the Dolce collection is custom made in France by Ateliers Saint Jacques. The collection is representative of Balzano’s passion for working with noble materials and creating timeless forms. Ben & Aja Blanc Ben and Aja Blanc first met as students at Rhode Island School of Design and have been collaborating ever since. The duo’s unique approach is thanks to the combination of Aja’s fine art and gallery background with Ben’s design practice and academic career. The Salem Eos mirror, made from Mongolian horsehair and antiqued mirror, is an example of how the pair juxtaposes materials and textures to create other-worldly objects. André Fu Living Celebrated…

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AB Concept: A Cultural Journey Through Light, Form, and Space Text by Paola Singer (Assouline) Hong Kong-based AB Concept has become a global name in hospitality design, and this volume has been released just in time for its 20th anniversary. The book’s four chapters feature an international selection of projects that represent the firm’s influences and style: Looking West shows the early influence of founders Ed Ng and Terence Ngan’s Western design education; Looking East chronicles their turn towards more Asian-influenced design language; and Looking Here displays the development of the firm’s unique place-focused style that blends and transcends these influences. The final chapter, Looking Beyond, gives a brief overview of the firm’s product collaborations and ongoing projects. While not chronological, focused as it is on the past decade, the format shows the…

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mindful living

In overcrowded, high-density Hong Kong, space to rest, relax, enjoy life and breathe can seem as elusive as a dream. But 8 Deep Water Bay Drive, a luxury residential project by Nan Fung Group and Vervain Resources that’s located in one of the city’s most prestigious neighbourhoods, is set to change that. Featuring 52 spacious and tranquil homes, this rare site, cradled by the natural beauty of southern Hong Kong Island, commands a high level of privacy and offers picturesque views. The property’s interior designer, Alexandra Champalimaud — whose clients range from Raffles Singapore to niche residential developments in New York — understands perfectly the need for serenity. ‘I think anyone who lives in a big, dense city is looking for a sense of peace, especially close to their home, if…

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destination eindhoven

Despite a size that is tiny by global standards (if, at 230,000 inhabitants, large by Dutch ones) and a somewhat gloomy aspect, the Dutch city of Eindhoven is home to one of Europe’s most esteemed and creative design schools: Design Academy Eindhoven. Its reputation and strong focus on artistic expression over functionality attract designers from around the world, including many from Asia, who make up an Eastern community far from home. The city itself is inseparable from its design history. Once light bulb manufacturer Philips was founded there, what was once a small town became an increasingly industrial city. Now it is home to an expanding design scene; in every seemingly abandoned industrial building a designer resides. And it’s not an exaggeration to say that the Academy catalysed this new wave…