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Dirt Action February 2019

Dirt Action is Australia's most progressive and relevant dirtbike publication. Covering all aspects of motocross, trailriding and enduro, Dirt Action has something for every rider and every fan. The magazine covers everything from in-depth interviews and comprehensive race coverage to the most complete bike testing and technical advice in Australia. Dirt Action has a direct line to all aspects of the sport and delivers content in an informative yet entertaining manner. If you want real stories tied with the best images, Dirt Action has it all. Purchase includes the Digital Edition and News Service. Please stay in touch via our Facebook Page.

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busted and violated

So I was riding a dirtbike, as I’ve done on many occasions previous. It was a beautiful day in Kyogle, home of the great Dean Ferris, and the track conditions were perfect for riding enduro. I had just three more away jobs for the year and I was done. I had not crashed a bike all year; drops yes, crashes no. There’s a difference and I won’t ever claim a crash that isn’t worthy. Crashing is me riding with Ando and ending up sitting on my own front wheel, which is a story he loves to repeat to anyone — thanks, bro. So I was riding this dirtbike, a Beta in fact. I like the Betas. They’re making good bikes at good prices in a time when some Euro bike prices…

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motor mouth

ELECTRIC MINIS KTM and Husqvarna take the lead into the world of electric mini-bikes Based on the ever-popular KTM 50SX and Husqvarna TC50, the electric SX-E and EE5 have been announced. Utitlising the motocross-ready chassis with an electric motor, these electric mini-motocross machines are a clear step into the market for the European manufacturers. With low noise, zero emissions and minimal maintenance, the appeal of these machines is huge, not only when it comes to backyard riding but to races in populated areas. Both machines are claimed to be easy to ride, yet capable of full-blown motocross competition. The battery is designed to provide more than two hours of riding for beginners and 25 minutes for full-on mini racers. A full charge is achieved in one hour. FAST FACTS 5 kW peak performance electric…

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top of the world

Not even a bike malfunction for team member Lyndon Snodgrass could stop Team Australia from dominating the overall standings in the International Six Days Enduro. The Australian team of Daniel Milner (who claimed the overall victory), Josh Strang, Daniel Sanders and Lyndon Snodgrass battled incredibly difficult conditions to beat the world. “We won in the World Trophy title back in 2015 but this year we were the fastest team and no-one could touch us, so it was fantastic to win fair and square! Our team was so strong and in the end it really was a team effort, and we couldn’t have done it without everyone’s support,” said Milner. “The team complemented each other really well. I have been riding with Sanders all year in AORC and we’ve been pushing…

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aaron tanti signs with serco

Aaron Tanti will join returning rider Nathan Crawford at Serco Yamaha in 2019. After riding for the now defunct Complete Parts Kawasaki Team, Tanti is excited to line up with the powerhouse Yamaha team. “Up until last year, I was juggling work with racing but for 2018 I was able to get myself in a position where I could ride and train full time and it instantly showed improvement in my results,” Tanti said. “The reward of the hard work and sacrifice came when Gavin approached me about racing for Serco in 2019. Now to have the support and structure of the Serco Yamaha team behind me and entering the new year feeling fit and refreshed, I am confident 2019 will be my best season yet as I feel there is…

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motor mouth

SYDNEY INDOOR MX DOME UNDER CONSTRUCTION The team behind the Sydney Indoor MX Dome has announced that construction is under way on their Eastern Creek-based facility. This exciting facility will aim to cater for the growing number of riders in the western Sydney area, with plans to expand to multiple locations around the nation. “Firstly, we would just like to thank you all for the support over the last few months as we have kicked off this project. We have had a few unforeseen setbacks that have slowed down our progress, but we have been listening to your suggestions and feedback and have been taking them on board. With such a large project, that is the first of its kind in Australia, the most important thing to us is that it is…

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interview: kirk gibbs

Kurt, congrats on the new ride. When did it all unfold? It’s in the works for a little bit, just with Dacka and I talking, but today is D-day. Everything was in motion maybe three to four weeks ago and slowly started to come together. My contract ran out on the 30th, which was yesterday, and yeah, today is D-day! You’ve had a quick spin on the bike but not a whole lot of time. How different is it to the KTM? Yeah, definitely different but I think it’s a great bike. The boys have done a few little things here and there but nothing crazy; it’s still pretty close to standard. Really looking forward to being able to go and do a little bit of testing and fine tune the bike to…